Can Amazon Householders See Browsing History?

Amazon household facility allows sharing the benefits regarding the entertainment, or online shopping with another adult. Previously Prime customers could share their benefits with four household members. But they cannot share other things. Now the Prime members can share their membership with only one member. The shipping and all other Amazon facilities can be shared with them. Both the grown-ups can share the benefits that Prime provides. They can share the contents available on the digital platform, in the lending library of kindle they can share e-books, audiobooks ETC along with parental control on the child’s content. A family library is a sharing option, by using it, the eligible members of the amazon household can share audiobooks, e-books, games, and apps. Let us see can Amazon householders see browsing history or not.

Can Amazon Householders See Browsing History?

Amazon householders can see the browsing history. The home address of the Prime member is connected to the Amazon account. Thus those who are associated with the account can see the browsing history.

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Who Are Eligible to become the members of Amazon Household?

  • The adult who is sharing the benefits with another adult. They can control the account of a teenager and child in the household of Amazon.
  • Two teenagers can also share the benefits. But they also have to become members of the  Amazon household.
  • The two adults (must be of age 18 and over) must have their individual Amazon accounts. The teen accounts (must be of age 13 to17) can also have their own Amazon login information. By using them they can stream the digital content keeping their parents informed.
  • Up to four children can join the Amazon household.

How the Household members can share the benefits?

Both the adults have to adjoin their account by using Amazon Household. They have to agree to share their payment methods if they want to share the Prime benefits and the digital contents. Both of them have to create their own individual Amazon account. If they want to share the benefits with the teenagers they can add them to an existing household of Amazon. If anyone is interested to know about the detailed benefits, they can visit the Amazon Household section.

Sharing Digital Contents:

The two adult amazon accounts can be used to share audiobooks, e-books, games, and apps. They can share the contents based on digital platforms such as Amazon Music, and Prime video with the teenagers in their amazon household. They can also create restrictions on viewing and sharing digital content. can also share the contents with the children. They can also control and customize the experiences of each child. The Adults can select what content the child can see, they can set educational goals along with the time limits.

Can the Browsing History be Removed?

# If someone is interested to hide the personal order history from children, spouse, or other household members, they have to follow the following steps- they have to go to the ‘Returns and Orders’ section list. Here the history of past purchases is kept. But if they want to hide them, they have to archive them. Then the browsing history will automatically be hidden.

# Another way is to use a different email address for the orders. One can also change the name on the orders.

# Amazon Prime Video is continuously improving its services. It introduces new features and products. One can watch their favorite movies or shows on various devices. They can use the devices to add their profiles so that they can have a personal section. The main reason for the occurrence is to use a single account for several profiles.

# The “Watch next” category on the “Home” page comprises various sections like recently viewed videos, incomplete films, and episodes of various series. The person with whom this account is shared can find out this history very easily. To remove this section, firstly, one has to open the Prime app.  Then by clicking on the watch in the amazon section the home page will appear. Here on the watch next section they will find the edit option, here they can remove their watch history. 

# Clearing the watch history from the watch list is a very easy thing to do. It only needs a few buttons to click. It can be done from any device.


Amazon is trying to execute a variety of benefits for Prime members. Involving the household members in sharing screening expenses helps the members to save money. Individually they don’t need to pay for it. But it has both good and bad sides. The good sides are savings, creating a shared library where they can share e-books, audiobooks ETC, and they can maintain parental control. The bad side is that occasionally it can hamper one’s privacy. By maintaining a proper guideline one can opt for it.

Can Amazon Householders See Browsing History?

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