Does Grubhub Own Doordash? -Know More About It

Are you too lazy to cook by yourself? If it is so, then you always have a choice of ordering online. Over the years technology kept moving forward and the economy of the world kept rising, the online food delivery service is also increasing. The delivery of food mainly started during the pandemic and it kept gaining consumers. Let us know about “Does Grubhub Own Doordash?”

Does Grubhub Own Doordash?

Many restaurant owners and franchise owners participated in the online food delivery as it kept gaining popularity which led to an increase in consumers and it kept increasing. There are many private food delivery services like Doordash, Foodpanda, Postmates, and many more. You can just log in to their app and order from your favorite restaurant where you get to choose from a wide variety of food products. One can also get offers or coupons from the food delivery service where you can get a discount for your order, different delivery services have different offers.

Does Grubhub Own Doordash?

Many people are confused about this. Let me clarify it for you, the answer is No, Grubhub and doordash are completely different companies owned by different people, there is no connection between them whatsoever. In 2022 Grubhub was bought by a food delivery service company called “Just eat takeaway” based in the Netherlands, the current CEO of Grubhub is Adam DeWitt. Doordash is an online food delivery platform based in San Francisco, California. The current CEO of Doordash is Tony Xu. Doordash was founded in January 2013 by a group of Stanford University students Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore.

Doordash is a company with over 500,000 merchants, more than 15 million consumers, and 3 million delivery drivers in several countries like America, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Germany. Now, Doordash is worth approximately around $4.67 billion.

Grubhub has around 31.4 million consumers, with over 60,000 delivery drivers and over 2,700 full-time staff members. The current net worth of Grubhub is over $2.37 billion.

What Are The Differences Between Grubhub And Doordash?

Online food orders and delivery have become a common thing, which can be very easy and satisfying. With just a single type on your phone screen, you can connect with your favorite restaurants and food stalls. Both doordash and Grubhub are two of the best food order and delivery services in 2022, both have lots of similarities and differences. Let us look at what both of these services have to offer.


Doordash is an online food order and delivery service that connects you to your favorite restaurants. Consumers can order through the doordash app or website and can choose their delivery options like from car, bike, or scooter. Doordash also has an option for delivering groceries and other items through the app. It is available in many cities all over the United States.


Grubhub is an online food order and delivery service, it can connect you to different restaurants and local food stalls from which you can order food with just a single tap on your phone. Grubhub has a feature that helps you to search restaurants by their location, cuisine, or name. It also offers discounts from time to time.


Both of these services have lots of restaurant options, but they have their differences in the restaurant locations. Doordash may have a restaurant in some locations where Grubhub might not have. Doordash has more restaurant locations to choose from. Doordash is available in more than 50 states across the United States and internationally too like Japan, Australia, Canada, and Germany. Grubhub has an area covered in over 1,600 cities across the United States and London. It is continuously expanding its business through a partnership with different restaurants every day.

Delivery Fee

For doordash, the delivery fee can be charged according to the location of the restaurant you are ordering from, time of order, and your delivery location. In general, the delivery fee ranges from $0 to $5.99, for certain restaurants may add an additional service charge of not more than $3. Whereas, for GrubHub, the delivery service is a little bit cheaper than doordash’s delivery fee but it varies from the restaurants you are ordering from. If you don’t want to pay for your delivery then you have the option of subscribing to their monthly membership.

Customer Service

Both of these services have pretty good customer care services, they are quick with their responses, and they are willing to help the customers when a problem arises.

Membership Fee

Both of these services have a membership subscription option, which offers free delivery. Doordash membership subscription plan called dashpass is $9.99 per month, which offers a $0 delivery fee and reduces the amount of service fee from restaurants for over a $12 order. Doordash runs special orders for dashpass customers. If you apply for dashpass then the first month is for free. Grubhub offers a membership subscription called Grubhub +, which offers free delivery service on orders of $12 or more, Grubhub + members also get additional savings. The membership fee is around $9.99 per month, and the first month of subscription is usually free of cost.

User Experience

Both of these services are easy to use, reliable and quick. For doordash, you just need to search the food which you are going to order, add it to the items cart, and pay. Doordash customers can track their orders online and get notifications on their phones for updates on your order. Grubhub is straightforward and user-friendly. You can filter your search according to your cuisine.


Online food order and delivery service can be very useful, it has been increasing over the years and thee has been lots of improvement. People decide what they want to order from their favorite restaurants and within a few hours, the food gets delivered. You get to decide how to pay when to deliver and where to deliver. See this is the advantage of ordering food online, you can order it from anywhere. The delivery service offers you their cheap membership plan with which you can get free delivery. People are getting more and more engaged with food delivery apps, it was bound to happen as it is addictive. If you still didn’t try it out, you should because having your food delivered wherever or whenever you want is a service only provided by online food order and delivery service.

Does Grubhub Own Doordash? -Know More About It

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