Central Michigan University Or Florida International University

A person’s education is one of the most important part of their lives now a days and choosing the right college or university is a hefty job and a critical one too because your future depends on it. There are too many great universities to choose from and sometimes too little time. Two such great universities are  Central Michigan University and Florida International University. So, which one is better?

 In Global Universities, CMU ranks cutting 1306 and in National University ranking, its rank is 239. Florida International University ranks 162 among National Universities and among Global Universities it ranks 461. Florida International University ranked one in the Florida Board of Governors’ performance funding. FUI also comes in the top 801- 1000 universities around the globe by QS 2022.
The acceptance rate of Central Michigan University is 69% and that of Florida International National University is 58%. The in-state tuition and fees for CMU are 13,538 USD and the expenses for room and board are 10,792 USD. For Florida International University, the in-state tuition and fees are 6566 USD and the cost for room and board is 10,528 USD. CMU charges for on-campus living but FUI doesn’t.
All in all, by comparison, Florida International University is a better one.

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Central Michigan University Or Florida International University

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University (CMU) or known by its nickname of Chippewas, is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and is it public research university. CMU is among the hundred largest universities in the nation. The University offers over 200 degree programs of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels as well as specialization courses too.  CMU provides both offline and online modes of education. Approximately 20,000 students are enrolled on its campus and more than 7,000 students in its online program. CMU is present in more than 50 locations in North America, Hawaii, and Canada. In sports, CMU participates in the NCAA Division I mid-American conference for ten women’s and six men’s sports 
The colleges under the university are – the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Medicine, College of arts and media, College of science and engineering, the Herbert H and Grace A.Dow College of health professions, college of business administration, and College of Education and Human Services. 

Residency –
There are 21 residence halls on the campus as well as two apartments type housing is also present.  It is found that the percentage of students living on campus is 33% and students that live off the campus are 67%.

Student Life –
There are various Greek organizations present at CMU, including twelve fraternities and 12 sororities. There are volunteer centres and over 400 clubs in which students can participate. CMU also offers alternative break program, in which students can walk through their breaks volunteering in some other countries.

Financial aid –
CMU provides various merit-based scholarships that covers from partial to total tuition fees. Around 67% of students get the need-based scholarship and the average grant awarded through the university is 8, 312 USD.

Florida International University

Florida International University bracket (FIU) or nicknamed  Panthers, is also a public research university, and its main campus is located in University Park, Miami- Dade  County, Florida.
FIU comprises of two major campuses- the Modesto A. Maidique campus and a regional campus, the Biscayne Bay campus. The university also has many branch campuses as well as research facilities in Port St. Lucie, Tianjin, South Florida, Largo, Genoa, and Washington, DC. FIU consists of international campuses in Asia and Europe also. Eleven colleges and approx. Forty centres come under FIU.
Florida International University is said to be the largest university in South Florida and also known as the 4th largest in the country and fifth largest in the US by enrollment. FIU comes under the State University System of Florida. It is also accredited by the SACS ( Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).
FIU offers around 191 programs with 280 majors, 90 baccalaureate programs, 81 master’s programs as well as 34 doctoral degrees. It also provides four professional degrees and three specialist programs. You can also get a degree through FIU online from anywhere.
FUI’s sports team, known as the Panthers, also participates in NCAA Division I and also in the Conference USA. The university also encompasses 70 varsity sports teams.

Residency –
There are ten apartment buildings and six residence halls in which approx. 3,300 students live.
There are around 3% of students that live on campus and the students living off-campus are 95%.

Students’ life –
FIU contains many student spirit groups and also hosts student spirit events and also Alumni association events. FUI also has 30 fraternities and sororities.

Financially aid –
FUI grants over 72% of need-based scholarships. The average financial aid given by the university is 7,444 USD. The FIU Honors college offers research support, honors housing, special scholarships, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

Conclusion –

Selecting the right university is a difficult task and a turning stone for your educational journey. Although both universities are ranked high among the world rankings, both provide a plethora of opportunities and both boast about their state of the art infrastructure and facilities, there are some things one is better at and other things the other is good for. Still, for some reason, over the years central Michigan university has seen a drop of 43% in its enrollment and from the comparisons, we did earlier, it can be said that the Florida International University should be your first choice.

Frequently Asked Questions  –

1) What are the GPAs required for Central Michigan University and Florida International University?
Answer – The minimum GPA needed for CMU is 2.7 and for FIU is 3.0. 

2) What are the SAT scores needed for Florida International University and Central Michigan University?
Answer – For FIU, SAT score between  1110 and 1260 is needed and for CMU, SAT score between 520 – 1200 is needed.  

3) What are the ACT scores required for Florida International University and Central Michigan University?
Answer – For Florida International University, an ACT of 23-29 is needed and for Central Michigan University, an ACT of 20-27 is required.

Central Michigan University Or Florida International University

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