What Vaccines Does Walmart Have?


Walmart is a multinational company that is invested in retail businesses and controls chains of supermarkets, departmental stores, and grocery stores. It is located in the United States, in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is considered to be the world’s largest company in terms of revenue because its supermarkets are known as hypermakerts because of the area the buildings occupy. Let us see what vaccines does Walmart have.

What Vaccines Does Walmart Have?

What Vaccines Does Walmart Have?

The company is so big that it cuts across nearly all sectors of public sales services including clinical and pharmaceutical services that offer medical care and sell prescribed medications. In the Walmart medical sector or hypermarkets, vaccines are sold and administered to those who want them, especially the employees in the company. 

With access to millions of people especially in the US, through jobs and sales services, Walmart has become a part of the dispensers or distributors of vaccines to those who want them. They offer educational platforms to enlighten the people about the importance of being vaccinated which led to the Get Out The Vaccine campaign. 

This campaign was backed up by the Walmarts retail pharmacy program that provided materials that were used to educate people about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines they are selling. Walmart offers three types of vaccines which include the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J vaccines. 

The Pfizer Vaccine

Pfizer is a biotechnology company that runs on a multinational level providing medical care and support against life-threatening diseases or illnesses. With the use of advanced technology, this pharmaceutical company has been able to create and distribute vaccines to remote nations with little or no access to modern medical procedures. These medicines deal with issues that include immunology, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, and cardiology. 

According to Walmart, the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine has been proven effective up to 95% in rating. More so the vaccine is said to be very active in adolescents between the age of 12 and 15. The Pfizer vaccine is administered twice to guarantee its effectiveness. 

Being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the vaccine has become the first choice of recommendation when getting a shot. This vaccine has been made free to the public even in the absence of any insurance or money. This makes it quite easy to vaccinate anyone interested in it.

Moderna Vaccine 

Moderna is a pharmaceutical company that makes use of advanced biotechnology to tackle health issues on a molecular level. They are known for research development in mRNA and RNA vaccines and medicines. According to facts, Moderna’s first official commercial is the covid-19 vaccine. 

This vaccine has made its way to Walmart Inc. as an option for those who for some reason would not prefer the Pfizer vaccine. However, it is administered in two shots just like Pfizer. The second shot, which acts as a booster to the first one, is only recommended for persons above the age of 18. Its efficiency is 94.1%, just a little lower than Pfizer’s.

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Vaccines

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) is an American company that operates on a multinational level. They provide pharmaceutical services, medical devices, and packaged goods for consumers. It’s known for its excellent credit rating and is considered one of the world’s most productive enterprises. 

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is also sold in Walmart but it’s not as popular as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because its effectiveness is at 66.3% which is very low compared to them. However, the vaccine is still undergoing lab testing to improve its chances of making an impact in the world. 


Walmart is considered the one-stop-shop that has everything you need; encompassing all sectors that supply our day-to-day necessities. They have capable staff in every department to provide service to anyone and everyone. Its pharmaceutical and clinical department has proven to be a channel for the flow of vaccines to people around it. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the vaccine free for everyone?

Yes, the current vaccine which is the covid-19 vaccine has been made free to whoever reaches out for it. Given the death rate caused by influenza, government and health care authorities have decided to make sure everyone is safe. 

  • Does Walmart make vaccines?

No, they do not make vaccines. They only stand as a channel to administer vaccines they’ve gotten from the biotech companies that produce them. 

  • Is the vaccine compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory in some areas of the world with a high rate of infection; these are usually areas with a very large population. 

What Vaccines Does Walmart Have?

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