Allegiant Pet Policies – Know More About It!


Pets form an important part of the lives of people. It is considered that pets can keep a person mentally distress-free. Playing with one and taking care often keeps depression and hypertension at bay. Several people often like to keep their little friends with them as they travel. While traveling in a personal vehicle has no hassle to carrying any pets, traveling in public one requires the person to follow their respective policies. Allegiant Air, an American airline also has its pet policies, and here is where we will discuss them.Let us know about Allegiant air and Allegiant pet policies,If you are a person who like to keep a pet this article may help you.

Allegiant Pet Policies

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline that has its base of operation in the USA. This airline was established in the year of 1997. It employs 4000 employees and is entirely under  

Allegiant Travel Company. Their headquarters are located in Nevada.

Allegiant Air does not have that good rating. It is rated three-star. This is done based on the food provided on the flight, services given by their staff, the neatness of the cabin, and also customer reviews.

Allegiant Pet Policy

The following are the pet policies of Allegiant Air

  • Pets like cats and dogs are only welcome on board. Other animals including reptiles, birds, rodents, etc are not allowed on board.
  • The pets are not allowed to roam freely. They are to be kept in a cage. There are specifications to the cage on how it is built. They suggest a soft-sided carrier. Its dimension should be 9” H x 16” W x19” D. Each of these carriers can contain the utmost two pets.
  • The pets are not free to board. Owners of the pets are to pay for their respected pets. The fee is $50 per carrier. This money is non-refundable.
  • Passengers can only carry a limited number of pets on the flight. Each passenger is allowed only one pet to carry with them.
  • During take-off, the owners of the pets have to take care that the pets are kept in the carrier.
  • The owners are requested to take care that pets should not be physically ill or in any distress. They should be violent and cause trouble for other passengers.
  • The animals that shall be carried must be odorless, harmless as well as non-disruptive. This way they will have less chance of being the reason for the inconvenience to other passengers.
  • Very young pets are not allowed on the flight. The pet in question should be at least eight weeks.
  • While keeping the pets in the carrier it must be noticed that they fit perfectly. Not a part of their body should stick out of the cage. This causes inconvenience for the pet.
  • The owner of the pets cannot sit in a few areas. These include the exit row and the row before and after it. They are also not allowed to sit on the bulkhead.
  • The airline does not allow the pets to be transported in the cargo.
  • Health certificates for pets are not necessary while traveling.
  • The airline is not responsible for the well-being of the pets. God forbid, if anything is to happen to the pets, their respective owner cannot blame the airlines. They have to take the pets to their perils.
  • To get more information related to clearing TSA security, it is suggested to contact the TSA gov.
  • The pet owners are expected to report to an Allegiant agent who is at the ticket counter no less than one hour before the departure to make sure that the pets and the carriers are prepared according to the guidelines given by them.
  • The airline has the right to deny the boarding of those passengers who refuse to follow the above set of rules.


The airline does provide a satisfactory service to the pets. If an owner feels that there is an urgent need to travel with his pets they can opt for these airlines. This is cheap enough for a middle-class family to afford. But the aspirants must consider other facilities before they decide to travel through this airline.

Commonly asked Questions

1. How strict is the airline regarding their pets carriers?

There are certain guidelines regarding the carriers. The first thing the owner must need to keep in mind is that the carriers must be soft and large enough for the pet to fit easily. The carrier must not be larger than the dimension 22 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm. They should also be leakproof.

2. Are dogs allowed to sit on the lap of their respective owners?

The answer to this question is no. The pet has to be in the carrier. A dog who is sitting on the lap of the owner might feel upset during the flight causing a lot of inconveniences. Throughout the flight the dog has to be kept in its carrier.

Allegiant Pet Policies – Know More About It!

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