Why Are Plywoods So Expensive?- Read To Know More

The price of any product or material depends on its availability and demand. Unavailability of the product results in high demand for it which increases its price. Alternate to this, If a product has high demand the company may increase the price after seeing the demand for that particular product. Another reason may be the transportation and maintenance cost of the product. There can be multiple reasons for this. Sometimes, due to traders, prices may increase. Some traders, to earn more on any product, collect its stocks knowingly and after a certain time, its demand reaches a peak and they sell them by increasing their original value. Let’s learn about ‘Why Are Plywoods So Expensive?’.

Why Are Plywoods So Expensive?


Plywood is considered the cheapest among all building materials. However, it is expensive in some ways. It is made by applying glue over thin sheets of wood called veneers. The manufacturing of plywoods is a bit complex as it requires sticking very thin sheets together. According to the needs of the user, plywoods are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and strengths. Also, there are other options based on the need; softwood plywood, hardwood plywood tropical plywood, aircraft plywood, and some more categories. The strength of plywood mainly decides its use. Let’s read Why Are Plywoods So Expensive.

Why are Plywoods expensive?

There can be multiple reasons for the expensiveness of plywood. It depends on the demand, production of wood, and type of wood needed for manufacturing it. Some of the major reasons for the expensiveness of the plywood are –

  • Less production – In this growing world, the need for everything has increased. Depending on the type of plywood, the trees are grown of that particular type and from extracts of which plywoods are made. Over the years it is seen that the production of trees is decreasing which results in the shortage of it. As high demand for anything increases its price, in the same way the price of plywood also increases.  
  • Supply chain disturbances – For every product out there it needs a transportation facility to make them available to the respective customers. For smooth working, a well-organized supply chain is needed. In case of unavailability of such chains, it creates a disturbance in getting the product to the right owners.  For plywood’s expensiveness, this is another reason. A smooth-running supply chain makes the product available to everyone when needed.
  • Labour Shortage – Not machines can do every task. We, humans, have made much progress. We have made our life easier by inventing machines, robots, AI-based technologies, and many more. Still not every task can be performed by machines. Laborers are needed to do several jobs while transporting goods, especially for large goods. Shortage of labor can affect the overall supply chain of a system. In most countries, the unemployed people are usually graduates who are looking for jobs according to their qualifications. Not everyone will do the labor work. In some scenarios, there is a case of shortage of labor due to which the transporting and availability of the product will not happen at the right time and can cause disturbance to the supply chain.
  • High demand – Plywood being the most used building material, is always in demand. It is used for different purposes which makes it such a demanding material. The trend in the market is that it increases the price of things having high demand and low production whereas the price of any product goes down when its production increases and demand decreases. So another reason for the high price of plywood can be its high demand.

Where to get plywoods at a cheaper cost?

The prices of woods and plywoods depend on many factors and are available at the same prices everywhere. However, you can get plywoods at a little bit lower cost from some of the suppliers. The plywoods can be obtained at a lower cost compared to normal prices using different offers and discounts by the companies. Some of the popular suppliers which provide plywoods at a lower cost –

  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Blue Linx
  • Hardwoods
  • Maryam
  • Timber Industries
  • US Lumber
  • Atlantic Plywood Corp

Plywoods are the basic raw building material used all over the world. This basic need can not be obtained at a low price but if you want to give a little relief to your pocket, you can explore these stores. These are some of the popular suppliers where you can save your money on plywoods.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Why Are Plywoods So Expensive?’, For basic needs, we can not refuse it just for a high price. As it is a need we have to fulfill it somehow. This raw building material has become an important need. The growing population increases the demand for everything and with a smooth-running life cycle, we have to fulfill and manage our needs. Also, it is unfair to nature that we are continuously exploiting it for our sake. We should control and minimize our needs. We are dependent on nature for everything, so it is our responsibility to take care of it. Protecting nature does not mean not fulfilling our needs. We can go simultaneously by fulfilling our needs without harming nature. Prices are just a number we can enjoy a happy life by living with peace and connected to nature. Remember the cycle of life. You will exactly get what you will give to nature.

  1. What are the different grades of plywoods available outside?

Plywoods are categorized in different grades according to their quality, size, and price. It is divided into four grades; A, B, C, and D. A grade of plywoods are first-class plywoods having best quality veneer and strong wood while D grade is the third class plywood having very low quality of veneer. D grades are used by people who can not afford the rest of it. As it comes in the third class category its durability is very less.

  1. What are the reasons for the expensiveness of plywood?

There can be multiple reasons for the expensiveness of plywood. Some of them are the availability of plywood, supply chain, and workers. Due to a shortage of these, the price of plywood can increase.

Why Are Plywoods So Expensive?- Read To Know More

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