Where To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards?


Gift cards are the best things you would love to get for a dear one on special occasions. When you buy gift cards from one of the best stores in the city, like Macy’s, then no one can be happier. Macy’s gift cards can get you all the exciting gifts from Macy’s stores, like clothes, housewares, jewelry, furniture, and many more. People look for gift cards to avail themselves of more of Macy’s amazing products. You need to find the right place to get your gift cards and consider the time needed to deliver as well.

Where To Buy Macys Gift Cards?

Where To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards?

Macy’s gift cards are available both online and in stores. There are both e-gift cards and store gift cards so you have both options. The store gift cards are available at any Macy’s store in the US. You have to travel to those stores and buy them physically. While the online gift cards or ecards can be bought from Macy’s site. Through online purchase, you will receive the card by e-mail or delivered to you. Both kinds of gift cards provide a limit of $10 to $10 000. At any Macy’s store, you will need to purchase their gift cards using credit, debit, cash, or check. While for online purchases you can order for free delivery and pay with credit or PayPal. Besides Macy’s stores, you can buy gift cards from other stores. All stores don’t have a credit card system and may not be available online. Delivery of these gift cards is done by e-mail or through the normal mailing system in envelopes. 

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Which Retail Stores Sell Macy’s Gift Cards: –

Several retail stores around the US sell gift cards from Macy’s. They have different ways of buying gift cards and delivering systems. These are as follows: –

  • Kroger- $25 to $200 available through credit, debit, cash, and check. Online available as E-gift through email.
  • Publix- $25-$200 available with cash, check, credit, and debit. No online purchases are available. 
  • Smith’s- $25-$200 available with cash, check, and debit. No online purchases are available.
  • Staples- $25-$200 available through cash, debit, credit, check, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. You can also get online delivery through e-mail.
  • Walgreens- $25-$200 available through cash, check, debit, credit, and Apple Pay. No online purchases are available.
  • Giant Eagle- $25, $50 and $100 amounts are available through cash, credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. You cannot purchase it online.

Purchasing gift cards from the store could be a hassle for those who need to find the time between busy hours, but you can always go for the online option too.

Where Can I Buy Macy’s Gift Cards Online?

Many stores sell Macy’s gift cards physically as well as online through mail or as E-gift cards. You can use Apple Pay, PayPal, or Android Pay. Online gift cards cost $10 to $10000 and you can choose your preferences. If you purchase online, you get discounts and can use promo codes too. Use the code- FRIEND and you can enjoy 30% off on your gift card. You can shop for gift cards and E-gift cards online at macys.com from all over the country. To redeem your gift card, you need to click ‘Apply Gift Card’ on the site and use the card when paying for a product with the methods mentioned there. You will need to enter a 15-digit number to complete the process successfully.

Another way of getting a gift card online is at giftcard.com where you can buy your E-gift card which will be delivered to you in no time. You can use VISA debit cards for payment too. One good part of online E-gift cards is they don’t expire. You can even send gift cards through email for free.


Macy’s offers a lot of items for your special occasions and there are many options for gifts. No matter how much you purchase you can always get hold of their credit and gift cards to make your shopping more exciting. Gift cards are great ways to express your feelings to close ones by sending them through e-mail or simply delivering them to their homes. You can choose any method of payment too. So next time you want to surprise someone on Christmas or Thanksgiving simply order or visit a Macy’s store near you.

FAQs: –
  • Can I buy Macy’s gift cards at any store?

Yes, several stores sell Macy’s gift cards. They can be bought with different payment methods.

  • Does Macy’s gift card work at any store?

No, Macy’s gift cards can only be used for Macy’s. Macy’s American Express card can be used in other stores with American Express Cards

  • How much can I purchase with a Macy’s gift card?

There are different ranges that you can purchase within. At Macy’s, you can purchase from $10 to $1000.  

Where To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards?

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