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Every person wants to be a lucky one who gets the opportunity to get an exclusive from the brand, they love. Most brands nowadays run loyalty programs under which few consumers get an opportunity to get their hands on limited and exclusive products whereas some offer rewards points. One of the most beloved street style brand Kith provides a loyalty program. “So how you will be the lucky one?”. Let us know ‘Kith Loyalty Program’.

Kith Loyalty Program


Kith was established in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg. He holds the twenty-year of experience in the footwear industry. He started working in the footwear industry at an early stage of his life and after spending a good amount of in the industry, he launched Kith. Kith is a multifunctional lifestyle brand and a retailer. They have a great collection of premium products of their in-house label as well as multinational brand apparel and footwear. 

They have many flagship stores in different locations. Kith is not solely is a lifestyle brand, they also own Kith treats restaurant. Kith as a brand stands for giving the consumer something more than what they paid.

Kith Loyalty Program

Collaboration is the new trend of the millennial generation nowadays. One label which is not newer to this concept is Kith. Kith collaborated with many potential brands and companies with a great fan base worldwide. From Puma to once the dream of every teenager Converse.

Kith launched the loyalty programs for keeping the vibes alive of their past collaborations. Kith as the brand is quite popular among street stylers and those who love to style something cool. Most of their products sold out in a fraction of seconds as they got listed on their website.

What is the Kith Loyalty program?

Kith runs many loyalties programs for their dedicated buyers who spend a lot in-store and online on their merch and products. Under the loyalty program, Kith introduces exclusive products for their customers. The products can be the new introductions or might be the add-on in existing collections.

Friends and Family Loyalty Program: Kith introduces the program for loyal buyers. Kith sends a special newsletter to selected buyers through email informing them about exclusive launches.

Monday Program: On Monday’s Kith launches a mini collection on their website and in-store. The collection consists of the new designs and colors of products. The products usually sold out in a matter of seconds.

 Eligibility For Loyalty Program

  • There are no set guidelines for being part of the Kith loyalty program. The mail is sent randomly to some buyers, who purchased during the past collaborations and are loyal buyers of the brand. 
  •  It’s not important, if you purchased with Kith earlier, you receive an email. But few lucky ones got the mail beforehand regarding their exclusive launch before launching publicly. 

Being exclusive and limited in nature, not everyone gets lucky enough to get their hands on the product. A loyalty program does not only restrict to online purchases, it is also open for in-store buys. But being a famous and loved brand they get sold out in minutes on the website and the queue outside the store gets along from 7 am.


Loyalty programs are the best ways for consumer engagement and keep the potential brand lovers engaged with the label. Owning merch from Kith’s loyalty program is the dream for every street style lover. But to have something great, little hard work is required. If your luck works for you, you might get early access and get an opportunity to buy a few products. Lucky ones can be a part of some historical collaboration of Kith and other loved brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can the part of the Kith loyalty program?

The individual who purchased the product earlier from Kith can be part of the loyalty program. It’s open for every buyer, but only a few get the opportunity to have early access through the mail sent to them.

  1. Are there any criteria for eligibility for the loyalty program?

No, the potential consumer is chosen randomly for the loyalty program. There are no set criteria to be a part of the Kith loyalty program. So, anyone could be the lucky one.

  1. How to lay hands on products before they sell out on-site?

The best way to grab a product before selling out, you should keep your laptop or mobile-ready beforehand. So as soon as the product is listed you get your hands on them. You can keep your shipping details saved beforehand. So, you grab the deal in time before selling out.

  1. If one received the mail under the loyalty program, will get mail every time?

No, one can receive the mail to be part of a loyalty program under one previous collaboration, but receive the mail every time to be part of a loyalty program. 

Kith Loyalty Program – Know More

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