Instacart Scams – Know More

One of the most well-known grocery delivery businesses is Instacart. Instacart serves more than 3,000 communities across the US and Canada. The majority of neighborhood supermarkets, neighborhood grocers, and even pharmacies, including Aldi, Safeway, and membership shops like Costco, are partners with the delivery service. Apoorva Mehta, CEO of Instacart, declared that the firm has surpassed its 2022 objectives in April 2020. However, the popularity also gave rise to several Instacart frauds. Statistics show that Instacart frauds are rarely a major issue, although unpleasant scenarios may occasionally arise. Understanding how to spot scams and what to do when they occur is crucial. Let us know ‘Instacart Scams’.

Instacart Scams

Instacart Scams

Let’s start with the Instacart frauds that are most prevalent.

1) Instacart bots:

More drivers are drawn to Instacart’s platforms as their grocery delivery service grows in popularity. While it still gives same-day compensation for many drivers, for some it has evolved into one of their major sources of income. Instacart personal shoppers are independent contractors, like many gig workers. This implies that they are in charge of all expenses related to their car, including gas, tolls, and maintenance. They begin their day by accessing the app, and they are compensated per order.

The primary tool used by Instacart employees is the Shopper app. Drivers may use the app to discover delivery jobs nearby. Drivers must continuously press a large green button after logging in to claim any available batches. Some Instacart drivers started employing bots as a means of survival due to the fierce competition in the labor market. 

This Instacart exploit is the result of a recent upsurge in third-party bots that are quicker than humans and take the expensive batches before other customers can claim them. Additionally, bots take away some of the annoying app features like the need to repeatedly click refresh. It is unacceptable to accept delivery tasks via third-party technologies. It is technically cheating and against Instacart’s rules to use a bot.

2) Instacart complaints:

A client can contact the Instacart Care staff to complain about a poor delivery experience. Even deleting their Instacart account is an option for unhappy clients. Customers are increasingly searching for ways to trick Instacart and hack shopping software. The following Instacart problems are most frequently reported to customer service:

False Items:

It is exceedingly difficult to pick up the incorrect item and provide a customer with anything that is not part of the transaction. Some drivers still experience this, though. Our advice is to acknowledge your error and get in touch with Instacart support if you make a mistake during delivery.

Damaged Goods:

You have to shop and deliver groceries like a full-service shopper. Excellent customer service is one of your key priorities.

A shoddy replacement:

Customers may input preferences for particular goods they desire and replacement instructions using the Instacart app. But not all consumers take this action. Of course, you can use your best judgment to select comparable things as replacements.

The consumer is informed of your options via the app and has the option to accept or reject them. In order to prevent complaints, it is advised that you text the client if an item is out of stock to ask if they have any recommendations for replacements.

Missing things:

Customers now have the option to have their orders delivered at their door thanks to a new feature dubbed “Leave at My Door Delivery” that was launched by Instacart and other food delivery providers.


Some clients complain that they were overcharged. When your order’s total surpasses the pre-authorization limit, this occurs. Remember that even if you purchase a membership, you will still be required to pay service charges and other local taxes.

3) Breach at Instacart

Using Instacart prevents you from falling for Paypal frauds. If you have a Paypal account, you have undoubtedly fallen for a PayPal scam email at least once. Although it is listed as a payment option on the Instacart app, PayPal is one of the most sophisticated payment processors in terms of encrypted security. However, while using a credit card, you are not constrained by your available cash. 

4) Instacart Fraud – Tip Baiting

Have you heard of the Instacart tip-baiting scams? Instacart has already been charged with defrauding customers by taking gratuities. The contentious tipping controversy revealed that the supermarket delivery service was utilizing consumer tips to pay delivery staff. Customers of Instacart complained so the supermarket delivery business changed its fee structure.

However, recently, some dishonest consumers began to profit from the tip alternatives. If you decide to leave a tip before the delivery, they are aware that drivers can really see how much you’re tipping before they agree to your request for delivery. With a deceptive attitude, they gave drivers a substantial gratuity to entice customers to take the batches before dropping them off after the order was finished.


As the article gets to the close, it can be concluded as Instacart scams are of various types and have some specific things which every customer must recognize in order to be saved from fraud.


1) 2021 Has Instacart been compromised?

Ans) A security incident involving the illegal access to customer information by two support staff members from a third-party vendor that the firm had hired has been reported by US-based grocery delivery and pick-up service Instacart.

2) Is using Instacart secure?

Ans) A trustworthy company, Instacart offers a simple, safe method to get goods online without having to go to a shop. For busy families, the service may be a game-changer because food shopping is a time-consuming chore that can be delegated, freeing up hours of your day.

Instacart Scams – Know More

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