Does Menards Cut Wood?- Read More About It

You might question if Menards would cut your wood for you before buying it. Not all automobiles are capable of transporting long lengths of wood. You might not have the necessary instruments to cut it yourself. Here’s all you need to know about Menards’ wood-cutting rules. Let us know more detail about ‘Does Menards Cut Wood?’.

Does Menards Cut Wood?

Do Menards cut your wood?

Menards do, in fact, cut wood. Each business has its own rules on what kind of wood they may cut and how long it can be chopped. Prices vary based on how much wood you need chopped, how big it is, and what kind of wood it is. It could be worthwhile to have your wood cut at Menards.

Charges to cut wood:

Each shop decides on its price. For each cut, several establishments charge $1. Some others believe it should be increased to $2. Others will not charge anything.They’ll offer you a few complimentary cuts before charging you for any more cuts you require. The cut-off point in this scenario is three or five cuts. They’ll start charging you $1 each cut after three or five cuts. For cuts, some businesses charge $3. The price is also affected by the type of wood and the difficulty of the cuts. Pieces that are more difficult to cut and require longer to complete will be more costly. Menards must take time out of their day to complete the work for them. Menards does not want to spend their staff’s time executing cuts if the store is extremely busy in the region. 

What Wood Lengths Can Menards Cut?

Menards staff have access to equipment that allows them to cut wood to conventional lengths. They can cut down wood boards with dimensions of 24, 26, and 28 inches.Their rules, however, differ in terms of the thickness and length of wood that they are allowed to cut. Some businesses will only trim items up to eight inches in length.

Anything more than that is beyond their capabilities. They are unable to do so due to a lack of resources. Others are limited to cutting wood that is 10 inches thick or less.They can’t cut anything thicker than that with their current equipment.

You can request that they cut bespoke dimensions for you. Whether or not they can cut such measures depends on their equipment.Customers are deterred from seeking cutting services because of the higher costs.

What Kind Of Wood Does It cut?

Except for plywood, Menards can cut any sort of wood. 

The following are some of the most frequent types of wood that Menards cuts:

Wood that has been treated:

  • Cedarwood
  • Lumber made of plastic
  • Boards made of pine
  • Hardwood boards and lumber

Menards does not cut plywood because it already has a large selection of sizes.

Is Menards a place where you may get convenience cuts?

Menards is a store that offers convenience cuts. If the piece of timber won’t fit into your car or truck, this will come in handy. You can hand the piece over to a coworker and have it cut for you. Convenience reduction has the disadvantage of potentially affecting your project. It’s conceivable that the employee made a cut that was too lengthy.

Convenience cuts may be classified as specialty cuts at some Menards locations. These aren’t done by them. As a result, they will not provide you with a convenience cut. Measure your vehicle or truck to make sure you can transport the lumber home with you. The dimensions will help you figure out how much wood you can fit inside. You may need to rent a trailer or find another way to get the wood to the project location if it is too lengthy. The convenience cuts will be performed for free at some Menards locations. Others will charge you a fee in addition to the buying price. You may also locate businesses that offer you a few free convenience cuts before charging you for more.

Is it possible for Menards to cut wood from a different store?

Menards will get wood from a separate store and cut it for you. You’ll almost certainly have to pay for this service. Some businesses refuse to cut wood from another store. You’ll need to return the timber to the store where it was purchased or purchase a tool to make the cuts yourself.

Will Menards Provide Accurate Wood Cutting?

Menards is notorious for cutting wood incorrectly. Employees who are with and without building expertise are also hired by the store. Some people can make precise incisions, while others cannot. When you provide your wood to them, you never know how good the cuts will turn out. Their technology also contributes to the precision of their cuts.

Menards employees don’t always have the time to sharpen the saw blades.

A dull blade indicates that the cuts will be harsh. The majority of the cuts will most likely be diagonal or jagged. All of the cuts will need to be sanded. You’ll need to sand the cut no matter how much skill you have or how good the blade is. You should either do it yourself or hire a professional if you want a flawless cut. Menards staff can assist you in getting an exact cut on your wood. 


So, yes! Menards cut the wood according to the style, type, and length of your choice.


1) Is it true that Menards cut plywood sheets?

Ans: Menards will crosscut soft and hardwood timber based on length, breadth, and thickness, but not plywood.

2) Is it possible to cut wood with a drill?

Ans: Without a saw or blade, you may create a straight, basic cut along the edge of the board with your drill.

Does Menards Cut Wood?- Read More About It

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