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Be it shopping online, or be it deliveries, postal services have become extremely important, and FedEx is a significant player in the very monopolistic setting of this market. If you want something delivered or if you get the option to choose your delivery service while ordering online, you have probably considered choosing FedEx. Let us know about “Does FedEx Deliver At Night?”

Does FedEx Deliver At Night?

However, sending packages (or even getting them delivered to you) can be a problem due to time clashes. So, if you pick FedEx whether your worry is regarding whether or not they can deliver at night, the package can be received first hand, or it is regarding them sending parcels at night and ruining your sleep, we have got you covered.

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Does FedEx deliver at night? Well, the answer is quite simple, IT DEPENDS.

Primarily, if your definition of night is inclusive of the company’s standard delivery hours, yes, they do deliver at night. Moreover, in special cases the delivery hours may be extended. 

We have explained in detail FedEx’s policies with regards to their delivery hours below.

Standard Delivery Hours

FedEx usually delivers for 12 hours a day, starting at 8 in the morning and continuing till 8 at the night. Depending upon whether or not 8 P.M. counts as night for you, FedEx may or may not make deliveries at night. If you receive a message or an email informing you that your package (through FedEx) is arriving by the end of the day, you are ideally supposed to receive it by 8 P.M. on the said delivery date.

Deliveries labelled as evening home deliveries take place during the time between 5 in the evening to 8. You will, in a standard usual scenario, not receive a FedEx delivery after 8 P.M. Well, unless, of course, your delivery agent was a little too slow on the date your package was supposed to arrive. 

A major reason to pick FedEx as a delivery partner as opposed to USPS or UPS, despite its much more expensive service charges, is the flexibility and options it provides the customers with. Therefore, the company even makes exceptions to the standard service or delivery hours.


FedEx offers 24 hours long delivery in all 50 states subject to availability (more on this later). They offer several options depending upon how much you are willing to pay for their services, they will indeed deliver at night too, or not, if you are into that kind of thing. FedEx has standard and economy options available for delivery up to 45 miles (distance to destination)

Type Of Service

FedEx both picks up and drops your packages and/or your freight for priority delivery, again, you do need to pay for that though. Your package will get delivered at night, if you order in a short time window and opt for same-day delivery. 


As already stated before, FedEx will deliver to you based on the amount you are willing to shed from your pocket to avail of their services. You can customise your delivery time or enjoy fast and immediate shipping done as quick as 60 minutes from when you place your call, depending entirely upon how much you are paying for the delivery.

Same Day Delivery

If you do opt for same-day delivery via FedEx chances are that your package may be delivered post the standard service hours as well since FedEx makes great promises and even backs them up when it comes to their reputation concerning same-day delivery. They do promise an option to request a refund or credit of the shipping charges if they miss the quoted date even by 60 seconds. 

International Shipments

FedEx has different policies for shipments within the United States and those which are to be done outside the country. International Shipments have lesser customisable options as compared to options available for shipments within the city. It is not probable at all that FedEx would deliver an international shipment at night, i.e., after the standard delivery hours.


At the end of the day, the delivery date is as accurate as of the driver’s speed. The same applies to delivery timings as well. If your package’s assigned driver did decide to deliver his packages at night, your parcel will reach you at night. That would not usually be the case though. 

Self Pick-Up Option

In case you are not sure about whether or not you will be at your prescribed residential location to receive your delivery, FedEx does provide you with the option of giving the company a call, requesting them to hold the package at the distribution facility so you can collect it at your convenience, within the working hours of the distribution facility of course. 

FedEx Ground vs. FedEx Home Delivery

FedEx Ground delivers to business and commercial addresses on weekdays only (Monday to Friday) whereas the specific FedEx Home Delivery branch of FedEx Ground delivers to residential locations, seven days a week. In both cases, the service hours remain the same, from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. as we already mentioned before. 

FedEx Ground vs. FedEx Express

This is where some actual difference kicks in. FedEx ground does provide cost-effective delivery within the time of 1-5 days; however, it is not as fast or flexible as FedEx Express. While FedEx ground is undeniably cheaper and surely inexpensive, you cannot choose your delivery time or options through that. FedEx express saver also ensures that your package is delivered much more quickly. Well, all the customisable delivery options mentioned above, unfortunately, are only available with FedEx Express (surprise surprise). Although, the cost difference is only a small price to pay for the perks offered. 


Well, the sad truth is, unless you are willing to spend a little extra and choose FedEx Express saver over FedEx ground, the company is only interested in fulfilling its job which is to make sure the delivery reaches its prescribed location, regardless of whether or not you will be there to sign and receive the parcel first hand. The service hours remain standard, from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 

We hope this article helps you with your questions regarding the service hours of FedEx deliveries and their night-time services. 

Does FedEx Deliver At Night? -Know More

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