How To Change Your HughesNet Wi-Fi Password?


For many people, maintaining your online security has become of utmost importance. Additionally, compared to other networks, unsecured Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi with the default passcode are more dangerous. The single greatest danger is that any device that is connected to that kind of network, as well as your personal information, is not secure. Your information is vulnerable to theft by anyone with a network connection. Furthermore, it is possible that someone else is using your internet without your knowledge and using up all of your data if your internet speed has considerably decreased compared to any previous time. Experts advise altering your Wi-Fi passcode every three months to circumvent such problems and to keep yourself protected. Unauthorized users will be disconnected as a result, and after doing so, you can reconnect the devices you wish by entering your new pin. Let us know ‘How To Change Your HughesNet Wi-Fi Password?’.

How To Change Your HughesNet Wi-Fi Password?

How to Change Your HughesNet Wi-Fi Password?

You may easily change your default password if you have HughesNet service. Customers of HughesNet Gen5 have access to a system control center where they may view information such as the amount of account data still available, the state of the system, and options for configuring and modifying the Wi-Fi settings. You can access the system control panel via web browser and use your ID credentials for logging in. Go to WiFi settings and put the administrative pin. Once the WiFi configuration screen appears, replace the old password with a new one of your choice. There is a detailed stepwise guide for you in the article. It’s more crucial to create a strong password than to change it every three months. Your network safety relies on both of these, despite the fact that they are frequently disregarded. Make sure your pin is easily memorable by you but cannot be guessed easily by anyone. If you do not know how to create a strong password make sure you read the article.

Stepwise Guide to Changing HughesNet Password

It’s fairly easy for HughesNet customers to change their default passwords. Customers can change their HughesNet password from the system control center with no trouble. 

Follow these easy steps to enter the system control panel and make the updates.

  • Using an Internet connection, join your gadget to the router.
  • Open the web browser and navigate to You can also enter “” as an option. You can use it to manage the router as well.
  • The User ID credentials that can be found on the back of the router will be required. Log in by entering the required information.
  • A menu bar with several options will be visible on the left side of the screen. Here, you will find a Wi-Fi Settings button. Press that button.
  • The system will require you to enter an administrative passcode. This passcode is “admin” by default.
  • The Wi-Fi configuration window will appear once you’ve logged in.
  • Find the “Password” section where your present Wi-Fi password is shown.
  • Replace the existing password with a new one of your choosing.
  • Save these changes, then leave the system control panel.

Your Wi-Fi password for HughesNet will be change. You can also receive assistance from HughesNet customer support if you run into any issues while the process is going on.

Where Can I Get My Existing HughesNet Pin?

Trying to connect new devices to your router but can’t remember the pin? Well, we have got you covered. Check the back of the router if you’re having trouble finding the Wi-Fi password.  There would be a record of your Wi-Fi password’s default settings.

If you’ve changed your password in the past but can’t recall it right now, use these instructions to get your prior HughesNet pin.

  • Utilize the procedure outlined above to log into the system control center.
  • Locate the password section by opening the Wi-Fi settings.
  • There would be a record of your current password.
  • If you don’t want to change it, just leave the control center.

How to Create a Strong Pin?

It is more necessary to create a strong password than to change it every 90 days. Your network security is based on both of these factors, despite the fact that they are frequently disregarded. Follow these instructions to acquire a general concept of how to create a strong pin.

  • Keep your pin memorable yet difficult for others to guess.
  • Avoid putting unnecessary digits, names, phone numbers, and dates of birth. 
  • Combining digits, capital, lowercase letters, and special characters is recommended.
  • Make sure your password has a minimum of 10–12 characters.
  • Never use a password that has already been used for another account or device, or that you have previously used.


Change your pin every ninety days and make sure to choose a strong combination if you’re focused on keeping your data and devices protected from intrusions. It only takes a few minutes, but it secures your network. It might be best to call HughesNet or go to the HughesNet customer support page if you require assistance.

How To Change Your HughesNet Wi-Fi Password?

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