KMTTG Vs PyTivo – Know More

If you’ve been utilizing streaming systems for a while, you’ve probably heard of terminology like KMTTG vs. PyTivo. It’s only a Java-based program that can produce PyTivo metadata, execute Comskip, and automatically process, decrypt, and create closed files from TiVo. However, KMTTG can transport and process episodes based on TiVo titles and keywords. When it comes to TiVoToGo transfers, KMTTG is one of the most powerful tools available.

KMTTG Vs PyTivo - Know More




When it comes to prerequisites, Kmttg relies on the Java 8 Runtime Environment. Users can choose one or many shows at a time with this software.

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Once the shows have been chosen, users may start the download process with a single click. Users can build an automated metadata file using a menu item (the file is used for decrypting PyTivo).

Offers the ability to queue several different jobs

Depending on the situation, Kmttg converts comskip to a portable format using FFmpeg, encoder, or other encoders. You can use this program to queue several jobs.

It can display statistics, speed, time, and speed for presently running jobs on the display.

Kitty’s automated or graphical To Go downloads are probably its most useful feature.

Other Features

It provides automatic commercial flow cutting, encoding, downloading, and decryption features, among other things. It offers all of the advanced features of the TiVo remote, including backup and recovery of Season Pass recordings.

Kmttg is useful for backing up and restoring thumbs ratings, among other things. AutoSkip is also available, making it suitable for usage with hands-free functions.

To skip through TiVo recordings, for example, the hands-free capability can be used. It also comes with a free commercial skip when using TiVo, which is a nice addition.


GoBack and HMO services are provided by PyTivo. Even though they are two very different products, this is frequently mistaken with TiVo Desktop. PyTivo can load most video codecs.

h.264 videos into TiVo

It can also load video compression codecs and produce mpeg2 video files. In some cases, it can be used to load h.264 videos into TiVo, however, this isn’t always the case.

Greater capacity for loading files

It has a far bigger capacity for loading files than TiVo Desktop, thus it isn’t the same. PyTivo, on the other hand, is not affiliated with TiVo and is a completely separate and self-contained system.

Transmit video files & recordings to TiVo 

Additionally, PyTivo can be used to deliver video files to TiVo without the need for any additional transcoding software to be installed (only the compatible files, of course).

TiVo Transfer software is also capable of transferring recordings from a computer or PC to TiVo devices. The ability to display the metadata associated with each movie is PyTivo’s most outstanding feature.

Video in the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios

PyTivo can produce video in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, which can be used to pad the video if necessary. Even if the output is optional, users can choose from a list of potential alternatives.

HMO protocol 

It can be used to serve images, music, and other media thanks to the inclusion of the HMO protocol. 

PyTivo requires

To work, PyTivo requires TiVo equipment as well as a subscription (the subscription must be active). It also needs the Python interpreter to work, which must be at least version 2.7 or 2.5.

Installing the tivodecode tool to get the most out of TiVo files is highly recommended. Users must also have a Python imaging library installed before they can use the photo plugin.

While we’re on the subject of requirements, it’s important to note that FFmpeg is required. This is because it aids in audio and video transcoding.

Price comparison between KMTTG and PyTivo

With all of the people working behind the scenes to provide you with some of these functionalized features, you should expect the software to be expensive.

However, the costs of KMTTG and PyTivo are vastly different. Fortunately, numerous choices are completely free. TiVo Desktop is one of these free options.

KMTTG is likewise a free yet open-source program, which means you’ll have to pay for some upgrades. PyTivo is free and open-source software, just like KMTTG.


Even though these two apps use cutting-edge technology, there are some criticisms and accolades for them, particularly in terms of ease of use.

The efficiency of KMTTG, as well as how simple it is to use. One of them states that this tool is fantastic and that it allows you to take videos from TiVo, remove all ads, and save them to your PC.

PyTivo users, on the other side, are ecstatic that the program works as expected.

However, just a few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the ease of use. The majority of users agree that KMTTG is more user-friendly.


Is it feasible to move shows from my TiVo to my computer?

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You will, however, require software to accomplish this. PyTivo and KMTTG are the two best programs for this job.

TiVo uses which file format?

MPEG-2 is the format that Tivo employs.

KMTTG or PyTivo: which is better?

Because the hands-free function can be utilized to skip TiVo, KMTTG is preferable. Furthermore, while utilizing TiVo, it provides free commercial skipping.

KMTTG Vs PyTivo – Know More

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