Does Aldi Accept Returns?-Know More

Aldi is a supermarket in Germany and has about 4,100 stores. It is also in Australia, the United States, and most parts of the European Union. Aldi has 7,600 stores worldwide. It is a privately owned company. The founders of the company are Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht. Its headquarters are in Essen, Germany. The company operates as a food retailer. It focuses on selling products at cheap prices. The stores of Aldi are more than 1800 in the U.S. Aldi is on the way to becoming the third-largest supermarket in the world after Walmart and Kroger. Here we will see about Does Aldi Accept Returns?

Does Aldi Accept Returns

Does Aldi Accept Returns?

Return Policy of Aldi

Aldi has acquired several loyal customers because of its pantry necessities, meat, and other food options. The other strong reason is their unbeatable price. Yes, it is quite true that Aldi offers inexpensive items from food to home decor.

But sometimes the customer is not satisfied with the purchase that he has made. The reason behind this could be-

  • The product is faulty
  • The item is outdated or expired especially in the case of the food items it matters
  • The preference of the customer has changed
  • The customer no longer required the provided item.

Surprisingly, Aldi does offer a return and exchange policy which is quite difficult to find in supermarkets as the supermarkets do not accept returns after the sale or some sales with the tagline ‘No Return No Exchange’.

Twice as nice guarantee

Many products of Aldi are covered under a twice as nice guarantee which means along with the refund of the product you will get a replacement of the product too if the product is unused and is in its original packaging in the case when the customer is not satisfied with the product quality. In this type of situation, the customer is in a win-win situation. 

Below mentioned items are not included in twice as nice guarantee:

  • Items under limited manufacturer warranty
  • Non-food Aldi finds products
  • Items that are returned with non-quality issues
  • State restrictions on alcohol

Some points to keep in mind

  • Food items are returnable: yes, you heard it right you can even return the food items at Aldi’s store but the condition is the product must be in its original packaging along with any unused product.
  • Non-food items are also returnable: Non-food items are also returnable but in the case of electronics you need to return them within 90 days of purchase along with the receipt.
  • The receipt is not required: It is only Aldi where you can return the product without a receipt but you will get the refund only in the form of a gift card.


  • Alcohol: Alcohol is only returnable when the state allows it. If the state allows it, it does not fall under twice as nice a guarantee.
  • Aldi finds deal category: products that fall under this category cannot be returned as the items are seasonal or home goods.

Except for these two conditions, everything at Aldi is returnable. 

Return methods:

  • In-person at the store
  • Website

Products of Aldi

  1. Supermarket
  2. Hypermarket
  3. Superstore
  4. Convenience store 

Popular products of Aldi

  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Paper plates
  • Canned foods
  • Baking essentials
  • Organic foods
  • Milk
  • Cereal
  • Meat

Competitors of Aldi

Lidl: Lidl is the biggest competitor of Aldi and was also founded in Germany in 1973. It has expanded its business across the U.S. and Europe. Lidl operates in 32 countries and has 10,800 stores in total.

Walmart: Walmart is also the biggest competitor of Aldi and was founded in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart operates in 27 countries and has 11,500 stores along with e-commerce platforms. The quality of the products of Walmart and Aldi are similar but Aldi provides cheaper rates than Walmart.

Tesco: Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. It is the biggest retailer and acquires 9th position in terms of Revenue. The subsidiaries of the company are in the financial, IT, and telecom sectors. Tesco employs around 450,000 people. Tesco deals in the products like recipes, beverages, and clothing. 

Kaufland: Kaufland and Lidl both are owned by Schwarz group. The company was started in 1984 and its headquarters are located at Neckarsulm. The company operates in 8 countries while Aldi operates in 20 countries.

Kroger: It is an American company that was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. It has operations in 35 states and has 2800 stores. Besides, the retail business company operates in pharmacies, finance products, and fuel centers.


To conclude, in this article I have explained the return policy of Aldi along with a twice as nice guarantee. It can be seen that Aldi facilitates the return of nearly everything from food items to nonfood items. It is only Aldi that accepts the return of food items as no store allows the customer to return the food items.

Frequently asked Q/A
  • What is a double guarantee?

It means when the customer is not satisfied with the product the amount is 100% refundable along with replacement.

  • Can Aldi reprint a receipt?

Yes, you can reprint your receipt just make sure you know the exact time and date before heading to the store as the store has 12 months’ records.

Does Aldi Accept Returns?-Know More

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