How To Connect The Camera To The Phone Without Wifi?

Mobile phones can function as CCTV cameras. On the internet, this subject is the subject of a lot of false information. Avoid being lured into honeytraps designed to download pointless programs. Let us know ‘How To Connect The Camera To The Phone Without Wifi?’.

How To Connect The Camera To The Phone Without Wifi?

How To Connect The Camera To The Phone Without Wifi?

Mobile phones can be used as CCTV cameras because they come with built-in cameras, although the majority of them do so via using Wi-Fi. Can we do it without an internet connection?

Yes, it is possible! Utilizing the built-in lens and broadcasting it over a local network are the only requirements. The mediating role will require an app, but it is achievable.

Without the Internet, How to Use a Mobile Device as a CCTV Camera?

Unfortunately, there are some principles that you will need to master. But once it is finished, the mechanics are yours forever, and you can shape the concept however you see fit. To accomplish this, we will need three items.

  1. a functional mobile phone with a continuous power source (sender of Cctv footage)
  2. mediating apps
  3. creating a local network using apps, routers, or Wi-Fi extenders (receiver of Cctv footage)

Due to the limited capacity of mobile devices, using them as CCTV is not without its drawbacks. The space on the device will run out unless you sync with cloud storage.

Install the Required Apps

Many third-party programs are capable of doing this. A handful of them is free, while others are paid. We don’t want our readers to waste money on something so unimportant. Therefore, we’ll skip the paid apps for now.

Install the Ip Webcam app for Android devices by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Use an IP camera Lite for iOS. Both are free, however iOS recording capabilities require the complete edition, which is only available for purchase.

Join a Local Network Without a Connection to the Internet

A mobile hotspot’s limited range, which typically ranges from 20 to 100 meters depending on the phone, is its main drawback. Another problem is that the iPhone’s hotspot can only be set up while cellular is enabled.

Using routers or Wi-Fi extenders to build a local area network is preferable. These extenders’ range is determined by the device itself.

To establish a local area network without using the internet, follow these instructions:

Wi-Fi extender to the hotspot connection

Have the extender extend the mobile hotspot after opening it on the mobile phone (the sender device). After logging in to the mobile hotspot, extend the first Wi-Fi extender if you’re using more than one. Apply the same methodology for x extenders.

Only a Wi-Fi Extender Connection

Using a router or Wi-Fi extender, enable a Wi-Fi signal without having access to the internet.

Ensure that the sender and receiver are using the same Wi-Fi network.

Link the Sender Device to the App

Our apps are prepared, and we have a local area network for data transfer. Now, all we have to do is establish the link. Try connecting with this app or any other app that you have already verified to be functional. We have included an example of an IP webcam for Android below.

  • Webcam connection with P (Andriod)
  • Start the app.
  • Create a profile.
  • Opt for regional broadcasting
  • If you want it secured, choose encryption.
  • Select Video options from the previous menu by going back there.
  • Select the Save Video To option under Video Recording.
  • Select a folder in which to keep the recorded CCTV footage.
  • Select Start-server from the previous home menu by going back there.
  • The app should begin using the camera and grant any requests for permission from the phone.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find an IP listed; write it down.

Additional Settings

You can select the following features under Video Preferences:

Chunk Size: How many minutes should a single recorded Cctv file be?

Cleanup: When the device’s free space reaches “X” percent, delete previously saved videos.

Format for Video: MKV or MP4 are your options.

Lite IP Camera (iOS)
  • On your iPhone or iPad, launch the IP Camera Lite app.
  • Then choose settings.
  • Find the User & Password by scrolling down. Create a new one according to your choice.
  • Return to the home menu and select IP server to turn on.
  • You should allow when asked permission for audio, video, etc.
  • There will be a share icon on the top right, click on that. Keep in mind the LAN HTTP address.

Check the Receiver Device’s Stream

As long as it is linked to the local area network, you can use a different phone or computer as the receiver device. There are several methods to watch the video, but we suggest using a browser or the VLC player.

A browser (IP Camera Lite Streaming)

By entering the LAN address and video and tapping enter on iOS, you can broadcast through the IP camera lite app.

The streaming of the video will begin. We can either use screen recorder programs to capture it. You must buy the full version of the app to record the Stream using the in-app feature.

Player VLC ( IP Webcam & IP Camera Lite)
  • On your computer or phone, download and launch the VLC player.
  • Select Network streaming from the media menu.
  • Please enter your IP address.
  • For streaming, the “/video” is a requirement.

If you intend to capture video elsewhere, we advise choosing the browser option; otherwise, either of the two aforementioned alternatives is OK. The Stream will now go live with it.

You can stream with other gamers if you’re utilizing an IP webcam on an Android device. During the browser streaming, the available players will be listed.

Final reflection

Despite the truth that Internet Protocol Is the full form of IP, a camera system will work just fine without a network. The cameras are “plug-and-play,” so the initial setup won’t even require you to access them. The internet allows for remote monitoring of both life and recorded footage. Without it, you won’t be able to stream the videos to your computer. The CCTV camera and your screen would need to be physically connected.

How To Connect The Camera To The Phone Without Wifi?

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