What Companies Are Owned By Enterprise?

Enterprise, officially called Enterprise Holdings, Inc. is a transportation service company in the United States of America. The company renders transportation services such as car rentals, truck rentals, car sharing, car fleet management, etc. The headquarters of the company is located in Clayton, Missouri, St. Louis. They have about 9,500 branches across the U.S. Enterprise is one of the top three car rental companies in the States. The Holding Company also operates in other continents like Europe and Asia, aside from North America. Let us know ‘What Companies Are Owned By Enterprise?’.

What Companies Are Owned By Enterprise?

Companies Owned by Enterprise:

Enterprise Holdings Inc. owns many car rental brands and serves as a parent company to them. These companies or brands are:

  1. Alamo Rent-A-Car
  2. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  3. National Car Rental

Other transportation services

Aside from the car rental brands, Enterprise operates other transportation services, and these include:

  1. Enterprise CarShare
  2. Enterprise Car Sales
  3. Enterprise Fleet Management
  4. Enterprise Truck Rental
  5. Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise
  6. Commute with Enterprise
  7. Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

All these car rental companies and transportation service brands are part of the massive network of Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Companies Owned by Enterprise: Detailed Explanation

1. Alamo Rent-A-Car

This car rental service is available to international travelers that visit the United States. It is also the biggest car rental service for leisure travelers and visitors to North America. It is budget-friendly to travelers with the head office in Clayton, Missouri.

Alamo Rent-A-Car has self-service kiosks at airports where International leisure travelers can rent a car instantly and it is hassle-free. They offer low rates to customers, making them a preferred choice over other car rental companies.

Alamo Rent-A-Car has grown over the years and they are now the official car rental company for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. If you are visiting any of these two places, the Alamo Rent-A-Car vehicle is the one that will take you there.

The company has excellent customer service and this has been the driving mechanism of the company. It capitalizes on its excellent customer service to retain customers and gain the heart of new ones. Every car rented from the Alamo Rent-A-Car company is always in good condition and the company ensures cleanliness. 

Their official website is https://www.alamo.com

2. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This is also a car rental service company and it is a major brand of the entire Enterprise Holdings Inc. It is the flagship company that offers car rental services to customers within the cities, not travelers as is the case with Alamo Rent-A-Car. 

Customers are citizens who are having their cars repaired or replaced, victims of theft, and need another car to facilitate their movements for a while. They also rent cars to people who require them for special occasions or a short trip, whether for business or leisure. The company calls itself home city rentals. They rent out various forms of cars from economy cars to exotic cars.

After Enterprise Holdings Inc. acquired Alamo Rent-A-Car in 2001, Enterprise Rent-A-Car extended its services also from home city rentals to now include airport-based rentals. Across the U.S, there are about 9,000 locations of Enterprise Rent-A-Car called home city locations and with the extended services to airports, they have about 419 airport locations.

Their official website is https://www.enterprise.com

3. National Car Rental

This caters majorly to business travelers to the U.S. If you are a regular business traveler to the U.S, National Car Rental is there to serve you. They have an Emerald Club which is a loyalty program for frequent customers. It allows the businessman or woman on a trip to rent a car without going through the procedures of form filing or customer representative questioning.

They also help business travelers save time with another program called the Emerald Aisle Service. This allows travelers to choose their preferred vehicle through reservation. National Car Rental is one of the best rental services in the country for business travelers.

Their official website is https://www.nationalcar.com

4. Enterprise Car Sales

This is a transportation service provided by Enterprise Holdings Inc. Therefore, it is not a company. They are a retailer of used vehicles and operate under the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand. Enterprise Car Sales has about 145 dealerships across the U.S.

Most of the cars sold at Enterprise Car Sales are vehicles used by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. All cars sold have to pass a safety inspection before being put up for sale. They also have a buyback policy for 7 days, a powertrain warranty for 12 months, and roadside maintenance for 12 months for cars bought at their retail dealerships.

5. Enterprise CarShare

This service offers a carsharing program that operates in Universities in over 30 states of the U.S.  Due to the effect of COVID-19, the service is currently on hold.

6. Enterprise Truck Rental

Moving truck rentals, cargo vans, and other heavy vehicle rental services are offered by Enterprise Truck Rental. It is not a company but a transportation service under Enterprise Holdings Inc.


Enterprise is a well-known brand among car rental companies in the United States and they offer other transportation services as well. The company is thriving and future expansion is guaranteed.

  1. Is Enterprise a private company?

Yes. Enterprise Holdings Inc. is a private company

  1. Who owns Enterprise?

Its founder is Jack C. Taylor

What Companies Are Owned By Enterprise?

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