Pep Boys Rebate- Read More About It

Pep Boys

Pep boys is an America-based company, concerned with secondary market service chains in the automotive industry, established in 1921 in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania. It deals with tires containing name brands, propelling repair and maintenance, and also repair and maintenance service to the ultimate customer all over the United States. Currently, it is operating approximately ten thousand service bays in thirty-five states of the United States. Let’s learn about ‘Pep Boys Rebate’.

Pep Boys Rebate


Rebate refers to a kind of discount provided on some item or the amount of money that is paid back to the payer after the bill is made and paid. The customer can only apply for a rebate if they have paid the full price at the time of purchase. 

 With rebates, Pep Boys also provides coupons and discounts regularly on tires, oil, and brakes. Coupons and rebates are not the same things.

How To Claim Pep Boys Rebate?

A customer can get a pep Boys rebate if they shop for automotive items such as tires, oils, brakes, accessories, batteries, etc from their shop. If the purchase made by the customer meets the conditions for the rebate, then a rebate is provided in the form of a MasterCard to the customer.

The following steps are needed to be followed to apply for the pep boys rebate-

  1. Purchase products from the pep boys store online or offline which are listed between the date January 30 to February 26, 2022.
  2. From the invoice of the product purchased, circle the items which meet the qualification criteria for the rebate.
  3. Fill out the mail-in rebate form consisting of your sign and the date of the day on which the purchase is made. Pep Boys rebate form can be accessed from the pdf filler site online.
  4. While filling out the form, mention the complete details of the number and type of items purchased from the store.
  5. Mail the rebate form with the invoice or receipt of the product to the company mail address online or to the following address-

 Pep boys rebate center,

 Offer Number, PBA- 220201,

 PO Box 540010,

 EI Paso, TX 8855

  1. The mail-in rebate form should be filed within 30 days after the purchasing made.
  2. Make sure to retain the copies of your receipts or invoice, in case any disputes arise.

Eligibility To Apply For Pep Boys Rebate

Following are the conditions of eligibility to apply for the rebate-

  1. The customer must buy products from the approved list of products listed by the company between the period January 30 to February 26, 2022.  
  2. The customer must have the original invoice of the products purchased to encircle the approved items applicable for rebate.
  3. The customer must fill out the rebate form.

The current overview of the pep boys rebate rate is as follows-

  1. On “Starfire Solarus AS” tires or the “Starfire Solarus Classic” there is a rebate of 200 dollars or more.
  2. On 4 select Goodyear tires, there is a rebate of dollar 100.
  3. On 4 select cooper adventurer AT or HT tires, there is a rebate of dollar 100.

Why do companies offer rebates?

The reason why companies offer rebates to their customers is to lure them into buying expensive products. Initially, the purchase cost of the product may be higher but the amount that is reimbursed in dollars as a rebate sets off the initial cost and therefore motivates the customer to buy the product at a higher price.

Products Pep Boys deal with-

Several products ranges are currently offered by the Pep Boys company such as-

  1. Machine parts.
  2. Accessories
  3. Speedshop
  4. Oil and channels
  5. Batteries
  6. appearances.


Pep boys is an America-based company, concerned with secondary market service chains in the automotive industry, established in 1921 in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania. It deals with automotive products all over the United States. As automotive products are generally expensive, companies offer rebates on the products to attract customers. The rebate rate varies with the products and is generally applied to the products listed by the company. Eligible customers can fill out the rebate form both online and offline to demand rebates on their purchases. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do Pep Boys do refunds?

Yes, in case of dissatisfaction, customers can return the unused product within ninety days.

  • Do Pep boys give senior discounts?

Yes but only in their physical stores. 

  • How to track pep boys rebate?

My refund tool or IRS2Go app can be used to check the refund status.

Pep Boys Rebate- Read More About It

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