Schlotzsky’s Deals And Specials

Schlotzsky is a fast food restaurant franchise popular for its specialization in sandwiches and pizzas. The firm was established in 1971 by Don Dissman and Dolores Dissman and is headquartered in Georgia. Schlotzsky has more than 330 franchises across the US. The restaurant chain started with offerings of a single sandwich named ‘The Original’ which included mixed meat, olives, and cheeses in a freshly toasted bun. Schlotzsky offers various deals and specials on its pizzas and sandwiches. The deals include periodic offers, weekly discounts, and many more. Take a look at the following deals and specials offered by Schlotzsky that you can take the opportunity of:-

Schlotzskys Deals And Specials

Schlotzsky’s Wednesday BOGO

Schlotzsky has come up with a Buy One Get one offer that can be availed on pizzas every Wednesday. The offer is valid for the whole day on Wednesday. You can select your preference of Gourmet Pizzas like Fresh Veggie and Feisty Chicken Pizza. 

Schlotzsky’s Family Meal Deal

Available for just $24.99, one can combine any 4 medium sandwiches suggestively Turkey Bacon Sandwich, Fresh Veggie Sandwich, and Ham and Cheese original sandwich. If you don’t prefer sandwiches, you can opt for any 4 pizzas like Jalapeno and BBQ Chicken Pizza. The deal includes 4 chips along with 4 cookies. 

Sandwich Lunch Box Deal

You need to select one sandwich out of the eight sandwiches that are available:-

  1. The Original
  2. Turkey Bacon Club
  3. Fresh Veggie
  4. Roasted Beef and Cheese
  5. Turkey and Avocado
  6. French Dip
  7. Bacon Smokecheesy
  8. Fiest Sandwich

Along with a sandwich, the deal includes chips and a small-sized cookie. This whole delicious meal is available for just $7. Bon Appetit!

Salad Lunch Box Deal

This healthy lunchbox is available for $7. You can select a salad of your choice out of the following:-

  1. The Cobb salad
  2. The Caesar salad
  3. The Garden salad

This deal too contains chips and a small-sized cookie. Enjoy your healthy and yummy meal at $7.

Pizza Lunchbox Deal

This popular deal includes a pizza of your choice, a small cookie long with chips of your preference. The pizza can be selected from the following options:-

  1. Double Cheese Pizza
  2. Pepperoni and Double Cheese Pizza
  3. Veggie Supreme
  4. BBQ Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza
  5. California Chicken Pizza

Other minor regular offers include 

  1. Oven-Baked Sandwich Box Lunch (starting from $7.99)
  2. Gourmet Pizza Box Lunch (Available for $6.99)
  3. Flatbreads at Schlotzsky’s are starting at just $7.49
  4. Beverages are available for s low as $1.29
  5. Fresh Salad Box Lunch starting from $5.99
  6. Dessert Trays start from $14.99
  7. Free Cinnabon Classic Role with Schlotzsky App Purchase

Schlotzsky’s Special Rewards Program

You will receive a Schlotzsky coupon for a free sandwich if enroll in their Rewards Program. To receive the same, you need to install their mobile application and register yourself there. After logging into your account, you will receive a Free Small Original Sandwich Coupon.

Original Sandwich

 The Original Sandwich of Schlotzskys is the most popular among the items offered by the restaurant franchise. It consists of shaved ham, Cotto salami, genoa salami, sliced tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, red onion, black olives, shredded mozzarella cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, grated parmesan cheese, yellow mustard, and signature sauce sandwiched between sourdough bun top and bottom. Normally, the sandwich is available in small, medium, and giant sizes and also as a wrap. The sandwich is Suis Generus and we are sure it will win over your heart with its deliciousness. 


Schlotzsky started as a mere small fast food restaurant that was initially offered just one single sandwich which was The Original. The Original has been famous for its ingredients and taste since the beginning. Schlotzsky has gone through a bankruptcy phase but came back strongly. With its prominence increasing day by day, the restaurant franchise has come up with many special deals and offers to drive the customer to Schlotzsky. Deals such as Wednesday BOGO, Pizza Lunchbox, Family Meal, and Sandwich Lunch Box Deal. The deals and specials contain enough items from Schlotzsky at an affordable price. One can also register into its mobile application to claim a free coupon for a small The Original Sandwich. Overall, the deals at Schlotzsky are worth the price. The fine quality that the restaurant offers is far superior to the price. So you can visit and grab some sandwiches or pizzas now that you know the money-saving deals. 

  • Does Schlotzsky’s offer employee discounts?

Yes, Schlotzsky’s offers special employee discounts including free meals.

  • Do Schlotzsky’s rewards expire?

Once a customer redeems the points for a reward. The reward will be valid up to14 days from the date of issue, after which it will expire

  • Where is the original Schlotzsky located?

The original Schlotzsky is located in Austin, Texas, United States. There are a total of 341 Schlotzsky locations across the United States. Most of the locations are in the south and south western United States but gradually the restaurant franchise has decided to expand to the North and Southeast.

Schlotzsky’s Deals And Specials

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