Best Pedometers For Shoes

In this changing lifestyle, people are more prone to get various chronic diseases due to a lack of consuming healthy and nutrient-rich foods and also due to lack of proper exercise. Those having a busy schedule choose to work out in a way they don’t lose extra time. Many innovative methods have been invented which make the workout and healthy eating possible for most of them. One of the methods is having a pedometer. A pedometer is an electronic device that is used to check one’s daily activity, mainly activities like cardio, walking, skipping, swimming, etc. it is measured with the movement of one’s arms, hips, or feet. Let us know about that the Best Pedometers For Shoes.

Best Pedometers For Shoes

A pedometer is mainly used by those who are conscious of their health. It is also used by those who like to keep a track of their daily activity. It can be walking to the office, running behind a missing bus, climbing stairs, etc. 

Some of the best pedometers

There are many brands of pedometers that can be used for shoes. Their quality and features vary according to their prices. Some of the best pedometers which can be used for shoes are:

The IGANK Simple Walking Pedometer Step Counter

IGANK is considered one of the best pedometer devices due to its variety of functions and features. It has an appearance of 3 inches in length and can be easily clipped on to attach shoes, belts, etc. for all those who are serious about their workout and fitness works, this can be an affordable one. 

The feature which is found as the most attractive of the IGANK pedometer is high accuracy and long time storage. The information can be stored for 42 days from the day the information was initially stored. 

The advantages of this pedometer are that it is made from durable plastic, accurate, and affordable. The disadvantages of it not being compatible with certain devices and not waterproof. 

3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking Pedometer

The 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer is used in shoes and it is very easy to use. It is accurate in step counting and is also designed with a large screen. It doesn’t require constant charging and is easy to set up. 

The pros are easy to use, portability, large display screen, and long battery life. The cons are not being rechargeable and the inability to sync with a smartwatch. 

Realalt 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

It is a simple and user-friendly pedometer. It is set up with a clip and strap so that it can be used in multiple places. It can be an arm and shoelaces. It has an easy-to-read display and is also accurate with the step count. 

The advantage is customer friendly and the disadvantage is that it only counts steps and does not track other activities. 

OZO Fitness C3D Pedometer

It is an accurate device to track all physical activities. It comes with additional features besides step counting like, distance covered, time spent, and calories burned. It is very small in size so that it can be easy to hide. It does not require any internet connection to work. 

The pros are accuracy, easiness to set up, auto-dimming screen, portable, concealable and large screen. The disadvantage of it can be that the data recorded is easily lost or erased. 

Track4Life Walking Pedometer

This tracker is designed to attach to the shoelaces instead of the hip or pocket. The device automatically counts the steps and is also a calorie counter. 

The pros are lightweight, comfortable, multi-function monitor, and affordable and the cons are its inability to work on Velcro shoes and manual reset. 

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer 

The length of this device is 7cm. It comes with a clip which can be easily attached to the shoes. 

Factors a good Pedometer device has

  • Comfortable: pedometers for shoes are often preferred to be comfortable and light in weight. It makes physical activities like running easier without carrying extra weight. 
  • Durability: the device is used for shoes, so it is essential that it should be durable. It should last for a long time. It should withstand water and all other minor accidents that take place. 
  • Accuracy: pedometer with accurate steps and the calorie count is often an attractive feature to most people. Devices like piezoelectric are widely used due to their accuracy. 
  • Features: most advanced pedometers have more varying features. Some include providing music and step count at the same time.
  • Budget: pedometers are always preferred to be budget-friendly so that everyone has access to it. Many top pedometers are often affordable compared to other devices. Due to this, it is always easy to find good pedometer devices for shoes. 


Good fitness results in good public health and good public health, in turn, leads to increased development in society. It is always important to choose the right devices for your workout performance. 

Best Pedometers For Shoes

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