Walmart Tire Warranty -Know More About It


Tires are costly, but it’s equally essential to decide on the most effective quality that one can purchase to ensure his/her safety. Walmart sells tires for relatively low prices, and therefore the majority of them are of prime quality. Let us know about “Walmart Tire Warranty”

Walmart Tire Warranty

Walmart Tire Warranty

Walmart offers its customers two different kinds of tire warranties. These include the Lifelong Balance and Rotation warranty and therefore the Road Hazard warranty. People usually pick the Road Hazard warranty. The first reason for this is that it often entails tire maintenance or return.

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Walmart provides a basic road hazard coverage of $10 per tire. This will, however, vary by state, since some levy a somewhat higher expense. However, when customers purchase the worthwhile tire installation package, the warranty is already included. This warranty provides coverage resulting from unexpected road hazards together with blown tire maintenance. If somehow the tires are well beyond repair, customers can even have them replaced, provided wear and tear doesn’t surpass 25%. The warranty exclusively applies to tires purchased online or in-store at Walmart. However, keep in mind that Walmart stores without tire centres will just not accept returns.

Road Hazard Warranty Coverage

This warranty includes the following:

  • Maintenance for unexpected road hazards: covers tire punctures caused by sharp objects on the road.It should be noted that this only covers damage maintenance provided it’s the result of non-negligent conduct. Or put it differently, it doesn’t compensate for damage caused by running over a barrier or spiky strip barricade.
  • Tire Fixing: This would include maintenance for punctures caused by running over pointy road material and other debris. Furthermore, if there have been other concerns, say with leaky valve stems, they’re going to repair them at no cost. Walmart will replace the whole tire in the event of irreparable damage. There’s, however, one condition that the tire shouldn’t have quite 25% tread wear.

If you don’t get Walmart’s Road Hazard warranty, you’ll be able to still have your tires repaired at their Auto Centre. However, you may have to get the repairs, and the cost will vary depending on the sort of repair.

What Exactly Is Walmart’s Lifetime Balance And Rotation Warranty?

This is the choice warranty offered by Walmart Tire Stores. This warranty, unlike the Road Hazard warranty, includes tire maintenance and support. It’s a $449 Road Hazard warranty and includes tire rotation and balancing.

It will also search for gradual leaks and tread deterioration on your tires. These measures are needed if you would like to prolong the lifetime of your tires.

How long Is The Walmart Warranty Valid?

Both the Lifetime Balance and the Road Hazard warranties are valid for the lifetime of the tires. Following a purchase, the estimated mileage is about 25,000 miles. It will lapse if the owner decides to switch the tires that are still under warranty.

It makes no real difference how many punctures or air leaks you seek to repair. If the tires are serviceable and acceptable, they are still warranted under Walmart’s guarantee.

How To Make A Tire Warranty Claim At Walmart?

  • Over the phone: You can make a Road Hazard warranty claim by contacting the toll-free number listed by Walmart Tire Centre (1-800-925-6278). Explain your condition to the customer service representative, and they will transfer your call to the closest Walmart Auto Care Centre. This enables you to rearrange services, normally on the same day. If not, you’ll schedule it for the following working day.
  • In-Person: You may also visit your nearest Walmart Auto Care Centre. This may be required if you wish to file a warranty claim and have your tire (s) repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any certainty that they’ll instantly accommodate you. They will simply schedule a rendezvous at a subsequent date.

As previously stated, you can’t mail the damaged tire for repair. because the shipping costs would be beyond the repair expenses. This feature isn’t available at Walmart.

Is It Worthwhile To Shop For A Walmart Tire Warranty?

When you consider the expense of tire maintenance, investing an additional $10 for an innovative tire seems like it might be tempting. But recall what percentage of the time you’ve had to interchange your tires over the previous few years. Is it worthwhile to pay for those repairs in advance? 

According to statistics, the typical driver will have five flat tires. Most of the time, a tire requires repairs if it’s surpassed its warranty period. This means you’ll need to get tire repairs nonetheless.

Instances Wherein Walmart May Deny A Tire Warranty Claim

  • Tires in poor condition. If you fail to keep up with your tires properly or misuse them, your warranty is going to be revoked. The most important thing to look out for is poor service.
  • Tires that are over-or under-inflated
  • Previously fixed tires by an unlicensed service centre
  • Vandalism
  • Off-roading on-road tires
  • Racing


Walmart’s Road Hazard tire warranty is out there for an additional $10 per tire. If you bought the worthwhile Tire Installation package, the road hazard guarantee is already included. This covers unexpected damage because of road hazards as well as pneumatic tire maintenance.

If the tires are just beyond repair, Walmart will replace them at no cost. But as long as they are still serviceable or if the tread wear has not exceeded 25%,

Nonetheless, not everyone would consider the Road Hazard warranty to be worthwhile. It might be more cost-effective to get a hold of maintenance whenever it’s needed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Walmart still install my tires if I bought them elsewhere?

A: Yes, even if the tires were purchased elsewhere, the Walmart vehicle maintenance service will install them. However, please remember that they ask for an extra $10 for fitting tires purchased from other retailers. To avoid the extra $10 price, purchase tires from a Walmart store or their official website.

Q: What if my tire is damaged beyond 25%?

A: According to Walmart policy, a tire should be serviceable at least 25% of the time or they won’t replace it. 

Should I invest in Walmart’s tire warranty? 

It will depend on you. If you are a car lover and travel a lot, investing an extra $10 is recommendable. 

Walmart Tire Warranty -Know More About It

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