Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger

Dollywood is an entertainer’s theme park of Dolly Parton that is located in the Smoky Mountain town in the United States. This park is a tribute to the famous legendary performer and songwriter and is filled with live music and shows. It provides the best recreational activities like live music, Water Park, Splash Country, a fabulous hotel, and shows inside the park. Let us know more detail about ‘Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger’.

Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger

Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger

Price of Dollywood discount ticket Kroger

Kroger grocery stores do not sell Dollywood tickets in the United States. However, one can order the Dollywood tickets at $ 84 through online or at the Park gate. To enter, the parks also need an advanced reservation for admission, and tickets are issued on specific dates. The parks offer different discount pricing rates to their customers.

Two-park Tickets: To visit the water park, one has to purchase a two-park ticket. 

Hotel Packages: Dollywood also discounted stay and play packages both in Dollywood’s Dream More Resort or the off-site cabins

Season Pass: The Park also offers a discount called a season pass. For this discount, the customers can purchase if they want to visit twice a year.

Super pass: A super pass includes unlimited admission to Dollywood’s Splash Country as well as Dollywood. They offer a discount of the super pass + Water Park dining for $ 239.

A multi-day ticket: The Park also offers a multi-day ticket to their customers at $ 109.

Group discount: The Park also offers a group discount for regular tickets at just $ 59.

Military member discount: Dollywood also offers one-day discounted tickets to all military members and their families.

Besides this offer, Dollywood also offers special discounts on accommodations, dinners, shows, seasonal deals, and Dollywood Stampede.

Tickets Structure at Dollywood Park

Single-day regular 10-61$84
Single-day  Child or Senior4 to 9 and 62 to 99$74
Single-day, Regular Dollywood’s Splash Country10-61$ 49.95
Single-day Child or senior  for Dolly wood splash country4 to 9 and 62 to 69$ 39.95

Besides the discount, the Dollywood entry fee is determined by customers’ days and ages.

Things to know before you visit Dollywood Park

It’s always a good start, when you know the detailed information before you visit. If you are planning to visit Dollywood Park, here are some of the interesting facts for visitors.

  • Dollywood offers tickets based on one day, multiple days, and season passes and so they have offered different packages for these tickets. Choose the tickets according to the packages they offer based on your preferences. As they provide a friendly budget.
  • If you are visiting individually for a day, you must go for a one-day ticket.
  • If you are visiting thrice or twice a year you must purchase multiple tickets as you can use them for up to 5 days of the visit.
  • If you plan to visit all year long during seasons you can go for a season passes.
  • If you are planning to visit in groups you must also book the tickets in advance as they also offer free admission to one person among the groups.
  • To avoid parking fees, visitors can go on trolley rides as this price are costing only $ 2.5 per person.
  • In case a visitor wants to visit more than two times, the visitor must go for a Gold pass because by purchasing this pass he can get a 20% discount from the next visit.
  • One good thing about this park is that they provide free drinking water to an entire visitor. Visitors can ask for water anytime they want. Do not carry any water if you are visiting this park.
  • Before you visit, you must also talk to the guest representative and ask for a rain check and you must take your pouches as the rain may disrupt the activities and can ruin your visit.
  • If you are going for water rides, make sure you bring your zipper bags to avoid wastage of your money.
  • To capture your memories, you must carry your camera. The cost is high if you hire a camera inside the park


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger’, Thus, Dollywood Park in the United States is one of the favorite parks for visitors. Every year, there are more than 2.3 million visitors in a year and so it is considered one of the best Parks in the United States because of its unique entertainment activities. 

The parks also offer numerous discount rates to their visitor which has given them a chance for a visitor to visit the park at the lowest price. It is a place where most visitors spend their leisure time spending a quality time with their friends and family having unlimited fun and refreshing themselves.


1. Does Dollywood provide a free ticket to its customers?

 Ans: Yes! They provide free tickets to its customer from time to time.

2. Are the ticket and admission the same?

Ans: No! The tickets are just for entry to the park whereas admissions are done in advance for an unlimited ride, shows, and attractions.

Dollywood Discount Tickets Kroger

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