7 Eleven Money Order Fees Limit Cashing- Know More

The 7-Eleven website reveals that money orders are done by 7-Eleven. It is not possible to do money orders until you will show your locations. You can do the transaction without going outside at some places. From the ATM of 7-Eleven, transactions can be done. In this article, you will be provided information about 7 Eleven money order fees limit cashing. Let’s know more about 7 Eleven Money Order Fees.

7 Eleven Money Order Fees

About 7 Eleven

The 7-Eleven is a convenience store of convenience. You can find 7-Eleven stores all over America. The store of 7 Eleven gives you information about themselves. After seeing the information, you will wish to go there. Store 7 Eleven provides many items of snacks, candy, and bottled drinks. The coffee brands like Folgers and Maxwell House are carried by 7 Eleven stores. The monopoly man is put to shame as the 7-Eleven stores give you the offers of 7 branded foods and beverages. The 7 branded foods and beverages consist of cakes, snacks, pastries, bread, etc.

Definition of Money Order

A money order is defined as an instrument of finance. A money order can be used instead of giving cash to someone.

 Money orders are of various types.

  • Postal money orders are one type of money order. A postal money order is sent anywhere in the country via mail. There is also one money order which uses the 7-Eleven company’s name.
  •  The website of Western Union Money orders permits customers to do money orders at any time. The website costs an extra $10.
  • MoneyGram money orders are one of the types of money orders. The website of MoneyGram permits customers to do money orders at any location and at any time. The MoneyGram money order costs an extra $10 like Western Union Money orders.

Does 7-Eleven do money orders?

Yes, money orders are done by 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven accepts money orders from MoneyGram and Western Union. The 7-Eleven uses Western Union and MoneyGram money orders because these two orders are cashed with the help of a credit card. For the customers, it is a convenient method. If you want a money order, you have to go to the stores where money orders are sold. They will ask you the amount of money you want and they will give you the amount you requested.

  • Money order limits at 7-Eleven:

 A money order at 7-Eleven doesn’t permit the customers to get more than $500. No one will ask you to give a higher amount of money in cash, $500 is good for you. From 7-Eleven, in the denomination of $500, various money orders are available. You have to buy two money orders of $500 to get money orders of $1000.

Processes of buying a money order from 7-Eleven.

The processes of buying a money order from 7-Eleven are as follows:

  • First, go to the 7-Eleven stores.
  • Second, tell the cashier that you want to buy a money order. 
  • Third, make the payment to the cashier in cash.
  • Fourth, you must tell the cashiers which money order you want to purchase.
  • Sixth, you will receive a receipt from them.
  • Seventh, you are ready to use the money order.

Pros and Cons of Money order:

The pros of money order are as follows:

  1. Money orders are very secure to use.
  2. Money orders do not want any personal information of yours.
  3. Money orders can be internationally used.
  4. Money orders do not expire.
  5. Money orders do not require any bank account.

The cons of money orders are:

  1. When you buy a money order you have to make the payment either in cash or in check upfront.
  2. Money orders are costly.
  3. Money orders provide you with a limit on the amount.
  4. During shipping, money orders can be lost as it is not sent via mail.

 The store 7 Eleven also gives you the offers of various brands like:

  • Juices of Tropicana.
  • Drinks of Pepsi.
  • Yogurt of Danone.
  • Packets of Oatmeals.

Store 7 Eleven provides you the facility of breakfast. The meals for breakfast include:

  • Pastries.
  • Sandwiches. 
  • Smoothies.

Store 7 Eleven provides you with lunch. The meals for lunch include:

  • Hot dog meal.
  • Meal of Chili cheese tater tots.
  • Meal of Chicken fajita rolls.


If you want to give money to someone fast and in an easy process, money orders are best for you. You can go to other stores or store 7 Eleven to purchase the money order. Before visiting the stores, research which store sells money orders. Before sending money, do research because there are companies that scam their customers.

  • Do money orders charge an extra fee?

Ans: No, the money order doesn’t charge an extra fee.

  • Are MoneyGram and money order the same?

Ans: No, a MoneyGram is not the same as a Money order. MoneyGram is faster than a Money order.

  • Does 7-Eleven cash orders?

No, money orders are not cashed by 7-Eleven.

7 Eleven Money Order Fees Limit Cashing- Know More

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