Free Fast Food 

During difficult economic times, we begin to consider how we may reduce our expenses. We’re on the lookout for fantastic discounts, and we’re even trying to see what we can acquire for free. Every little bit contributes. This covers food as well. Fast food establishments love to tempt hungry customers with free food offerings, and many of them are designed to provide rapid gratification. Most will give you a discount just for installing their app, signing up for text or email offers, or filling out a quick survey regarding your most recent visit.

Free Fast Food 

Take a look at these simple ways to acquire free fast food if you don’t have the patience to rack up points on a loyalty program across multiple visits.

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Burger King
  4. Wendy’s
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts

Free Fast Food 


You can get a variety of goodies by downloading the McDonald’s mobile app.

You’ll get a free vanilla cone, hash brown, McChicken, or cheeseburger after your first purchase if you join up for MyMcDonald’s Rewards on the app.

Every Friday (Fry-day, anyone?) when you utilize the app, you’ll also get a free medium fry with any $1 purchase. Check out the app’s Deals section for a variety of freebies that change frequently.

Get a free burger by doing a McDonald’s survey.

The survey is almost 30 minutes longer to complete.

If you go to the website at the bottom of your McDonald’s receipt, it will send you to a page where you may fill out a survey on your most recent McDonald’s experience.

The following is a broad outline of how to complete the McDVOICE survey:

  • Visit MCDVOICE’s official website.
  • Choose a language.
  • Use the survey code provided on your McDonald’s receipt to complete the survey.
  • If you can’t find the survey code, input the McDonald’s store number, visit date, and time, and then click “start.”
  • Answer any queries that arise throughout your visit.
  • By pressing the “submit” button, you’ll get your validation code.
  • Take note of the code and use it on your next visit.

Pizza Hut

Taking a Pizza Hut survey can get you free drinks, breadsticks, and pizza.

How Does A Pizza Hut Survey Work?

  • To begin, visit the Guest Experience Survey webpage and enter your Feedback Code.
  • Your Feedback Code is found at the bottom of your store receipt.
  • There is no way to acquire a feedback code if you ordered over the phone.
  • If you ordered online, you’ll find your Feedback Code in the Order Confirmation email.
  • If you click the Send Feedback link in the email, the Feedback Code will be added right away.

Burger King (BK) 

Always has a variety of freebies available.

Get a complimentary Whopper with your first digital delivery order of $5 or more.

With the purchase of a drink and fries, you’ll receive a free Whopper, original chicken sandwich, or Croissan’wich if you complete a survey about your recent experience at within 48 hours (or coffee and hash browns).

You’ll receive a free Whopper, original chicken sandwich, or Croissan’wich with your first digital order of $3 or more.


Wendy’s offers a variety of freebies.

To get rotating coupons like a free small chili with any fry purchase or a free any size soft drink with any purchase, download the app and head to the offers area.

Complete the survey on the back of your receipt to earn a free burger or chicken sandwich with your next purchase.

When you sign up for a rewards account, make sure to include your birthday so you can enjoy a free Frosty on your birthday.

This one involves some forethought, but you can enjoy free Frostys with purchase for the entire next calendar year by purchasing a $2 Frosty key tag in November.

Simply completing this survey will earn you great prizes, such as discounts, free food, or coupons. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

How Do I Take a Dunkin’ Donuts Telldunkin Survey?

The survey is simple to complete.

  • Visit the survey’s official website.
  • Choose your preferred language and input the survey code found on your Dunkin’ Donuts receipt.
  • You’ll be quizzed on your experience with customer service, the quality and accuracy of your order, and the speed with which it was delivered.
  • Answer honestly these questions.
  • You’ll be asked for an email address where you’d want to get a coupon for free or reduced merchandise.
  • Please enter your email address here.
  • After you’ve provided your email address, you may either continue answering survey questions or submit the responses you’ve already provided.
  • If you continue with the survey, you will be given more questions about the food and service quality.
  • Respond truthfully to their questions.
  • Finish by pressing the ‘finish’ button. Your coupon should arrive in the mail soon.


It’s always nice to get something free and extravagant, especially if it’s your favorite fast food. Fast-food restaurants are increasingly offering free food in exchange for survey data.

Fast food restaurants commonly provide receipts with bottom-of-the-page questionnaires that promise free food if completed. It’s a thing at McDonald’s, Firehouse Subs, Wingstop, Five Guys, and Papa Murphy’s.

Most will give you a discount just for installing their app, signing up for text or email offers, or filling out a quick survey regarding your most recent visit.


Is a receipt required to participate in a McDonald’s survey?

It’s not a problem if you misplaced your McDonald’s receipt or didn’t receive one at all. You’ll be able to complete your survey without difficulty if you can figure out the store number and recall the relevant day and time. Don’t let a misplaced receipt deter you from collecting your free lunch.

Free Fast Food 

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