Make Money Selling Recipes


Lovers of food, gather around. Being a foodie is one thing and being able to cook good food is another. It takes a lot of talent to come up with delicious recipes. If you are a cooking pro who wants to make money by selling your recipes, keep reading; this post is undoubtedly for you! There is never a better moment to start earning from what you do best. If you’re eager to share your mouthwatering creations with others now is the time. Get ready with your writer’s hat and a camera. Well, humans are visual beings. Apart from being a great recipe writer, you will need to have photography skills as well. So, get ready. Let us know about “Make Money Selling Recipes”

Make Money Selling Recipes

Make Money Selling Recipes

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before making the final decision. Writing concise, simple-to-follow recipes requires a solid command of fundamental culinary vocabulary and cooking measurements. It’s also essential that your recipes are tried and tested and make sure you are confident that the recipes are going to work. Recipe buyers might want photographs of the final product so make sure to take pictures of the dishes you prepare. Make sure to take killer pictures where your dishes look as delicious as they taste. If you have got these then you are ready for this journey. Well, coming to the making money part, there are several options that you can explore. All of these ways of making money are discussed in detail in this article. 

How To Earn From Selling Recipes?

Do you want to get paid for writing recipes but don’t know where to begin? Well, this article has got this covered. Here are the top 5 ways to get paid by selling recipes.

Utilize Facebook Groups To Find Opportunities

Are you a chef or food blogger who is also adept at using social media? Then, Facebook Groups are a fantastic means to interact with people from all over the world and market your original recipes   Various Facebook groups bring together bloggers, virtual helpers, and content creators in an open forum where they may share ideas and buy blog content, particularly recipes.

Platforms For Freelance Writing

There is a strong demand for recipe writers. From creating menus for a restaurant to working as a long-term recipe writer for numerous cookbook businesses, there are many varied prospects for freelance recipe writing. The writer’s experience and the project assigned usually determine how much they get paid. However, upper-level jobs will likely be paid a greater flat fee per article or project.

Advertise Your Skills On Fiverr

Recipe writers can upload their work and promote their skills on freelance websites like Fiverr. Some of the trendy categories on the website are vegan, nutritious, vegetarian, sweets, kombucha, BBQ, and many others. Including high-quality images with each recipe you create is highly recommended so that your dishes get recognized by consumers on platforms like Fiverr.

List Your Recipes On Etsy

If you surf the Food & Drink category at the Etsy store you will find pet food, seasonings, sauces, and even recipes. Making meal plans or eBooks with downloadable recipe collections is another option to market your recipes on Etsy.

Launch A Food Blog

If you love experimenting and creating recipes and writing, then what is stopping you from bringing your passions together and creating your recipe blog? Launching your blog will enable you to fully own all the intriguing stuff you produce and the distinctive recipes you come up with. The potential to increase your income from full-time food blogging is limitless as your website and social media followings increase. Advertisements, working with companies, and sponsored links are all excellent ways to monetize your site.

How Much Can You Earn By Marketing Your Recipes?

Well, truth to be told, it is challenging to calculate a particular monetary amount or convert a particular recipe into a predetermined amount of cash. However, for the use and rights to recipes with images, bloggers and freelance jobs may have to pay anything between $10 and $20. If you’re blogging about your recipes, you can monetize your blog with ads and affiliate networks to make extra money. You can make even more money could be made by publishing a cookbook. Another way of making hundreds of dollars from just one recipe would be winning a recipe contest. 


Marketing recipes and being a freelance recipe writer are two of the numerous methods to earn money if you have a passion for cooking and writing your recipes. There are many people out there looking for new recipes every day. Someone who has just started living alone or someone who loves eating but does not know how to cook and many others. Your recipes might be a boon to them. So, if you have a passion for cooking and writing, marketing your recipes can be a terrific work-at-home option that can help several others.

Make Money Selling Recipes

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