How Do I Report a Phishing Email to Apple?


If you’re ever unfortunate enough to receive a phishing email, please report it to Apple. It will protect your data this way. By writing the email, Apple will track it down and take action. 

How Do I Report a Phishing Email to Apple?

Apple is a company that takes phishing seriously. They have a section on their website devoted to helping people report phishing emails. If you think you’ve been a victim of phishing, follow the steps outlined on this page to write the email and hopefully put an end to it.

Apple is committed to helping protect customers from spam, phishing, and malware. Phishing is a type of fraud that tricks users into providing personal information and access to credentials by posing as a trustworthy source. Phishing attacks can occur via email, SMS, other online sources, phone calls, and text messages.

How do I report a phishing email to apple?

To report a phishing email, forward the message to Apple will review the notes; if they are fraudulent, they will be automatically added to our block list.

If you’ve received a phishing email, it’s essential to take action and report it to Apple. By doing this, you might prevent other users from being scammed. 

Follow these steps to report a phishing email:

1. Open the e-mail and click the “Report Phishing” link.

2. Fill out the information about the phishing email, including the full sender and subject lines of your emails.

3. Click on the “Submit Report” button.

4. Apple will review the report and take necessary action to protect users from further scamming.

How to identify Phishing Emails?

As a general safety precaution, a phishing email that targets specific Apple products may include a message that purports to be from Apple, directing you to call a particular phone number for help or support. You should not contact these numbers as they gather personal information used for identity theft attempts. Passwords, account numbers, and credit card details are some of the sensitive personal data that phishing emails are trying to get you to reveal. Phishing emails can also contain malicious software cyber criminals use to access your computer and steal login credentials.

Example of Phishing Emails:

Example 1:

Phishing emails are standard, and people can easily fall into the trap. If you receive an email with “Re: Payment Confirmation” in the subject line or any other message containing your company or personal name, you should be on guard. This signifies that the message may not be from the intended sender.

Example 2:

Example of Phishing Emails: “Hello, below is the details you need to affix your American card with your valid government ID. Please follow the link at the back to get more detail and fill out the form.”

What happens after reporting phishing emails to apple?

Every time you report a phishing email, Apple uses machine learning to analyze the new messages and improve its detection rate. We also share information with other companies who use it to protect their customers.

The phishing e-mail is immediately forwarded to Apple’s anti-phishing team, who reviews it. If the team finds a phishing email and the sender is using one or more of Apple’s trademarks and an Apple domain associated with phishing, then they will block all additional emails from that sender. 


Don’t panic if you’ve been phished! Here is a guide on how to report phishing emails to Apple. Doing this will help protect yourself and other users from potential scamming scenarios. Remember that not all emails sent as phishing attempts will require reporting – simply recognizing the signs of a phishing email is enough to take action. So, please be vigilant and report any suspicious or malicious emails you may receive to Apple so that we can take measures to safeguard your data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I know if the Apple email is genuine?

You can do a few things to determine whether an email appears to be from Apple. First, look at the e-mail address field. If you see “iTunes Store ” in this field, you’re probably looking at a fake email. If there’s no contact information and you don’t recognize the sender’s name, it’s doubtful that the email is genuine.

How do I stop Apple from phishing emails?

Apple does not send out any suspicious emails. You should not respond to or click on any links in an email that claims to be from Apple. Delete the message from your inbox immediately after forwarding the email to

What do Apple emails end with?

The Apple email domain ends with,, and domain names when they send you an email officially.

What does an Apple security warning look like?

When you receive a security warning from Apple, it tells you what to do and when to do it—and you should always follow instructions.

Apple sends these alerts as soon as it is aware of any threats or points on its device to prevent harm to any users.

How Do I Report a Phishing Email to Apple?

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