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Play and earn rewards, points, and many other promotional awards on every game offered by the NC education lottery on the NC lottery app at any time for fun and joy. Let us know more detail about ‘ Rewards’. Rewards Rewards

NC education lottery offers its customers a chance to win various rewards by earning points in different games on certified lottery centers, its website, and its mobile app. The customers can win cash prizes to promotional awards with a second chance at drawing. More details about the NC education lottery are given below.

Details about the NC education lottery

Overview: Established in 2005 by Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina is a special lottery system in the USA aimed at the younger population. North Carolina Education Lottery is run by the government of North Carolina offering various rewards to the winner such as scholarships and a cash prize of up to $2 million. It has a total of a 9-member committee for overseeing all of its operations from the distribution of lottery amounts to the various educational institutions. NC education lottery all net proceeds go directly to the state’s education, with the current figure sitting at more than $8 billion since its inception. The students can also play various games at its certified lottery centers, its website and its mobile platform to win different prizes from direct cash to various promotional coupons and vouchers.  

NC education lottery: The customers can play the following games to win various rewards and prizes from the NC education lottery:

  • In-house games: These games are to be played at the NC education lottery certified game or lottery center only:
    • Carolina pick 3:  The customers have to randomly choose any three numbers on the lottery ticket from 0 to 9 and match them at the end of the winning pick. The customers can initially start with 50 cents and keep increasing them based on the intent. The customer can win up to $500. 
    • Carolina pick 4: The customers have to pick any 4 random numbers from 0 to 9 on the provided ticket and match them to the winning draw to win the award money. The customers can win up to $5000. 
    • Carolina cash 5: Similar to pick 3 and pick 4 the customers have to choose randomly any 5 numbers from 0 to 9 on the provided ticket and match them with the winning draw to win the award. The customers can win up to $50000 to $250000.
    • Carolina keno: It is a fast-paced game that can be played within 4 minutes. The customers can draw up to 300 times and win up to twice the ticket amount in just 4 minutes by matching the right combination of numbers from 20 to 80 numbers. 
  • Multi-jurisdictional games: These can be played in any state of the USA at any nearest game center offering NC lottery tickets. Following are the multi-jurisdictional games:
    • Power ball: The customers can win mega cash prizes by picking any 6 numbers that are 1 to 5, any random number from 1 to 69 and one power ball number or red ball number from 1 to 26. The customers on winning can receive anywhere between $1 million to $300 million.
    • Mega-millions ball: Similar to the power ball the customers have to pick any random 9 numbers of which 8 are from 1 to 70 and one number is a mega ball number from 1 to 25. The customers can win up to $1 million to $400 million
    • Lucky for Life: The customers have to pick any random 6 numbers of which 5 numbers are from 1 to 48 and one lucky ball number from 1 to 18. The customers can win up to $25000 to $1 million.
  • Promotional games: These are offered on the NC education lottery online at its website- “” and its mobile app for the customers to play and earn rewards also promoting various other offers and deals. Following are the steps to register for the NC education lottery app and play the promotional games offered:
    •  The customers have to have a lottery ticket to play any game on the NC lottery mobile app.
    • The customer has to enter their lottery ticket number on the mobile by typing or scanning it for a faster process.
    • The customer can then play and win various games on it.
    • Following are the games offered by the NC lottery on its mobile app:
      • Scratch-off: These include $50 frenzy, magic 8 ball, super Loteria, and scorching hot 7. The customers can scratch the brought coupon online and check for any prizes.
      • Spin the wheel: The customers can try their luck old-style spinning wheel of fortune game and luck some awesome rewards.
      • View & Earn: The customers are offered promotional videos and ads for viewing and watching them get a chance to win various points later used to play various games and win prizes.
      • Take a survey: The customers can also take a survey on different products and other apps like Amazon, Walmart, etc., and win points for the same and later use them to play games and win prizes.  


  • The customers can win various prizes from cash rewards to promotional vouchers by playing different games at any nearest NC lottery-certified center or online on the mobile app.
  • The customers can win prizes from $1 to $400 million on games like power ball, mega ball, and luck for life.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘ Rewards’, The NC education lottery offers customers various lottery games and wins a wide range of prizes from cash to promotional vouchers for a range of products. The customers can play in-house games like Carolina pick3, pick 4, and pick 5 multi-jurisdictional games like power ball, mega ball, and luck for life to promotional games like spin the wheel, view & earn, and take a survey at any nearest NC certified lottery center or on the mobile app. The customers can have fun and also win great prizes with the NC education lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q- What is the maximum cash reward?

The customers can win up to $1 to $400 million based on the game played.

  • Q- How long are points valid for?

The points are based on the promotional games and survey as such each point is subjected to a different timeline based on the game-winning. Rewards- Read More About It

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