Ulta Beauty Advent Calendar -Know More About It

Ulta Beauty is one of the most loved and popular beauty store chains across the USA. This store carries not only drugstore products but also high-end products, making it a hotspot for all kinds of customers. There are more than 1,200 Ulta Beauty stores across 48 states in the country. Beauty advent calendars are launched a couple of weeks before Christmas and there are usually 24 or 12 products in each calendar to denote the number of days before Christmas. These advent calendars can cost between $30 to $400, even higher, depending on their products and brand. Let us know about “Ulta Beauty Advent Calendar”

Ulta Beauty Advent Calendar

Ulta Beauty’s advent calendar comes in a small, golden box with 12 curated makeup and skincare products in mini sizes. This is a limited product that is only available during the Christmas season but often you can find preowned boxes for sale as well on other websites. Their main advent calendar for 2021 was called ‘12 days of beauty’ and it was priced at $20 each. They also had ‘12 Holiday Must-Haves’ for $30.

Products In Ulta Beauty’s ‘12 Days Of Beauty’ Advent Calendar

Ulta Beauty’s advent calendar offers their customers 12 mini products from their wide range of skincare and makeup items. These are official Ulta Beauty brand products and they’re packed in pouches. The 2021 advent calendar by Ulta Beauty consisted of:

  • A scented hand cream (Macadamia) 
  • Eye Pads
  • A couple of eyeshadow duos
  • Clear brow gel
  • Eyeshadow crayon
  • Blush
  • Lip Mask (Overnight)
  • Face Primer (Mattifying)
  • Tinted lip oil
  • Liquid lipstick (Matte)
  • Lip Gloss

As these products are mini-sized, they weigh between 0.1oz to 0.16oz each. Whether the products were worth the price tag or not is up to the customer but these advent calendars are known to offer a lot under a small price tag. 

Products In Ulta Beauty’s ‘12 Holiday Must-Haves’ Advent Calendar

This advent calendar by Ulta Beauty consists of 12 beauty products for the face and body, consisting of some of their most popular products in mini sizes. They cost $10 more than their ‘12 days of beauty’ calendar and the products in this advent calendar weigh more than the other one. 

In the ‘12 Holiday Must-Haves’ advent calendar you’ll find:

  • Advanced Night Repair Serum by Estee Lauder
  • MAC Mascara in Magic Extension (Black color)
  • Pure Goat Milk Body Soap Bar by Beekman 1802
  • Cucumber Gel Mask Ultra Gentle by Peter Thomas
  • ‘Take The Day Off’ Makeup Remover by Clinique
  • Skin Transformation Cream (infused with Bakuchiol) by Keys Soulcare
  • Date Nut Brulee moisturizer (dry skin focus) by LOLI Beauty
  • Self-Reflect with SPF 32 Zinc Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen by Kinship
  • Hydrating Day and Night Cream by TULA Skincare
  • Chip Free Nail Lacquer, Plant-Based and Bio Sourced in Forest Hills by Nailtopia
  • imPRESS Colour Press-On Manicure ‘Reddy or Not’ by Kiss
  • My Way Eau De Parfum by Giorgio Armani

These products weigh between 0.04oz to 9.0oz each. It was one of Ulta Beauty’s most popular advent calendars in 2021, and it was immediately sold out upon its arrival in the marketplace. 

Products in Ulta Beauty’s ‘12 Days Of Bath’ Advent Calendar

Ulta Beauty released their ‘12 Days of Bath’ advent calendar for their 2020 run and this advent calendar was much different than the previous two mentioned here. This advent calendar focused on bath products in particular with 12 original Ulta Beauty bath products curated to fulfill their customer’s needs. 

In The ‘12 Days Of Bath’ Advent Calendar You’ll Find:

  • A loofah
  • A spa headband
  • Bath fizzer (Frosted Berry scent)
  • Bath salts (Frosted Berry scent)
  • Hand cream (Whipped vanilla scent)
  • Foot cream (Whipped vanilla scent)
  • Bath confetti (Frosted Berry scent)
  • Shower gel (Frosted Berry scent)
  • Body lotion (Frosted Berry scent)
  • Lip scrub (Whipped vanilla scent)
  • Lip balm (Whipped vanilla scent)
  • Bubble bath (Frosted Berry scent)

These products are also mini-sized with most of them weighing between 0.2oz to 0.5oz. Ulta Beauty’s ‘12 Days of Bath’ advent calendar was sold at $20 each a couple of weeks before Christmas. In contrast to this advent calendar, the other one followed the ’12 Days of Beauty’ theme with 12 Ulta Beauty original makeup products. They were sold at $20 each as well and they were packed into jewel-designed pouches with a garland. 


Ulta Beauty often releases two types of advent calendars a couple of weeks in anticipation of the Christmas season. One of their advent calendars follows the ‘12 Days Of Beauty’ theme while they come up with a new theme for the second advent calendar every year. You can purchase these advent calendars in-store and sometimes even at other places that host Ulta Beauty products. They’re mostly purchased online and they’re often sold out in a couple of days upon release. Because of the convenient pricing and travel-sized products, Ulta Beauty’s advent calendar is tailored for people who want to enjoy some of their best products without a huge price tag.

Ulta Beauty Advent Calendar -Know More About It

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