Rosas Breakfast Hours – Know More

Rosa’s Cafe is without a doubt their most fruitful restaurant endeavour. The Bobby Cox enterprises are the owners of the well-known Mexican eatery Rosa’s Cafe. Texas Burger and Taco Villa are also owned by the Bobby Cox business. Tuesdays Were Made for Tacos is a marketing slogan used by the Rosas brand of genuine Mexican eateries. Additionally, you must try their pig tamales, for which they are famous. In case you haven’t heard, Rosas serves some of the tastiest tacos and tamales money can buy. In all seriousness, Rosa’s Cafe’s success can be gauged by the number of outlets that are now open. Rosa’s breakfast menu has a delicious treat for everyone. Try the Huevos Rancheros dish if you don’t feel like eating tacos or tamales. Let us know ‘Rosas Breakfast Hours’.

Rosas Breakfast Hours

Rosas Café Breakfast Hours

Rosas morning hours of operation are their primary priority, but also it is their main responsibility to make life easier for users by giving them everything they need. The complete breakfast menu from Rosa’s Cafe is therefore available here, along with its prices of course. Rosa’s offers a wide variety of wonderful Mexican dishes. Rosas requires that you arrive early for breakfast if you want to enjoy your morning dishes. Monday through Sunday, Rosa’s cafe opens at 6:30 am and begins serving breakfast. Sundays are also business days at Rosa’s café. Rosa’s Café stops serving breakfast at 10.30 in the morning, so you must get out of bed before that time if you want your nutritious Mexican meal for breakfast. Although the exact hours of operation may vary by region, all Rosa’s Café morning meals are abruptly discontinued at 10.30 am.

Prices from Rosas Breakfast Menu

To make it simple for you to discover what you’re searching for, the menu has been organized into a number of areas.

Breakfast Plates

Migas plate – $4.59

Egg and potato plate – $4.59

Huevos Rancheros Plate – $4.59

Ultimate Plate – $4.59

Chorizo and Egg Plate – $4.59

Sausage and Egg Plate – $ 4.59

Bacon and Egg Plate – $4.59

Ham and Egg Plate – $4.59  

Breakfast Tacos and Tamales

Chorizo and Bean Taco – $1.89

Chorizo and Egg Taco – $2.79

Ham and Egg Taco – $2.79

Bacon and Egg Taco – $2.79

Sausage and Egg Taco – $2.79

Potato and Egg Taco – $2.79

Migas Taco – $2.79

Chile Verde Taco – $2.99

Breakfast taco platter with egg, bacon, potato, Pico de Gallo, jalapeno, onion, and queso- $2.99 

12 different types of breakfast tacos with salsa and Pico de Gallo – $27.99

Tamales (chicken or pork) Qty: 1 – $2.29

Tamales (chicken or pork) Qty: 2 – $5.79

Breakfast Bowls

Egg and Potato Bowl – $3.99

Huevos Rancheros Bowl – $3.99

Migas Bowl – $3.99

Ultimate Bowl – $3.99

Chorizo and Egg Bowl – $3.99

Sausage and Egg Bowl – $3.99

Bacon and Egg Bowl – $3.99

Ham and Egg Bowl – $3.99


Orange Juice – $1.99

Milk (Regular or Chocolate) – $1.89

Coffee – $0.99

How to Locate the Nearest Rosa’s Cafe?

On its official website, Rosa’s Café lists its closest location. You must either click the location icon there or select the location menu option. You must first input your state’s name or postal code, followed by the search radius you want to use. You can now see all of Rosa’s café’s locations in the area you searched for on the screen. On the majority of holidays, including, on January 1st, Day of Martin Luther King, Jr., Christmas Day, Easter Friday, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Moms Day, Dad’s Day, Day of Independence, Day of Labor, November 2nd, Animal Day, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Eve of Christmas, Christmas. You can have your breakfast right away now that you know how to get there.


If you frequently eat at Rosas, you might find it helpful to download the menu here. In this manner, even while you are offline, you will be able to view what they have, verify prices, and more. Additionally, you may go to this page to learn more about the nutrition facts for Rosa’s Cafe’s breakfast menu. You can find easily digestible breakdowns of the nutritional and calorie facts there.


1) Is Rosa’s Cafe restricted to Texas?

Ans) There are now 47 Rosa’s locations throughout Texas. Additionally, a franchised location exists in Temecula, California, and there are eateries in Hobbs, New Mexico.

2) Are black beans available at Rosa’s Cafe?

Ans) Rosa’s Signature Plate, which contains 3 flour tacos, Mexican rice, your choice of roasted or black beans, bell peppers, onions, and deliciously marinated meat grilled over mesquite wood.

3) What is the calorie count of a bacon, egg, and breakfast taco?

Ans) The Bacon & Egg Breakfast Tacos from Taco Cabana have 240 calories. These calories are primarily made up of fat (48%) and carbs (35 percent).

4) How many calories are there in an egg and sausage breakfast taco?

Ans) 410 calories. One serving of sausage egg and cheese tacos has 410 calories, 22g of fat, 35g of net carbs, 38g of total carbs, and 15g of protein.

Rosas Breakfast Hours – Know More

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