Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

There is a specific feeling one has when one goes to a department store. A place where you find seemingly anything and everything. Walking through the different sections and floors, browsing through the scented candles selection or new chinaware on display. A department store is probably the only place where you can find everything you need for your home whether it’s new bedsheets or electronics. Whether you’re looking for new clothing or children’s toys. You can find everything here. Let us know more detail about ‘Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance’.

Check Kohls Gift Card Balance

Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

Kohl’s is one of America’s biggest departmental retail chains. They have over a thousand stores all over America and they sell practically everything you might need. They have products ranging from clothes, shoes, homeware, and kitchenware to electronics and appliances. They sell a wide variety of gift cards that can be used to purchase anything from their large catalogue and range of products. If you own a Kohl’s gift card or received one as a gift and you want to more about the same keep on reading. This article has what you need to know about Kohl’s gift cards, their different types and card balance as well.

If you have a kohl’s gift card and after a series of purchases you’re wondering how much balance you still have left, then there are a few ways you can search up the remaining balance on your gift card. You can either check it online on their official website for ‘check my balance’ or you can give a call on the number 800-935-6457. And with Kohl’s wallet app. 

Kohl’s Gift cards

Kohl’s has a variety of gift cards available for sale. They have gift cards for every special occasion and celebration. There are even special corporate and fundraising gift cards as well. They have two types of cards available, a physical gift card and an e-Gift card both of which can be specialised or customised depending on the occasion. Kohl’s gift cards can come with a value anywhere between $10, -$100. 

Kohl’s gift card balance

Ways to check the balance on your gift card?

There are a few ways with which you can see the balance on your gift card. They are as follows:

  1. Online 
  2. Through your phone
  3. Through your kohl’s wallet

How to check Kohl’s gift card balance?

There are different ways with which you can check your gift card balance. The balance can be checked through any number of devices. The different ways to check the balance are listed below in detail:


One of the ways you can check the remaining balance of your gift card is online, through kohl’s official website. You can find it under ‘check my balance’. Put in your gift card number and the pin to do the same. You can find your gift card number on the back of the card underneath the barcode. The same goes for the e-gift card as well.


Another way to check for the balance is through your phone. You can call the number at 800-935-6457 and receive your gift card balance through an automated balance checker. 

Kohl’s wallet

Finally, the last way is through your Kohl’s wallet. You can access it through the Kohl’s app and you can even add your gift card and Kohl’s cash into your wallet for easier and more comfortable purchases at the store.


Kohl’s is a big departmental retail store where you can find a variety of products and brands to shop from. It’s the biggest departmental store chain in America. Kohl’s gift cards are a great way to make your shopping experience in the store a lot easier. A kohl’s gift card can hold up to hundreds of dollars worth of credit which you can use to make purchases. 

Frequently asked questions
  • Can you check the Kohl’s gift card balance online? 

Yes, you can check it online on any device on their website under ‘check my balance’

  • Where to find the Kohl’s gift card number?

To be able to check the balance on your gift card you need to know and put in the gift card number and the pin. The number can be found on the back of the card or below the bar code.

  • Do Kohl’s gift cards expire? Or have a dormancy fee?

No, kohl’s gift cards do not expire and neither do they cost any service or dormancy fee.

  • Can you add the balance again to your Kohl’s gift card?

No. you cannot add more balance to your Kohl’s gift card. Once you use up all the balance the card becomes invalid. 

  • Can you add your Kohl’s gift card to your Kohl’s wallet?

Yes, you can add the gift card to your Kohl’s wallet. You can add the gift card by going to your Kohl’s wallet and opening the ‘add a gift card’ section and simply adding the gift card number that you can find on the back of the card underneath the bar code. Enter the pin and click ‘add to wallet’ to finish the process. 

Check Kohl’s Gift Card Balance

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