SFMTA Parking Ticket-Know More

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is a public department of the City of San Francisco indulged in the management of all ground transportation in the city. The SFMTA takes care of the Muni, bicycling, parking, paratransit, traffic, walking, and taxis. SFMTA makes transportation that is convenient, practical, and smooth.  SFMTA make people connect with their communities. SFMTA also works for future transportation. Let us know more about that the SFMTA Parking Ticket-Know More.

SFMTA Parking Ticket-Know More

As SFMTA manages San Francisco’s taxis, traffic, Muni, and all ground transportation, they also help in managing the parking issues of the world’s most dynamic city for smooth and efficiently moving. SFMTA provides parking permits (parking permission) for this purpose. Various types of permits SFMTA provides to their diversified class of customers so that smooth moving of vehicles in the city is there, and also gets satisfactory services according to their needs with descent permit tickets. Let’s dig out about various types of permits SFMTA provides to the city.

Various types of Parking / Tickets:-

1. Residential Parking Permits (RPP):- 

No requirement for a physical sticker permit, neither they’re issued on an RPP vehicle. All authorized permits will be issued to vehicle license plates digitally. Digital permits are valid since the day they’re commenced.


Permanent Residents:-

If an individual’s home is in a residential parking permit area, then the person gets unrestricted from the fixed time limit. Maximum 4 permits can be purchased except in areas AA & EE which are limited to 2.

Short-term residents:-

Recently moved to a new place or need to amend vehicle credentials with DMV, limited period permits are provided, and one-day and weekly permits can be purchased. Each address can take up to 20 one-day permits and 32 weeks permit per year.

Business Owners:-

If an individual owns a business in a residential parking permit area, the owner can be exempted from parking restrictions. Corporates can obtain one parking permit per address and upmost three permits for delivery vehicles with license plates. One Business permit will be issued to businesses having one common street entry.

Medical and child Caregivers:-

Individuals requiring home health care, and home child care can have one changeable parking permit for use by upmost three license plates. Families having proof of SFUSD Bus Paraprofessional residents living in an RPP area can get a fully changeable caretaker permit. 


Institutions get provided permits according to the number of teachers regularly working there, and the number of unrestricted parking spaces available along the school’s street-front boundary. 

2. Special Events:-

Special events and other community gatherings are an essential part of activities in San Francisco, summing out not only economically, but also socially and politically, and such activities plays an important role in supporting the city’s communities. These events include block parties, outdoor arts, athletic races, musical fests, etc. To hold these special events the first step is to apply. After the application has been reviewed and approved by SFMTA, it goes for the review of the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT) for final approval by all the City departments. 

3. Press Parking Permits:-

Issued to news organizations, media’s commercial vehicles, reporters, and videographers. This Press Parking Permit exempts the holder from restrictions laid down by SFMTA while letting the media actively engage in news gathering activities. 

4. Contractor Parking permits:-

Contractor Parking Permits are issued to business’ commercial vehicles holding a California Contractor’s license for indulging in construction or pest control services. Contractor permits are issued to only vehicles with commercial license plates. All eligible vehicles must have the company name and State Contractor’s License Number displayed on both sides of the vehicle. Permits are not issued to any vehicle with one or more past parking citations. General fees for the permit are USD 2200 annually.

5. Special Traffic Permit:-

If an individual is not adjustable with the construction regulations, they can apply for a special traffic permit. The cost for a new permit is equivalent to the sum of the base fee and the daily fee. The cost for a renewal special traffic permit is equivalent to the sum of the base fee renewal and the daily fee, while the cost for a late permit is the sum of the late fee, base fee, and daily fee.

6. Muni Construction Support and Clearance Permit:-

The Muni construction support services by SFMTA provide services to any construction project occurring on roadways with SFMTA muni service, to ensure the regular flow of traffic and transit service.

Ways to Pay Ticket:-

Individuals receiving a parking ticket must pay or protest the citation by the due date to not get charged for a late fee. Vehicles with 5 or more parking citations will lead to towing of their vehicle. Following are the ways to pay the parking ticket or transit citation:

Web:- To receive the receipt and posting of payment on the same day the citation can be paid by visiting the online portal of the organization:-

Phone:- Call 415-701-3099 or 800-531-7357 to pay the citation on call.

Mail:- Can pay through check or money order to SFMTA. The person can also mail payment to the SFMTA customer service center.

In-Person:- Office opens daily with timings:-

10:00 AM to 04:00 PM;

With a break between 12:30 PM to 01:00 PM;

Offices are closed for major and national holidays.

DMV Registration Hold:-

Minor crime parking charges will be transferred to the department of motor vehicles(DMV) and the person will be required to pay the balance to renew registration. Payments paid to the DMV will take up to 2 months to get transferred to SFMTA. If the vehicles are towed before SFMTA gets payment from DMV, the person will have to pay again for the same fee directly to SFMTA, a refund will be processed once the payment gets transferred. If the person has 5 or more past citations, he/she will be guided to pay directly to the SFMTA customer service center and obtain proof of payment to show at the DMV office to release the registration hold.


 SFMTA oversights over public transportation such as Muni, paratransit, walking, and traffic control, and managing all ground transportation. Provides various parking permits to the individuals for different purposes so a population can choose from a broad spectrum of permits according to their ease. Manages and provides help to the ongoing road projects and consistently maintains the traffic. Also, provides parking facilities during street closure events, such as musical events, cultural fests, athletic events, community fairs, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1 Charge for RPP Permit annually?

Around USD 160 annually for passenger vehicles, and USD 120 annually for motorcycles.

2 What’s the limit for permits?

A maximum of four residential permits annually can be issued to a single-family in all areas except for areas AA, and EE.

3 Can park in front of the residence?

People can restrict their driveway by parking parallel to their street only if the vehicle’s license plate is registered to the residence address.

4 what to do if move to a new area?

Moving to a new area, laid person to purchase permit again for the new residence.

SFMTA Parking Ticket-Know More

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