Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car? -Know More About It

You may have previously rented a car for either personal or business use. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be indisposed to return the car in due time as a means to avoid issues with repo agents. So you are asking if someone else can return your rental car on your behalf. Let us know about “Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car?”

Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car?

In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about the possibility of having someone else return your rental car.

Someone else may return your rental car if the person’s name was listed as an additional driver on the rental agreement. Using someone other than those already listed could backfire if the car was to suffer damage en route to the return spot as there would be no rental insurance from the company to cover for it due to contract violation.

We have taken more time in the post below to cover in great detail, some of the possible intricacies and solutions to having someone else return your rental car.

Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car?

Before renting a car from a rental company, there is usually a rental form to be filled that also provides the option of putting additional names of persons who can return the car in your stead. 

Occasionally, only the additional named drivers on the rental form are authorized to return the car.

If someone other than those already listed drives the car, they would be doing so under no insurance coverage from the company. 

However, this can be resolved by contacting the rental company ahead of time to request a modification to put in the name of the person that would be returning the car. And most of the time this would bring about extra charges so you must be prepared for it. But such an action ensures that the person returning the car is insured. 

With that said, and depending on the rental company, in most cases, there is automatic insurance for your spouse. But you may need to speak with your rental company to be sure it applies in your area.

For a business rental, members of the company of the rentee may be permitted to drive and return the rental car especially if this was arranged beforehand with the rental company.

Return Process For Rental Cars

To return a rental car, all you need to do is park the car in the return space and turn in the keys at the authorized location. Most times you may not need to sign any documents or use an ID. Below are some easy steps to follow:

 Ensure You Plan Out The Route To Follow:

This is to ensure that you don’t have any unforeseen hitches en route to returning the car as late returns could attract penalty charges. To be sure, you can make use of maps online for clarification on the closest routes to return points.

Fill Your Tank:

 Most rental companies operate a full tank policy as opposed to the pre-purchase policy. This means that the fuel tank is filled at pick up and most remain the same at drop off. You may also need to get a receipt for the full tank as evidence should it be required.

Check For Signposts: 

While driving to where you first picked the car, also be on the lookout for signs pointing to a car rental return spot. Finding one nearer to you could save some time.

 Take Pictures: 

After you have parked the car, step out and take several pictures of the car to show the state in which you left it. These pictures would be particularly useful should any issues such as touching damages arise or even reduced fuel quantity.

Take Out Your Stuff: 

Don’t forget to take out all your properties that may still be left in the car. While also ensuring every other thing is in order such as documents etc.

Call Over The Nearest Agent To You: 

When you are done, simply call over an agent to come and access the car with you.

 Use The Drop Box If There Are No Agents Around:

 Just in case you fail to contact any agent or rep nearby, check for a drop box and leave the car keys in it.


We trust you were able to find this post useful. Getting your rental car returned in your absence should not be so difficult if you follow the guidelines explained above. Always remember to check in with your rental company if any terms of the agreement seem unclear to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can you return a rental car to a different state?

Yes, you can. However, be wary of the extra fee that may come with how far it is from the return spot.

2. Should my rental car be washed before returning?

It is not necessary to do so as companies often have cleaning facilities to take care of that.

Can Someone Else Return My Rental Car? -Know More About It

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