How To Watch Love Island?

Love Island, the most successful and influential show in British culture, is a dating game show. It is the revised version of the earlier famous dating show series, Love Island which includes celebrity members, which was aired for 2 series in 2005 – 2006 on ITV. This revised series includes public members rather than celebrity members, started on 7 June and has been airing its series till present on ITV2. It became ITV2s most-watched show in 2018, and the most-watched TV show in 2020 among its targeted audience of the 16 – 34-year-old age group. Let us know about that the How To Watch Love Island?

How To Watch Love Island?

Being the most loved show, with its worldwide fan following. However, this show has a restriction that it can be watched in the UK region only. Even UK residentials can’t get access when they move out of the country. The show is available for free on channel ITV, but being outside of the UK, you have a good VPN, which provides you with a UK IP address. Currently, ITV2, a subsidiary of ITV channel networks has to get commissioned to air love island from 2015. VPN will be going to solve the issue and let everyone watch the lovable TV program worldwide. There’re many VPNs available to resolve this issue. Let’s dig out about how VPNs solve our problem and the various types of VPNs available.

How VPN helps you watch Love Island: – 

Love island broadcasting company ITV2, monitors their online traffic and restricts their content to be viewed by anyone outside the UK, doesn’t matter that you have purchased the streaming service. You may even be not allowed to access love island if your Wi-Fi network doesn’t get recognized by ITV hub servers, though you’re in the UK. To solve this problem, and let everyone enjoy love island VPN comes into the picture and disguises your IP address, letting you redirect your online traffic through its server which has an IP address from a specific country, the UK for here. This makes the location of your server change from your country to the UK.

Best VPNs to watch Love Island: – 

Express VPN: – 

the best VPN of today’s time, providing extremely fast streaming services, very fast speeds for smooth and buffer less content streaming, gives 60 Mbps speed on every server, very fast downloads, having 3000 servers in 94 locations, letting you enjoy watching Love Island smoothly in full HD without any lag.

Private internet access: – 

having 1000+ servers throughout the UK, PIA instantly connects you to the best server based on your location, you don’t have to waste time searching for the best server. 

CyberGhost: – 

the largest network of servers worldwide, especially having specific servers for streaming on Hulu, YouTube TV, and many more. Unfortunately, CyberGhost can’t unblock any content on ITV Hub or BritBox, but still, you can watch love island on Hulu and 9now  

Broadcasters of love island: –

  • ITV Hub: – free website, providing the latest love island content episodes live and on-demand.
  • ITV Hub Plus: – another version of ITV to keep up with love island content live, ad-free. Also provides a free trial of 7 days.
  • Brit box: – this too provides live and on-demand streaming service for love island all seasons and episodes along with 7 days free trial.
  • 9now: – it’s an Australian TV service offering free streaming of love island episodes at 9 pm AEST every night.
  • Hulu: – love island content comes to its space after 2 weeks of the official release of the show. Provides a free 7-day trial.

What to do after getting a VPN connection? 

Follow the following steps to watch love island on ITV: – 

  • Subscribe to a particular VPN connection, and connect to a UK server;
  • sit ITV Hub website, which lets you watch love island for free;
  • Create an account on the ITV channel, providing necessary details and a UK postcode;
  • Select a particular episode and enjoy streaming.

Conclusion: – 

The most lovable show of summer worldwide, Love Island, revokes the earlier 2-season series love island in 2005 and 2006, starting from 2015, by letting public contestants rather than only celebrities in an earlier version. Broadcasters of this show are ITV Hub, ITV Hub plus, Brit Box, 9now, and Hulu. Unfortunately, the show is only available for UK viewers, for other than UK viewers, VPN is required to get a UK IP address, to get connected to the ITV server. There are various VPNs available such as Express VPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), and CyberGhost. These are the most powerful VPNs letting you enjoy love island with no loading time and buffer-less streaming. After getting a VPN just sign up at the ITV website and enjoy love island.

Frequently Asked Questions: – 

1 Can we watch Love Island on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch love island on Hulu, but not live as on other streaming platforms. Hulu airs love island episodes after 2 weeks of the show’s official release.

2 How can I watch Love Island for free?

You can watch Love Island for free on the ITV website, 9now in Australia with a valid Australian postcode, and also on Hulu 7-day free trial.

3 Can free VPNs be used to watch Love island?

It’s possible to watch Love Island through free VPNs, but they don’t work all the time. 

How To Watch Love Island?

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