SendOutCards Alternatives -Know More About It

With big changes in technology, the world gradually shifted from traditional greeting cards to e-cards. Well, e-cards do save plenty of trees from getting cut. However, it somehow lacks the charm that physical cards hold. Thus, companies like the “SendOutCards” came into existence bringing hope to those who wish to send cards just like in old times. Let us know about “SendOutCards Alternatives”

SendOutCards Alternatives

SendOutCards provides services for sending cards in a single number or bulk to anyone around the globe. Want to learn about more such brands that ship globally or are looking for alternative brands to send a card or gifts to someone, then you are in the right place. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Best Alternatives Of SendOutCards

Here are some of the most trusted brands that have similar services to SendOutCards. 


Handwrytten is undoubtedly one of the best-customized greeting card companies. They send out handwritten notes in the form of cards. Handwrytten has a special patented robot that can write 500 notes per day to serve its customers. You can pick the handwriting of your choice right from their online platform. You can also design a template on your own for the card and even send gift cards of popular brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Home Depot, etc. Handwrytten is available on both android, ios, and web platforms. 

The company has different monthly subscription plans for those who need to send out cards regularly. 


The Felt app is another gem in the new-age greeting card industry that is worth trying. Felt also offers unique handwriting styles that will make the greeting card as personalized as possible. They proudly seal, stamp and mail the requested cards internationally. 

Felt has been featured on popular media platforms like Mashable, TODAY, Huffpost, USA today, etc, for their exquisite services. It is available for both iOS and Android users. 


Postable is another online portal that is reviving old-school paper cards just the way you like them. The best thing about availing their service is that Postable uses 100% recycled cards. They offer both real-life handwriting fonts as well as regular fonts, giving you more options to choose from to create an ideal card. Postable makes sure to offer great deals and discounts on their card services. Postable is available on iOS and the web. 


Thankster is yet another alternative to SendOutCards that is worth mentioning. Similar to the other apps, Thankster also offers handwritten fonts but with a twist. In Thankster, you can send them a sample of your handwriting and they will recreate a matching font to use for your card. They also offer good deals on their service, making it convenient for the customers. Thankster is available on the web only. 

Blue Bird Cards

Blue Bird Cards will definitely turn out to be your favorite option if you want to try a better version of SendOutCards. They provide similar real greeting cards service and a little more than that. Blue Bird Cards also offers a unique and pretty message in a bottle-specialized card. So, you can send one of these to that special someone and let them know about your feelings. 

Apart from this, they have more specialized card options for customers to pick from. 

Simply Noted

Simply noted is another alternative that you can try instead of SendOutCards. Simply Noted proudly claims to utilize robots that use actual ballpoint pens, producing refined and life-like handwritten fonts.

Bottom Line

Once upon a time, upon the arrival of holidays, sending out cards to loved ones, friends and family was one of the joyful activities to do. And at that time, receiving holiday cards was another ritual that every family used to carry out. However, with the advancements in the tech industry, automation has made our lives easier on so many levels. Even though ecards took over the physical greeting cards industry, the latter is now back with a bang. These are the six best alternatives to SendOutCards that you can surely give a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send handwritten letters online?

With the introduction of several digital card companies, you can send handwritten letters online easily. You can avail of the services from brands like postable, felt, handwrytten for the same at a great price. 

What Are Send-Out Cards?

Send Out Cards is a marketing company that was established in 2003 by Kody Bateman. They provide services for sending greeting cards and gifts on behalf of businesses and individuals.  

Are Handwritten Letters Better? 

Writing letters involves the efforts of an individual. Hence, handwritten letters are indeed better since they give away a personal touch. One has to get creative and think deeply to jot down the words in their handwriting. And the world that we live in where everything is automated, handwritten letters turn out to be a great gesture. 

SendOutCards Alternatives -Know More About It

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