Free Wooden Crate Near Me

Most stores and businesses ranging from family-owned setups to wine companies, fruit shops, book shops, automobile companies, and the like make use of wooden crates to store their products and move them from one place to another. Let us know about ‘Free Wooden Crate Near Me’.

Free Wooden Crate Near Me

But since most of these wooden crates are not reused by the businesses, you can easily get them for free. Below we have compiled a list of companies near you that would most likely offer their used wooden boxes for free.

  • Online Marketplaces. 

There is a variety of products you can get at online marketplaces. They offer freebies such as wooden containers and pallets. The products available in online marketplaces are diverse. Furthermore, there are people offering freebies on each site, such as wooden containers and pallets. There are several popular internet markets where you can pick up free items such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist OfferUp Search for “free,” “for sale,” or “freebie” sections, depending on the website. However, it’s advisable to be very careful when meeting someone online who you are not familiar with.

Liquor stores

Crates are commonly found in liquor stores since alcoholic beverages, such as wine, are delivered and stored in wooden crates. There is a cost attached to disposing of pallets and old wooden crates which makes lots of retailers give them out to those in need of them, saving money on their end. Simply check with liquor stores around you if you need wooden crates.

Grocery Stores

Apple crates are usually available for free at your local grocery shop. Grocery stores often store wine and other products in these wooden crates. However, because they reuse crates and pallets in warehouses, big-box retailers like Walmart are unlikely to give them away for free. Looking for smaller, family-owned food stores in your region is a good option. They will rather give away free wooden fruit containers than pay extra for hauling expenses. Wooden fruit crates and wooden milk crates which are much smaller in size are also found in grocery stores.

Home Improvement Stores

Building supplies, appliances, and furniture are sold in hardware stores and are frequently shipped on pallets. However, the Pallets may be found at much smaller home improvement stores. Big-box hardware stores like Home Depot sometimes do not give away free containers so be sure to make enquiries at the customer service desk or with the manager.

Construction Site

Many of the supplies used on construction sites are supplied in wooden shipping containers. Some construction businesses will give away discarded wooden shipping crates for free, however, this is not frequent. Search construction firms with your location on Google to be able to find construction companies. There should be a list of possible contractors displayed. There’s no harm in respectfully requesting that discarded shipping containers for construction sites be hauled away.


Automobile parts are often shipped in wooden crates by dealerships. You can inquire from your auto dealer if there are any available wooden crates or containers. Most national car dealers, on the other hand, have a hardware system in place that allows them to reuse their containers.

Pets Stores

Pallets and wooden crates are frequently used to transport pet care products and bulk supplies to pet retailers. It’s a nice way to receive free, usable timber crates or pallets. While many pet stores will recycle the containers, some will pay to have them recycled. So yes they will most likely give you for free.

Furniture Stores

Valued or fragile furniture is sometimes delivered to furniture stores in solid wooden crates. It is the most secure and environmentally friendly choice. However, Because they are dry products, wooden crates and pallets are a good option when it comes to disturbing furniture.

Recycling Center

Goods can be found in plenty at recycling centers. However, recycling sites near you often provide worn-out items for free, such as old crates. Some people may try repurposing the wood as repurposed storage bins for their homes. To discover a local center, type “wooden pallet recycling near me” on Google.

U Haul Customer Connect

You can use U-Haul Customer Connect to look for free moving boxes throughout the country. You can also locate folks looking for moving boxes and those looking to sell moving boxes on the U-Haul Box Exchange. To find out where you can obtain wooden crates near you, type your zip code into the search box.

Warehouse Stores

National warehouse clubs frequently sell alcohol, especially wine; they have plenty of wooden wine crates on hand. The following are the largest warehouse clubs in the United States that have wooden wine crates: 

  • Costco 
  • Sam’s Club 
  • BJ’s Wholesale

You are likely to be able to remove empty wooden wine boxes from Costco. Often you will find a pile of wooden crates at their checkpoint which you can take home if you need a wooden crate. If there are fewer than four bottles, you can usually shift them to various wine boxes.


There are other places where you can buy wooden crates if you can’t find them at any of the mentioned places when you need them. You can buy wooden crates on Amazon, eBay, and many more. So in general, used wooden crates can be gotten from places around you such as grocery stores and more that have no plan of reusing them. They are quite useful since they are excellent for storage and protection. 

Free Wooden Crate Near Me

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