How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account?

When you talk about cashing a check, it means to show a check in return for a sum of money. If you want to get the amount from a check into your account or at hand, usually, you would need to have a bank account and an identification for verification. Does this mean that you cannot get the money from a check without these requirements? Absolutely not! Let this article be a guide to show you how to get it done. Let’s see about ‘How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account?’.

How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account?

Cashing a check without identification is different from cashing a check without a bank account. They both have different processes to carry out this action effectively and without difficulty, if the steps are followed strictly. The different ways are explained accordingly below.

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Ways To Cash a Check Without an Identification

Note that you can use ATM or Mobile app deposits if you do not have an ID. The steps include: 

  1. Sign on the back of the check to endorse it.
  2. At the ATM, use your Bank card or Debit card.
  3. Insert your PIN.
  4. Click on Deposit, savings, and then click on check deposit.
  5. Enter your check and confirm if the information is not wrong.

Immediately after the check has been deposited, you will be able to remove the money as written on the check. Deposits in the Mobile app are not too different from deposits in ATMs. Your bank should possess a Mobile app and a section that allows for deposits. Take a clear photo of the check using the app to deposit the check into your account. Then you can withdraw your money. 

Finally, you can sign a check to an identified third force who can help you get the money from the check. To do this, you need to:

  1. Type Pay to the order followed by the individual’s name on the back of the check.
  2. Put your signature on the back yourself.

Ways to Cash a Check Without a Bank Account

  1. Cashing your check at the issuing bank: If you do not have an account with the issuing bank, you can still get the money written on the check. The issuing bank will cash a written check by checking the check writer’s account. The payer should have enough money in their account, they would also be asked to provide a photo identification issued by the government like a driver’s license before the bank cashes the check. However, other problems like limits on check amounts and two-party personal check refusal are experienced here. If a check is six months old or more, it might be rejected. 
  2. Cashing your check at a retail shop: There are a good number of retail shops and grocery chains that offer check-cashing services without the need for a bank account because of the kind of check service they offer. For example, Walmart does not collect handwritten checks but preprinted checks, cashier’s checks, government checks (tax checks, payroll checks, insurance settlement checks), two-party personal checks of up to $200, and disbursement checks. 
  3. Putting funds into a prepaid debit card: If you do not have a bank account, you can also use prepaid cards to deposit checks and gain access to your money. The prepaid card option is similar to the use of debit cards. Your expenditure is decided by the amount of money you put into the card. There are different options for check-cashing by the prepaid cards that allow you to initiate a direct deposit of a check and the amount would be put into your card.  
  4. Cashing your check at an outlet for check-cashing: Outlets usually cost more when it comes to cashing a check. Certain outlets need customers to be members or to purchase check-cashing identification cards before cashing checks or they will require you to pay a first-time usage payment. Cashers of checks originally charge a maximum of 4 per cent of the face value of the check. Certain jobs charge a flat fee payment in addition to the percentage. Most parts of the cashed checks are government benefit checks and payroll checks.
  5. Signing your check over to a trustworthy individual: This is done by signing over the check to a trustworthy individual; a friend you can trust, a close colleague or a family member who has a bank account. This allows them to get the money from the check at their bank. However, be sure that the person you are signing the check to is ready and willing to get the money without their bank giving them problems. You can give a copy of your identification card to this individual in case the teller needs it to clear the check. This individual must also have the right identification and be ready to make a check-cashing payment.


All you need to know to clear a check without identification or a bank account have been explained in detail. The next time you are in a situation requiring you to get money from a check without identification or a bank account, you know what to do. Finally we discussed about ‘How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account?’.

How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account?

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