Do Tractor Supply Stores Accept American Express?

If you have an American Express card and want to purchase the product from the Tractor Supply store, then you are interested to know whether it can take payments via American Express credit cards or not?. Many retailers don’t accept American Express cards. But if you want to buy from the tractor supply, this article will provide you a complete guide about the acceptance of American Express credit cards by the tractor supply, including other payment options. Let us know ‘Do Tractor Supply Stores Accept American Express?’.

Do Tractor Supply Stores Accept American Express?

Are tractor supply stores accepting American Express as the payment method?

You can use American Express Credit cards for the payment of your products. But before going shopping you must check whether your relevant store accepts it or not. Because many stores don’t accept it as it charges high fees. However, you can buy through it. 

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Tractor Supply stores also accept other payment methods like debit cards, PayPal, and cash.

Can you use your American Express cards or Gift cards at Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply will accept your American Express cards for purchasing but many will not allow you to use them because of their high fee as compared to other credit cards. 

If you have American Express gift cards, you can also use them for your buying either online or in-store purchases. 

You can use other payment methods to shop from Tractor Supplies. Information will be in the next step. 

Other Payment Methods

Tractor Supply provides many other options for purchasing the products, along with the American Express cards. You can select what’s best for you. You can use PayPal which is one of the popular sources, Apple Pay, master cards, and gift cards are also accepted. 

These are the choices you can opt for payments. You can choose it according to your will.

If you are going for in-store purchases, you have the following options;

  • Master cards, Visa cards, Discover cards
  • Bank checks
  • Cash
  • TSG Business and Personal Cards
  • American Express and TSG gift cards

If you don’t feel convenient with the physical shopping or your area doesn’t have any store for the purchase, you can go for online buying. For online purchases, Tractor Supply has the following options for you;

  • PayPal
  • All kinds of Cards like the master, visa cards
  • American Express credit cards
  • Online TSG cards
  • Neighborhood Club Rewards

Things to know about PayPal before going to Purchase

PayPal is one of the most popular, convenient, and easy ways of paying online. Tractor Supply also allows its customers to use it for paying them. But it has some limitations if you want to use it with Tractor Supply.

You cannot enjoy the installment feature of the tractor supply by paying through PayPal. It doesn’t support the installment feature. It will be good for full payment of the product.

Moreover, if you want to set the recurring order process, PayPal is not for it. You cannot take benefit from it. 

You have to go for other options if you want to take the installment feature plus want to set up the recurring order process. 

Why American Express Credit Card?

There are a lot of benefits you can get while using the American Express card for the shopping, not only with the Tractor Supply but with the others as well. Here is the brief information about it.

Rewards and offers

This card provides you the access to get many offers. You can enjoy amazing discount offers, customized deals, and wonderful rewards by using it. Attach your bank account and you are ready to shop.

Membership gains

American Express provides its customers with membership offers. The more you spend by using it, the more points you will gain and can use them at shopping or in other purchases. 

Fraud protection

Online fraud is common now as online purchases increase day by day. American Express provides its customers protection against fraud. If they notice any kind of suspicious activity, they inform you and secure your account from wrong use.

Card Replacement 

If you lose your card or it may damage by some means, you can get a new card just in the 2 business days. Either you are on the plane or somewhere far from the residential area. All you need to contact customer service for it. 

Limitation of American Express Credit Card 

Although American Express credit card is suitable to deal with the Tractor Supply either for online on in-purchases it has a problem with the high fee. 

Where hundreds of Tractor Supplies accept it for payments, many discourses its use because they have to pay a high merchant fee if they do business by the American Express cards. 

For this, first, you should visit the website of the store to check whether they are accepting it or not. 

Can I pay through Personal Checks?

Yes, while paying for the in-store purchases they accept personal checks.

But, you must have a government-certified photo ID with your signature. A driving license is also accepted, as it has personal information. 

Does American Express Credit Card Charge a fee on EVERY Purchase?

No, they don’t charge any kind of fee once you buy the card. You just have to pay the card purchase fee and you are ready to use it without any hidden charges or fees. 

Do regular discounts are available if we use American Express cards for purchasing?

Regular discounts are not available mostly. Tractor Supply provides different kinds of offers for their customers. You can benefit from them. For this check their website. 


Tractor Supply stores accept American Express Credit cards for purchasing their products. You can do online shopping and physical purchasing as well. You can also use other ways of payment like all credit cards, Master cards, visas, and debit cards. PayPal is also one of the paying methods. 

By using American Express cards, you can avail yourself and enjoy the benefits while doing shopping. However, some retailers don’t accept it because of the high fee they have to pay. You should check it before going to shop.

Do Tractor Supply Stores Accept American Express?

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