Why Apple Is So Expensive?- Know More About It

You all might be wondering why Apple products are so expensive. Do they have higher-cost production at all? In this article, you will learn all about it. You will also learn why it even works out for them because other companies probably wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Let’s know more about Why Apple Is So Expensive?.

Why Apple Is So Expensive

But before we dive into the article, let us first go through a quick overview of the Apple company. 

Apple Overview

Apple is a technology company that deals with consumer electronics, software, and other online services. The company was founded on 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States. Apple is the world’s second-largest mobile manufacturing company.

Reasons Why Apple Is So Expensive

1. Price gouging

First of all, we can start by saying that some of it is just because of Apple premium. They know that people are going to buy it. Some of the proof is how new iPhones do not come with a lightning- 3.5-millimeter dongle. How much could that thing possibly cost? And they don’t include it in a thousand-dollar phone? That is just penny-pinching and price gouging. Especially considering that the dongle is one of the most popular products sold in the Apple store. So they know that is something people are going to need and still don’t include. However, there are other legitimate reasons why Apple might have higher costs of production.

2. Apple has to design all their hardware in-house

Apple has to design all of its hardware in-house, especially the processor. They have the a15 bionic now. So they have to design that and hire a company to make that processor. Whereas most Android phones go to whatever Qualcomm has come up with the latest processor and buys it off. They don’t have to design anything and spend that much on research. 

3. Same goes for software

And not only hardware but also software. Because Apple has to write their entire operating system in-house. Whereas most manufacturers besides Google can use whatever Android is using because Google writes Android. And then, they might do their customization and create their skins. But for the most part, Androids are pre-built and they just have to slap it into their phones. Whereas, Apple has to do everything from scratch for themselves. So obviously, some of the prices are just hardline objective production costs that going to raise the price. 

Reasons Why People Are Still Buying Expensive Apple Products

1. Apple tends not to cut the corners

Yeah, they make some dumbest decisions that people might not like. For example, taking out the headphone jack. But what they do put into the phone, they tend to do it very well. So they don’t cheap out on anything, at least. Coming back to the software, the software in iOS is very stable compared to Android. Now Android is getting a lot better but iOS has always been a gold standard of what a good mobile operating system is. It is very simple to use and many people don’t want anything complicated.

2. Apple products are stylish

Another big reason why people are willing to pay a huge price is that Apple products are very stylish. It’s just a fact of life that people think that iPhones are cooler than Android. So it is another big thing whether it’s right or not. 

3. Apple tends to support their products a lot longer 

The latest version of iPhone or iOS supports phones way back to the iPhone 5s. That’s a 2013 phone and yet the latest version of iOS supports it. You have an Android phone and even Google’s flagship Pixel phones only support two years of updates. So it’s pretty crazy that these flagship phones on the other side are charging almost the same and yet, they are expecting people to have to upgrade every other year. 

4. Upgrade is easy on iPhone

When you’re using any of the iPhones that are supported you can get upgraded to the latest version right away. Whereas in Android, there are so many manufacturers. So even if Google releases a stock Android version, then you might not be able to upgrade it to your Huawei or Samsung until they release their version of that Android OS. And that might be months or even a year down the line if they support it at all. So with an iPhone, you know that if you have a reasonably recent version, you will be able to get the latest update. 

5. The Apps are generally going to be developed on iPhones first

This one is just a consequence of the way the iPhone ecosystem is. The apps are generally going to be developed for the iPhone first. It is much easier for developers to develop apps on the iPhone. There are a lot fewer iPhones to deal with than Android phones. There are hundreds of Android phones over the years. Whereas, there are 13 iPhones so far. So if you’re going to be developing an app, you might only have to test it on a handful of iPhones compared to making sure it works on every possible Android phone.

6. Apple products are much more privacy-oriented

Google is a data company and it makes most of its money through ads. So Google wants to collect information that they can sell. Whereas Apple has a very good track record of not letting law enforcement hack their phones and not giving up data to companies that want to sell ads. Apple announced that their safari browser is going to prevent fingerprinting. So even if they block the cookies, it’s going to block things like tracking of fonts. A lot of advertisers can still identify you by the browser resolutions you have installed, even if they can’t see a cookie. 


Apple product prices are truly reaching the skies and yet it is the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer because people are willing to buy it. So obviously, there have to be some solid reasons for that. Unfortunately, we could only come up with a couple of valid reasons why Apple products are so expensive. But we came up with multiple reasons why people are willing to pay the money. So overall, the products are worth it for the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Apple products worth the price?

– Yes, they are!

2. Is iPhone better than the Android?

– The comparison between iPhone and Android phones proves that iPhones are better. 

Why Apple Is So Expensive?- Know More About It

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