My Berry Look Reviews | Are It Scam?

Berrylook Company is a Chinese brand that sells a variety of different online fashion clothes and accessories at a very affordable price. Globally they are operating in 120 countries. It was established in 2017 in Hongkong, China, and has more than 13k followers on Instagram and thus has been featured in Newswire, Quartz, and Refinery29 in 2021. The stores also have offered different rewards and coupon programs to their customer occasionally even up to 70-80%. Let us know about ‘My Berry Look Reviews’ and know if it is a scam or not.

My Berry Look Reviews

Is Berrylook a scam or a genuine company?

Berrylook is not a scam company; it’s a 100 % genuine brand from china. However, due to bad reviews from some of the customers, it has changed the concept among the public that this is scamming the customers because the products they brought from the stores are not authentic like the pictures they have shown through their website. Here are some of the reviews given by the customers.

  • The product has a very poor quality
  • There is always a delay in shipping
  • There is no money-back guarantee for defective items sold to customers.
  • There is no adequate proper return and refund policy.
  • The product orders from the website are not exactly as shown in the pictures.
  • Order products are not true to their size.

However, based on the given reviews it does not mean the company is a scam company because every company has its own set of rules and policies to start an e-commerce store. Every company has its pros and cons and every customer has different experiences. Thus, the main reason why people doubt this company is because of its poor reputation for quality and shipping times but if you are looking for affordable clothes Berrylook is the right brand for you. 

Things to know before you order the products

If you want to purchase Berrylook products you have to know this in advance.

  • The product’s style will be the same but the quality will be of low quality.
  •  In most of the time the products are delivered only after the Estimate delivery date because the items are shipping out from China.

What are the products reviews on berry look?

Berrylook sells a variety of products of fashion to all the customers and here are some of the top-selling product reviews for the customers where you can get to know the products from this brand.

Berrylook Chunky Velvet High Heeled reviews

The Chunky Velvet heeled are very comfortable and make it easy for the toe to rounded to a natural fit and it has provide stability to its users up to 4-5  feet height.  The heeled are of three colors i.e, black, red and pink so customers can choose according to their linking s. These are Good products sold at a very low price.

Berrylook Shoes Reviews on Travel Sneakers

Berrylook travel sneakers are one of the most comfortable travel shoes which have flat heels and the laces attached to loops on both sides of the shoes are tightened and are easy to wear during traveling, which is also available in 4 different colors.

Berrylook flat women’s shoes reviews

The pointed flat shoes from berry look for women are the best flat available to women and are very comfy to wear in the office, shopping, and everyday wear. Customers can choose the colors based on their choice. There are 4 colors available for this product.

BerryLook Review on printed Blouse review

The printed Blouse is a new edition tops the best collection from berry look that is featured in cuffed quarter sleeve and three-quarter bottoms down where you can wear it comfortably and this shirt is available in three colors.

Berrylook review on Summer Linen Short Sleeve

The Summer Linen Short Sleeve has a delicate triangle neckline design in the same wide style which is very comfy to wear in summer and is available in 2 different colors. The retail price is $55 but you can get it for just $17.

What are the different promotions & discounts offered to customers?

Berrylook Company offers some promotions and discounts to their customers currently. Here are some of the discounts and promotion 

  • If a customer orders products starting from $ 219 and above can get a discount up to $25 using the code BL25.
  • If they order the products from $ 129 they can get a discount of $10 using the code BL10.
  • Customers who order from $ 79 can get a discount code for $5 using the code $5.
  •  The company also offers a discount of $5 and free shipping to all their first users who have ordered from $ 99.

Besides this offer, the company also offered a heavy discount on hot sales up to 75 % off.

How to contact Berrylook if I received the wrong items or defects on the products I have ordered?

They are 3 ways in which you can contact the Berrylook Company.

  • Contact the Berrylook customers service
  • Contact it through the company emails
  • You can also contact them by filling up the forms given on the website.


Thus, Berrylook Company is a Chinese brand that sells its products globally at a very reasonable price that is affordable to all the customers globally. Despite their bad reviews for the customers the company also has a huge selling on their products from their stores and also has many best quality products available to their customers they also offer wide discounts on dresses, tops, bottoms, outwear, and swimwear from time to time.

My Berry Look Reviews | Are It Scam?

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