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If you’re going to a place that needs you to carry more than your cell phone and car keys, you will definitely need to have a bag with you. Of course, you’re not going to carry a huge suitcase to a sleepover at a friend’s (you could if you don’t mind the burden), or a tiny purse to a weekend holiday somewhere. Let us know about ‘Bogg Bag’.

Bogg Bag

The bags we carry should reflect where we’re going, how much we’ll need to carry back and forth, and a convenient style. It saw to all these points and eased the life of beach-goers.

What’s Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bag is nothing but a fancy name (or brand) for a kind of beach bag. The bag is a two-handle one made out of rubber and has holes on both sides. The bag also has a kind of sturdy base that gives it ample stability on the beach sand. The idea of the this was born when a family in love with the beach realized the urgency of not finding just the right kind of bag to carry everything they needed for the day. It is owned by Kimberlee Vaccarella, the mom who just initially wanted the right bag for her kids’ stuff to take to the beach. 

Bogg Bag Locations

The Bogg Bag has its headquarters in Lavallette, New Jersey, United States. The bags are manufactured from China and shipped to the U.S. In the U.S., the bags are then sold to multiple retail stores that make it possible for consumers to access them. 

Bogg Bag Colors, Sizes, Prices

It comes in three sizes: Bogg Brr (bigger), Original (ideal medium), and Baby (small). All the bags have different colors. The colors include varying shades of blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, gray, white, and tiger (or a combination of any of the colors). While it’s easier to think of the prices as matching the bag sizes, it’s not the case. The prices do depend on a store and its location, size, and the colors of a Bogg Bag. 

Why The Bogg Bag Is Unique

Unlike the other bags, it is the ideal one for the beach. This is because its texture allows it to be washable hence kicking out all of that sand is easier. It is also durable. With other bags, washing them multiple times can easily cause their material to wear off. This takes time for a Bogg Bag to notice the beating.   

Bogg Bag Delivery Terms And Fees

To order a Bogg Bag, you can just go to and place your order or to any other store with online operations that also sells Bogg bags. The delivery charges will vary depending on the store from which you ordered, the amount of your order and the courier service to be used. Try to do an in-depth search about the delivery options there for you, depending on your choice of ordering means. 

Cons Of The Bogg Bag

Yeah, nothing is all that perfect. The Bogg Bag did bring an awesome solution to the beach-goers. However, it did not do justice to the increment in unrecyclable manufacturing being done that plays a big role in climate change. The Bogg bags are made of a plastic polymer-EVA substance that cannot be decomposed by soil organisms and water. This is problematic. Maybe it can try to use a different material. Also, please keep your Bogg Bag far from extreme heat, you don’t want it out of shape. 

Are Bogg Bags Exclusively For The Beach?

Oh, come on! They haven’t been named Beach Bags for a reason. You can take a it on any other trip like you can to the beach. It works literally anywhere that you could use a bag that can sit upright on its own and that will be easy to wash out later. Maybe to a picnic too? 


It is a quite creative brand. Unbeatable, in a way. However, regardless of how many easy solutions it has brought to the table, it still isn’t contributing to the fight of being environmentally friendly human beings. It’s the other way round instead. Like all other plastic manufacturing-oriented businesses, it is about time they found alternative materials to use. 


1. How long does it take to have a Bogg Bag delivered to me?

The delivery period varies depending on means and courier service, but it should take no more than five days. 

2. What is a Bogg Bag pre-order?

It’s when you order a bag that has not been manufactured yet. You may have to wait till the following month for your order to come through. 

3. How do you know if a Bogg Bag is not a fake?

The bags can be easily imitated. But an original will have a bogg on its bottom right corner. 

Bogg Bag – Know More

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