Home Depot Fire Pits -Know More About It

Fire pits are utilized the way traditional campfires are, but with more safety. There are different types of fire pits available for sale in marketplaces like outdoor fire pits, tabletop fire pits, portable fire pits, and many more. Various outdoor fire pits have become popular home décor in the current age. The Home Depot is one of the USA’s most popular retail store chains that sell products related to improving houses. Their products include construction tools and accessories, various kinds of appliances for gardening, plumbing, and more. Let us know about “Home Depot Fire Pits”

Home Depot Fire Pits

The Home Depot has a wide range of outdoor fire pits best suited for their customer’s needs. They have Chimineas, fire pit bowls, tables, and many other types. They even have fire pits with specific fuel types such as charcoal, gel fuel, natural gas, and bio-ethanol fuel. You can also choose what kind of material you want your fire pit to have. There are different kinds of metals, stone, and concrete. 

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Different Types Of Fire Pits Available At The Home Depot

Before purchasing a fire pit from the home depot, you need to know which type of product you’re searching. An outdoor fire pit can come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. You can also choose between wood-burning fire pits and gas-fuelled fire pits. People usually purchase a fire pit for their backyard, so pick one that fits your lifestyle. 

Home depot has two exclusive brand outdoor fire pits for sale on their website and in-store. They are:

  • Tipton 34-inch steel deep bowl fire pit in oil rubbed bronze by Hampton Bay
  • Low smoke 19.5-inch explorer portable round wood burning fire pit in stainless steel accompanied with a carry bag by HotShot

The fire pit by Hampton Bay is priced at $149 each and it’s specially designed to light up a moderately big fire. The accessories accompanied by this product are a fire poker along with a mesh cover. It weighs around 32 lbs and it’s ideal for large bonfires.

The fire pit by HotShot is much smaller than the Hampton Bay one. It’s a portable fire pit that is conveniently built in a round shape and easy to carry because of its small size. This product is made of stainless steel and it arrives with a stand and PVC-coated custom carry bag. 

There are more than 100 fire pit kits available at the official home depot store along with wood-burning fire pits and gas-fuelled fire pits. 

Fire Pit Kits By The Home Depot

These are special types of fire pits that are made to be assembled by the customer and they’re accompanied by an easy instruction guide. These fire pits are made up of stone or concrete blocks for easy installation. As they’re custom fire pit kits, they can be more expensive than regular wood-burning fire pits and gas-fuelled fire pits. 

The home depot’s 52-inch Weston Northwoods tan and round concrete fire pit kit by Anchor is one of their top-selling fire pits and it costs around $547 each. This wood-burning fire pit is perfect for a huge bonfire setting and it comes with a metal fire ring as well. 

Another popular fire kit includes the 47-inch ledgestone concrete and round fire pit kit by Nantucket Pavers which costs $495 each. This is also a wood-burning fire pit and it comes with a steel ring along with three bags of sand designed for the base. 

Wood Burning Fire Pits By The Home Depot

This is the home depot’s most popular type of fire pit. There are more than 600 types of fire pits you can purchase which vary in size, color, shape, and material. 

Most of these fire pits require assembly and they’re easy to follow with the help of an instruction manual. Wood-burning fire pits can cost as low as $40 and as high as $1800 depending on their quality, size, and material. 

Gas Burning Fire Pits By The Home Depot

These types of fire pits are not as popular as wood-burning fire pits but they’re still sold in a large number. There are more than 400 different types of gas-burning fire pits you can buy at this store. 

The different types of gas fuels available here are natural gas, propane, butane, charcoal, and sometimes multiple. Propane is the most popular choice. Gas fire pits can cost between $99 to $3500 each.


The home depot is one of the best places to purchase a fire pit as they offer a wide range of products tailored to fit the customer’s needs. These fire pits can be bought in-store or online through the official home depot website, but not all fire pits can be found in physical stores such as the exclusive Hampton Bay fire pit. These fire pits can also be picked up in person after ordering them online through the website.

Home Depot Fire Pits -Know More About It

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