Does H-E-B Take Google Pay? – Know More!


HEB, styled as H-E-B, is a Texan supermarket chain that operates more than 340 supermarket stores all across the state of Texas as well as North-Eastern Mexico.Let us know about  does H-E-B take Google Pay and What other methods of payment are available at HEB supermarket locations in this article.

Does H-E-B Take Google Pay?

About HEB

HEB is a one-stop solution for all grocery needs with lucrative discounts all year round as well as facilities like same-day curbside pickups. HEB is ranked 13 on the prestigious retail industry index of the top 75 American Food Retailers, and that too, for good reason. With high quality and a set standard of products and groceries, HEB is one of the most consumer satisfactory supermarket chains in the country. With a special emphasis on evolving and innovating with these changing and evolving times, HEB has kept up on both technology and methodology.

With contactless services like curbside pickups, HEB is trusted by hundreds of thousands of Texans for their kitchen needs every single day. Now, you must be wondering if you forgot to bring your wallet to HEB or just did not happen to have enough cash in hand to pay your grocery bill at HEB, can you pay with a digital method of payment like Google Pay. We are here to address that concern. Here, you will get answers to the questions regarding alternative payment methods at HEB, especially Google Pay, and their viability in paying your bills through them. In particular, you will get the answers to the following questions regarding HEB and Google Pay:

  1. Does H-E-B take Google Pay?
  2. What other methods of payment are available at HEB supermarket locations?

Let’s get on with it.

Does H-E-B take Google Pay?

Unfortunately, HEB currently does not have an active policy of accepting payments via NFC applications. 

Therefore, HEB does not take payments via applications like Google Pay.

This is just a temporary inability as most of the HEB stores have already received their NFC machines which have been updated with the latest hardware and software to accept payments from popular NFC payments applications like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and so on. Thus, until these machines become functional and HEB starts taking payments via Google Pay and other NFC applications, you can opt for paying your bills via other available methods of payment.

To find out what other methods of payment are currently available to pay for your groceries at HEB, keep on reading.

What other methods of payment are available at HEB supermarket locations?

Currently, NFC payments are not accepted at HEB stores in Texas or Mexico. However, there are several other modes of payment that are accepted state-wide at all HEB grocery supermarket locations.

These alternative methods of payment are as follows

1.H-E-B GO

This application works just like Google Play. One thing that makes HEB prefer the HEB GO mobile NFC payments application is that it is HEB’s own NFC payments application. One reason why HEB does not take Google Pay is that it might deter people from using their application HEB GO.

To use this application for making payments at HEB stores that have NFC infrastructure, follow the given steps:

  1. Download the free app to your iOS or Android device.
  2. You will have to link a default debit card that will be used to make the payments from.
  3. in the store, log into the app, and get your grocery list items in a cart.
  4. Place your bought items into the cart and use the scanner feature of HEB Go to scan all items via your phone camera. This will add them to the invoice.
  5. When you have finished shopping and adding items to your HEB Go app, find the GoKiosk and scan the final payment QR code.
  6. It links to your app and shows the final payable amount.
  7. Show the payment information to a HEB employee and you have successfully skipped the billing lines at checkout counters.

It is done. Using HEB GO, you do not have to stand in long queues at the checkout counters, you can simply add your items to the HEB Go application by scanning them and then paying the bill using the QR code at the GoKiosk available at most HEB supermarket locations.

2.Plastic Money

Apart from Cash and HEB GO, all HEB supermarket stores accept plastic money. They take debit and credit cards at all stores across Texas and Mexico as well.


Here, we discussed the HEB grocery supermarket chain that operated 340-plus supermarkets across the state of Texas and northeastern Mexico. We discussed that HEB currently does not take NFC payments from apps like Google Pay. We discussed alternative modes of payment like the HEB GO mobile application and how to use this app to make payments and skip the long checkout lines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will HEB introduce the Google Pay feature soon?

Most major outlets have already received their NFC payments hardware. So, it is only a matter of time before HEB starts taking payments via Google Pay.

2.Does Google Pay work on Apple devices?

Yeah, it does. Google Pay is available on the Apple Store for free and does not charge any fees for using it.

Does H-E-B Take Google Pay? – Know More!

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