How To Register My Dot Medical Card In Mississippi?

According to the norms of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as part of safety compliance norms the Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) holders, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders, and non-CDL commercial drivers are supposed to have an updated medical certificate submitted to the State Driver Licensing Agency. However, because of the pandemic, this practice or norm could not be complied with. Thus, as per the latest notice of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all drivers have to mandatorily furnish their updated DOT medical certificates to the State Driver Licensing Agency, either physically or online. Let us know more detail about ‘How To Register My Dot Medical Card In Mississippi?’.

How To Register My Dot Medical Card In Mississippi?

How To Register My Dot Medical Card In Mississippi?

The DOT medical card can be submitted offline at the nearest SDLA office. The Mississippi state also offers the option of submitting the medical cards online at the official website of the Department of Public Safety. The CDL Medical Card Submission Application allows CDL licensees to submit their medical cards electronically online or on their mobile devices. This efficient authentication application eliminates the need for paper applications and the travel required to present your card directly.

What is a dot medical certificate?

A DOT physical is a medical examination mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for commercial driving license holders (CDL drivers) (FMCSA). This exam typically takes 30 minutes to establish your general physical condition and ability to properly operate or drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). The exam is necessary to earn a CDL( Commercial Drivers Licence ) and must be renewed every two years with another exam. The Certified Medical Examiner( CME) must do the physical examination. 

What is a dot physical examination?

The DOT Physical Doctor will examine the driver’s medical history and current treatment, as well as do a physical examination of the eyes, ears, mouth, skin, heart, spine, belly, and chest. They will look for muscular weakness, vascular problems, hernias, and neurological problems. The doctor will also look at your general appearance to determine whether you are overweight and/or if you have any evident indicators of trembling, tremors, extreme anxiousness, wheezing, and so on.

Steps to register dot medical card

In Mississippi any CDL, NON-CDL, and CPL drivers have to comply with the following steps to get DOT medical card registered-

First, locate the nearest DOT physical exam providers and get yourself examined.

When you reach there, you must carry all your medical documents and a medical form, which shall be available on the website, while you book your appointment.

 The doctor of DOT shall give a clearance, certifying that you are physically and mentally fit for driving. Then, the doctor itself shall punch in your data in the federal or central database i.e. the database of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, you have to submit this medical card to the state authorities by yourself.


  • to submit this document in person, you have to locate the nearest SDLA office in your region.
  • Then, you shall have to book an appointment and submit your application along with the DOT medical card.


The authorities of Mississippi do offer the option of uploading this document online. So, all those drivers who don’t have enough time can register themselves with the state authorities and can submit the document online. 

  • Log on to the website of the department of public safety, and look for the page of CDL MEDICAL CARD SUBMISSION.
  • The page will first enlist some conditions that are to be taken care of., i.e., the image of the document uploaded must be clear, and the number of the Driving License must be entered the same way as it is mentioned on the license.
  • Below that, you shall see the option of filling out the required details, like the license number, name, date of birth, etc.
  • Further the age may ask some other questions and then you shall have to upload a clear image of the DOT medical card.
  • You shall also be charged $2.50 as a processing fee. 
  • After answering all the questions, uploading the documents, and making the payment, your submission shall go for approval. In most cases, if all the conditions are fulfilled and the image of the documents uploaded is clear, then the submission shall be approved.
  • Further on the same website you also get the option of checking the status of your submission 

After successful submission-

you are supposed to keep one copy of the original, as the case may be, with you all the time. It can be kept in your wallet or be laminated and kept in the car. One must always have this card, irrespective of whichever commercial vehicle the driver is driving. 


it can be summarised that submitting your DOT medical card to your state authorities is mandatory and shall be done by the license holder itself. This can be done by him/her offline or in some states like Mississippi, online. The process of submitting the DOT card is very easy, quick, and simple in online mode. This can be done easily on their Department of Public safety official website. 

How To Register My Dot Medical Card In Mississippi?

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