How To Remain Anonymous Online?

In a world of technology, it is highly challenging to keep our privacy secured. After the arrival of Google, most people operate Google as their display program. Chrome will automatically become their browser. For example, when we search for a wristwatch to buy online, the ads related to the wristwatch will continuously appear. It brings the message about the easy accessibility of our privacy in this world of technology. Let us know about “How To Remain Anonymous Online?”

One can remain inaccessible to the world of the internet while being online. It can be done, by following a few easy steps:

How To Remain Anonymous Online?

By Using A Coded Messaging App:

Instead of using an ordinary messaging app, one can use a coded messaging app like Signal. This app transforms all kinds of communications into a coding format. Thus any outsider, any company can’t read the messages.

By Using A Coded Browser:

Google restores all the data. Instead of using a frequently used browser like Chrome, one can use Tor, a browser that converts online activities and IP addresses a code three times. But it does not convert any other app.

By Using A VPN:

Virtual private network(VPN) transforms all the web activities into a coding format. Apart from hiding the IP addresses it also hides past search history. In this way, the internet service provider cannot track any internet activities. VPN can be set within a few minutes.

By Using Protected Email Services:

Being highly impressed by the easy accessibility and comfort of Google services, everyone keeps Google as their Email service provider. There are other secured options like ProtonMail. Proton mail is based in Switzerland. The company cannot be forced to disclose customer data. This service can transform mails into code, and it is free for android, IOS ETC.

By Using A Short-Term Email:

By using a short-term email address one can protect their privacy. Temp Mail is one such service that creates such temporary mail ids.

By Using A Storage That Is Coded:

It is not a wise decision to store all the personal information like photos, files, and other documents in a Google drive, regarding privacy. Tresorit, Sync, and Proton Drive are storage providers where one can save personal information.

Not Accepting Permissions Asked By App:

Very often people accept terms and conditions given by apps. They also tend to accept those conditions carelessly. For E.g. people often are asked to enable location. But the access to the locations is not needed. Most apps ask for various information to be generated. Before accepting any such request we must check the terms.

By Not Disclosing Personal Information:

Nowadays people share their personal information like photos, life events ETC. online. But disclosing private addresses, and phone numbers will lead to identity theft. By using them one can commit deceitful activities.

By Not Using Voice Assistants:

In today’s fast life we often use voice assistants such as Alexa, to add sparks to our lives. But they can hamper privacy. A hidden microphone is kept inside, by using this the employees of Amazon can listen to the recordings. This particular microphone is hidden under the Nest secure security system provided by Google. Thus it is best to avoid such voice assistants in the home.

Avoiding Social Media:

Most of the time, we post several photos of our children on social media, mentioning their real names. These activities not only put the risk of the theft of a child’s identity, but the social media companies can use this information for their purpose.

Using Proxy Servers:

Proxy servers are better than VPNs. They will only transform the IP address of one’s device, not of all other received and sent data. It will make the data less protected.

Using Only Https:

Instead of using ‘HTTP’, it is better to use HTTPS. HTTPS comprises SSL (secure socket layer) that will transform all the information between the browser and website into code.

Deactivating The Cooking:

We very often find the ads popping up whenever we browse something online. This usually happens because of the cookies. Cookies are the data that structure the ads of those things that we browsed earlier. Thus it is very important to disable the cookies on the browsers.

To Stop Using Google:

Google is something that tracks all our personal information. Instead of using Google, one can use another search engine such as DuckDuckGo, which will not use any private information to generate targeted ads.

Avoiding Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is a new method of payment. It is used to function to exchange money. This method of transference of money is not always secured. One can use Bitcoin to avoid leakage of any kind of personal information.


In this fast-pacing world, the internet has become an inevitable part of our daily life. People tend to be engaged in online activities most of the time during the day. But this internet has the power to reveal all the personal data without the consent of one. Thus it is very important not to use the internet blindly. With proper information and by using them we can avoid any kind of relevance of personal data.

How To Remain Anonymous Online?

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