What Channel Is Bob Ross On Roku?

Picture this, things have been hard lately and you’ve been stressed out. Maybe it’s the overload of work or never-ending assignments. Maybe you’re having bad mental health issues and everything feels hopeless. It is exactly during times like this that we need to slow down, take a deep breath and allow ourselves some healing, comforting and relaxing. It is exactly during times like these that we need Bob Ross. Bob Ross, the ever-famous, ever joyous, kind-hearted soul who brought joy into our lives through painting. His soft-spoken soothing voice guided us on how to draw a beautiful valley, with happy little trees. Taking us to a place where there are no mistakes, only happy accidents. If you are looking to dive back into the comforting world of Bob Ross again, whether it be to escape from your hectic life or to simply watch something soothing while you get back into painting, this is the article for you. You can watch Bob Ross one of two ways on Roku. One of the ways to watch Bob Ross on Roku is to watch ‘The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross’ on the Roku Channel or to add The Bob Ross Channel, a free app on your Roku devices.

What Channel Is Bob Ross On Roku?

How to watch Bob Ross on Roku?

Bob Ross’s huge catalogue of content is available on Roku to watch for free. There are two ways you can watch them. One way you would need to download the Roku Channel on your Roku device and watch the seasons of ‘the joy of painting with Bob Ross there. Another way is to download the Bob Ross Channel onto your Roku and watch the content there.

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What is the Bob Ross Channel?

The Bob Ross Channel is an app that was developed by Cinedigm, to expand the Bob Ross Channel. It is a stand-alone free app, (like Netflix, Hulu, etc.)  that you can download onto your Roku devices and stream the show on.

How to add the Bob Ross show on Roku?

To add The Bob Ross Channel to your Roku you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Roku device 
  2. Visit the channel store and search for ‘The Bob Ross Channel’
  3. Click on Add channel
  4. Select the app to view content.

Subsequently, you can also do this instead:

  1. If you do not have the Roku Channel downloaded on your Roku device, add it.
  2. Select the Roku channel
  3. Search ‘ The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross’
  4. You will find season 25 (2019), click to view

What seasons of the Bob Ross show does Roku have?

  The Bob Ross Channel app on Roku has all of the seasons of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross available to stream. With 31 seasons and nearly 380 episodes. You can watch every Bob Ross episode available to stream.

However, on the Roku channel, there is only season 25 available. 

Is Bob Ross free on Roku?

Yes, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and The Bob Ross Channel are both free to watch and stream on the Roku device.

How much does Roku cost?

Roku has a lot of featured apps available to stream on its devices. Roku does not have a monthly subscription and a lot of the content on Roku is free to watch. However, Roku devices themselves have a minimum starting cost of $29.99. 

You can either get a Roku streaming device or a Roku TV.

Some popular episodes you should check out!

It is not an understatement to say there are no bad episodes in the 380 episodes long run of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Each episode brings out the same healing and comforting joy that helps one reconnect with painting and nature. As Bob Ross guides the viewers through the steps to paint another beautiful scenery you can never have a bad time. Each episode is just as joyous and calming to watch. However, there are a few that seem to be loved a lot, make sure to check them out! In no particular order here are some of the most popular The Joy of Painting episodes:

  • Island in the Wilderness Season 29 Episode 1
  • Mountain lake falls Season 29 Episode 6
  • Secluded Bridge Season 10 Episode 4
  • In the Midst of Winter Season 31 Episode 12
  • The Grandeur of Summer One Hour Special


There is just something so incredibly kind, soothing and comforting to hear Bob Ross gently assuring his viewers that it’s okay to make mistakes, that it is okay if things do not go as you may have planned. That even mistakes are “happy little accidents”.  In all of its long run, through hundreds of episodes and countless seasons, Bob Ross bought a lot of joy to those who watched him. He brought a great deal of happiness and fun to those who loved him and the art he brought into this world. So, whether you are looking for some comforting time, or simply looking to unwind and relax and watch Bob Ross paint beautiful sceneries, or maybe you just want to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the nostalgia, this show, is most definitely for you.

What Channel Is Bob Ross On Roku?

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