Does FedEx Have a Reward Program?


Customers want to be benefitted from making purchases with a company they trust. Companies usually provide incentive programs to keep their clients interested in their services. Incentive programs may range from the simplest, with no value, to the most lucrative rewards; it all relies on the company’s desire to maintain your business. Let us see does FedEx have a reward program or not.

Does FedEx Have a Reward Program?

FedEx competes for personal and commercial clients, with many shipping businesses to select from. So you’d think FedEx would keep consumers happy and compensate them for their hard-earned money.

Does FedEx offer its customers a reward program?

Yes. Customers with a valid shipping account can participate in FedEx’s My FedEx Reward program. You may gain various take part, gift cards, and shipping discounts of up to 70%. This does not include personal clients who only visit a FedEx shop once or twice a year to ship a few parcels. 

Anyone with a legitimate shipping account is eligible to sign up, which may be done through their website. In 2015, they introduced the My FedEx Rewards program to give small companies an additional incentive to stay loyal to FedEx.

 Signing up is possible for both personal and commercial accounts, and it needs a shipping account, which provides you the extra benefit of shipping discounts. Gaining points when your ship is little will be less rewarding.

Here’s How to Enroll in the Rewards Program

1. Claim your Membership

  • Select the FedEx Rewards membership on their website
  • Log in and enter your business details
  • You could also claim the membership by signing up for a new shipping account

2. Ship and Earn

  • You could earn points by shipping and reach reward milestones.

3. Claim your rewards by logging in

  • Log in to My FedEx Rewards and claim rewards of your choice.

How Do My FedEx Rewards Work?

After you’ve signed up for a FedEx Rewards account, you will see several offers that you are eligible for.

There would be a variety of offers accessible to you. Rather than accruing points, you choose a reward and work toward achieving it. Having a target to strive for is beneficial, but it might be problematic if your shipping needs alter.

You can get more with My FedEx Rewards than just savings. A variety of benefits, including special priority shipping, discounts on FedEx Office business services, and exclusive offers when you shop FedEx’s official website, are some ways you can use your points to continue saving. You can also turn your extra points into airline miles and hotel rewards at one of our preferred partners or trade them for gift cards to spend however you like.

The Benefits of My FedEx Rewards

One boon of My FedEx Rewards is that you get to select the rewards. It would be best if you eventually made purchases to achieve a specific goal to claim that reward. We’re there for you whatever you need to ship at every turn. With My FedEx Rewards, you can earn up to 15% in rewards on eligible purchases and secure a discounted rate when scheduling a pickup or drop-off.

 My FedEx Rewards is packed with great ways to save. Earn up to 2% back on all purchases, earn points every time you shop, and redeem them for rewards. Here are a few other benefits of joining My FedEx Rewards


Signing up for this service will provide little value to personal shippers who don’t need to ship frequently or even desire a shipping account. As a result, small shippers may wish to search elsewhere for better services. However, the shipping account and the rewards program are free to join, so there’s no reason to.

Therefore, the program benefits businesses that do a lot of shipping, particularly those with a low shipping value, as they can obtain consumer-level products.


What do I benefit from enrolling in My FedEx rewards? 

My FedEx Rewards provides a selection of products and gift cards that you may choose from on the program’s website. These prices will vary over time, so be sure to join up and check back to see what’s new.

Since the prizes are consumer-grade products or gift cards, they may be of limited use to a significant corporation unless the things staff as a tiny bonus.

How Much Are FedEx’s Points Worth?

FedEx provides benefits in a unique method compared to most other programs. Rather than earning points. You establish goals, and if you achieve them, you receive your chosen reward. For example, if you have selected a 20-Dollar gift card, which requires you to complete 15 shipments within a period to be claimed. If you complete it within a day, you’ll receive the 20-Dollar gift card.

How Can I Redeem FedEx Rewards?

To begin, you must first join up for My FedEx Rewards. Once you join, you’ll be presented with several offers, each of which specifies what goal you must reach and what reward you’ll receive. After you accomplish the plan, you will receive your rewards on your account.

Does FedEx provide yearly rewards?

No. The program does not offer any yearly reward. The only reward you can get is selecting an offer and claiming it by reaching the reward targets. These rewards do not expire.

Does FedEx Have a Reward Program?

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