Car Bumper Repair Cost And Bumper Replacement Cost

The car’s bumper is the most important part of the car in all matters looks or for the engine also. Repaired and prepared car is good in all ways and situations. Different cars, different types of bumpers, different types of engines, and different types of structures. Even minor and small damages can bring you big expenses. Probably, the cost of bumper repairing and bumper replacement is based on where you live and from where are you getting repairing from. Normally, bumper repairing and replacement costs is starting from $150 and ended at a minimum of $600. Let us know ‘Car Bumper Repair Cost And Bumper Replacement Cost’.

Car Bumper Repair Cost And Bumper Replacement Cost

Car Bumper Repair Cost And Bumper Replacement Cost

How To Know When Your Bumper Is Need To Be Replace Or Be Repaired?

Tip # 01 – Cracks on the bumper. It means have to be replaced immediately, it’s just not some minor cracks. But, they can be the cause of big problems in a car’s engine or some other parts of the car.

Tip # 02 – Broken bumper. It’s not just broken from the outside. But, it’s also dangerous from the inside. It needs to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Tip # 03 – Damaged hooks. Hooks and damages seem to be okay from the outside. It’s all is not just about looks like if looks are good or bad. But, it damaged the engine deeply.

Tip # 04 – Scratches or dents, these both things can hit the engine directly. You don’t need to replace it. You can also get repairing for it. It can be easily repaired.

How Do I Know How Much The Bumper Replacement Or Repairing Will Cost?

You can search it on google or guess it by yourself by these things:

  • Size or range of damage.
  • Brand importance.
  • Year and maker company.
  • Material from which bumper created by fewer starts from plastic and highest ends on aluminum and steel reinforcement bar).

When Bumper Needs To be Replaced?

The bumper needs to be replaced when you notice these types of marks on the bumper.

  • Multiple Dents on the bumper.
  • Huge scratches on the bumper.
  • Hooking marks on the bumper.
  • Broken bumper.
  • Damaged bumper
  • Cracks on the bumper.

What Are The Small Problems In The Car?

Most minor problems in the cars are such as:

  • Punctures.
  • Tank filling.
  • Cracks.
  • Holes
  • Minor scratches.

After How Much Year Or Time I Should Replace My Bumper?

Usually, there’s no fixed time and years for changing the bumper. You just need to change the bumper is there any symptoms of bumper damage. As like I explain earlier, symptoms are rare to be shown and bumpers not always easily gone black out. If you replaced them once then they are going to be run for a long period.

How Do I Know How Much My Bumper Replacement Cost?

You can guess it by your car’s company or year. Like, here are some famous and known brands and companies and their bumper repairing and replacement costs:

  • Honda Civic – $55.67
  • Toyota — $200
  • Suzuki Mehran — $23.28
  • Suzuki Alto — $23.28


You should change the bumper whenever you feel something fishy (wrong) with your bumper. Avoiding bumper problems could bring a big accident. Expense is big, but the life importance is bigger than it. There are always two options for bumpers the first one is a repair and the second one is a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How much Suzuki alto bumper cost in Pakistan rupees?

A: Suzuki alto bumper replacement cost 4,600 (forty-thousand and six-hundred) in Pakistani rupees.

Q: Is holes in the bumper’s side also a symptom of a damaged bumper?

A: Holes, cracks, and dents all are the symptoms of the bumper’s replacement time. 

Q: What is the best thing to repair of bumper or replacement of bumper?

A: It’s obvious that new things are always best from second-hand things. So, the best thing to do is replace a bumper rather than repair it. But, sometimes this also depends on your previous bumper’s condition whether it is too bad or not too bad. Sometimes, according to the previous bumper’s condition it also prefers to be repaired.

Q: Is there different types of bumpers for different types of cars?

A: There is not too much difference between bumpers, the motive of all bumpers is the same. They all have to protect your car from any big accident on the road. But, in service shops or company shops, different bumpers are meant to be with extra benefits and advantages. 

Q: What if I don’t change the bumper even if it is damaged?

A: There’s nothing that can happen if you don’t change the bumper. It just makes your car or vehicle slow and some type of lazy.

Car Bumper Repair Cost And Bumper Replacement Cost

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