Uber Alternatives- Everything You Need to Know

The modern world has solutions to every small problem of our daily life. These solutions are not only solutions, these are made personal and relatable to everyone. Have you ever thought of going out easily without getting stuck on public transport and high prices of tickets? Of course not. The solution to this problem was solved by giving a personalized service to the customers by OLA, Uber, Via, and many such companies. Not every company provides the same services. Also, the services you like by the company don’t need to be liked by everyone. Not all want the same thing. This diversity is the identity of human behavior. Let us know more detail about ‘Uber Alternatives’.

Uber Alternatives


Uber Technologies Inc is an American company that provides services related to mobility. The company is providing its services to people in almost 72 countries. It is based in San Francisco. Other services the company provides, include food delivery, electric vehicle, courier services, and many such related services. The company was founded around 13 years ago and since then it is continuously helping people through its services. The company has its Application available on android as well as IOS. Using this app one can use the services of the company. You can book your cab using this app whenever or wherever you want with just a click.

Uber Alternatives

Everything in the world has more than one possibility. The services Uber is providing are also provided by various other companies. The way of providing services may vary from company to company. Some provide good services at lower prices while some provide the same services at higher costs.

  1. Lyft – The first name in the list of alternatives to Uber is Lyft. It is almost similar to Uber in terms of services. It is the second-largest service provider of mobility as a service after Uber. To reduce the cost of rides, the company introduced the concept of shared rides. This was a good move by the company and helps it to grow in some terms. Like Uber, it also has e-vehicles. Not all vehicles here are E-vehicles, some are hybrid too. You can download the Lyft app from the play store or app store if you want to try the services by the company.
  1. Curb – It is another alternative to Uber which has more than 10lac+ drivers in connection with the company. It provides safe rides to their customers with hassle-free options on payments. You can download the app from the play store or app store to experience the ride by the company. It has the facility of booking rides immediately or pre-booking before 24 hours of the trip. It ensures safe driving as the drivers are well experienced and have all the necessary documents. Another feature is that you can compare the price of a ride as the prices are shown by entering the pick-up and drop locations in the app.
  1. Via – This real-time ride-sharing company is the next on the list of alternatives to Uber. It is headquartered in New York. Via Transportation is a trusted and safe platform for sustainable and cheap rides. The company focuses to provide convenience in the service to the passengers as well as the riders. As if due for some reason the rider is not capable of receiving the payment online, one can use cash for the payment. With connections in over 35 countries, the company is continuously helping citizens with its services. To reduce the pollution by vehicles, the company uses E- vehicles and also eliminates the single occupancy in the ride.
  1. Free Now – It is also mobility as a service provider company. It was started in 2019 and the company is continuously making efforts to grow. It is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company is serving almost 10 million people through its services across 100+ cities. The company cares more about the passengers and drivers than the profit. During the time of the pandemic, it continued to serve the people by making it compulsory for the drivers to have faces covered. Free Now is the leading black cab service provider in London. This alternative is almost similar to Uber.
  1. Flywheel – The last name in the list is Flywheel. It also provides the same services like Uber. The company prioritizes safety. In the tough times and present scenario, it has started a Flywheel shield. This shield separates the driver and the passenger. This was a good move by the company as health is very important. In this, you can get easy access to the nearby locations to pick up or drop. Its service includes food delivery too. In the delivery of food, they charge an equal rate regardless of the distance between the delivery location and the original location.

How to book a Cab?

Step 1. Open the online cab booking app and enter your destination to go. (You can use any of the above-mentioned apps or you can use whatever app you want.)

Step 2. Confirm the taxi by entering the correct address of the destination. Once you confirm you will be shown the driver’s photo and vehicle details.

Step 3. Get into the vehicle when the taxi arrives. The driver has details of your destination.

Step 4. Get off when you reach your destination. You can pay either online or indirectly in cash according to the traveled distance.


In this world, there is more than one possibility for everything. Talking about services the company provides, there are multiple options available out there for a single service. One can choose a favorite place to get the work done. Also, sticking to one place for services all the time is not a good move. One should always inspect everything before relying on any company.

  1. Does Uber deliver food?

Yes, Uber delivers food along with other mobility services. You can download UberEats App from the play store or App Store to order your favorite food.

  1. Are Cabs safe to travel?

Yes, they are safe. Online cab booking companies are focusing more on the safety of passengers. You can see glass sections in the taxis of some companies, that are just to make the passengers feel comfortable.  

Uber Alternatives- Everything You Need to Know

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