FiOS Remote Volume Not Working- Read To Know More

Imagine turning down the volume of your TV, perhaps to answer a call, and then you want to continue with your show on TV but the remote volume button wouldn’t just work anymore. Oops! What just happened?. Let us know more detail about ‘FiOS Remote Volume Not Working’.

FiOS Remote Volume Not Working

FiOS Remote Volume Not Working

You hit the remote on your palm to be sure but it’s still the same. You press some other buttons and they work perfectly but the volume button wouldn’t bulge. 

Just relax, this isn’t unfixable. Let’s get you started so you can go back to enjoying your favorite shows!

How can you fix your remote volume?

Identifying where the problem lies is one step to getting a solution. If you have checked the aforementioned possible reasons your volume button is not working, you can take the following suggestions. 

Here are things you should do regularly:

Change your remote battery: You do not have to wait till batteries are damaged before you change them. However, if you don’t change them regularly, it might be time to change them if your volume feature is not working. Check if the battery is damaged and replace it. To change the battery, separate the lower part of the back of the gadget down from the entire body. You will find two AA batteries. You will know if you need to change them. 

Clean remote: Clean the inside-out of the remote. The dust has a way of destroying things. Thus, ensure you clean it properly. This includes the batteries. 

Turn off and turn on your TV: All the volume button needs, is a reset and you can do that by turning off your TV and then turning it on again. 

Check if your TV and remote are connected: This is important because both might not be connected

Ensure that audio cables are well connected:  Without them, no sound can emit from the TV. 

The FIOS Remote and its Special Features

You need to understand that the FIOS TV remote is unique. First, it works for other TVs, especially smart TVs.  So, if you are bothered that the volume is no longer working because your TV is different, don’t worry, the remote works for some other brands, especially smart TVs.  

Other things which make the FIOS remote one of its kind are: 

Voice control: With your finger on the “voice control” button, you can use your voice to change the stations and switch to your movie apps. 

Record button: Sometimes, you feel the desire to re-watch your favorite TV shows but you do not know how to go about it. Well, with the FIOS remote, all you have to do is press the record button and you can save whatever you are watching for future use.   Interesting, right?

Why is Your Remote Volume Not Working?

How can the volume button stopped working while other buttons of your TV remote continue to work perfectly? Is it something strange? 

These might be questions running through your mind as you try to work your way through fixing it. 

To fix this problem, you need to understand how your remote control works in its entirety. Your FIOS remote volume might not be working for the following reasons:

Battery issue: Be sure that your remote’s battery is still good. As much as the FIOS remote is durable, you should check if the battery is in good condition. If the battery is damaged, a feature of the remote might not work. In this case, the remote volume. 

Maybe it’s not switched on: Is your remote switched on? If not, none of its features will work. Check the power button to be sure. A LED light will show if your remote is on.

Not connected to the TV: In some cases, the remote and TV might be disconnected, especially if you use the remote for more than one TV. It is expedient to check if it is paired to the TV. If it isn’t, you can reconnect. 

Distance: FIOS TV remotes can work at a distance.  However, the distance shouldn’t be too much. There should be proximity for connection. Note that you need to tilt the remote in the direction of the TV and there should be no barrier between them.

Now that you know some reasons why your remote’s volume might not work, how can you fix it? 


Oh, you have tried all that was listed above and the volume isn’t still working? You may need to try a simpler method:

Press the “Menu”, then select “Settings,” then “Voice control”, after that, “Programme FIOS TV voice remote,” then “reset remote setup”. 

Once you have reset, repeat the steps by selecting “Manual setup”. Follow the instructions. Voila! Your remote volume is back to work. Enjoy!

Finally, if you try the steps above and the volume still doesn’t work, you can contact our customer care support team. Rest assured that they will attend to all requests promptly. 

FiOS Remote Volume Not Working- Read To Know More

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