Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order -Know More

DoorDash Inc is an American company that deals with online food ordering and delivery systems. It has its base in San Francisco, California, United States. Let us know about “Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order”

Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order

Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order

It is the biggest food delivery company in the United States with its 56% market share and about 60% in the convenience store category. They work, as per their name, with door-to-door delivery.

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Here Is All You Need To Know About DoorDash 

Service Rating 

Along with having a large number of restaurants available for you to choose from, DoorDash tries to make delivery as convenient as possible for its customers. However, it is only human to make a mistake and mess up a singular order among the thousands they receive daily. 

Whatever the case, the chances of your order getting messed up are slim. However, there might be an issue with the rider or a problem with your order. This brings up the question of what can be done if you are the unfortunate recipient of mismanaged service. 

What To Do If You Accidentally Receive Someone Else’s Order? 

While you are waiting eagerly to have the well-needed break from healthy food with a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant, it would be a source of disappointment if your order is messed up. 

While we cannot help abate the disappointment we can find other ways to help you. 

It is absolutely necessary to contact DoorDash customer service and/or file a report on their website to let them know that you have received a wrong order. In that case, you will be reached out to. Either you will get a free replacement order, or a refund or store credit as per your choice. 

Contacting DoorDash Customer Service

If DoorDash has delivered someone else’s order to you, they have a contact number that you can try to reach. Their customer support number is 855-431-0459 as of this year. There is also an option to request a refund by going on their app and selecting “Help” first, then “Order Issues” and elaborating on your problem. It would be better to describe exactly what problem you are facing and be persistent about it. By following this method you will typically get a refund or store credit if your order has been misplaced or you have received a different order. 

What To Do If You Have Received The Wrong Order  

In case you have been delivered the wrong order, you will need to contact customer service. You can report issues directly on their mobile app. You will need to follow the given steps on the DoorDash app to report a wrong order or missing items from an order: 

step 1: Click on the “Orders” tab to find the order you have a problem with. 

step 2: Look for the “Help” option in the top-right corner, and select the said option. 

step 3: There will be an option for “Missing Items” or wrong under “Order Issues”. 

After you have filed a complaint on the app, it would be a good choice to also contact customer service. You can either order fresh or demand a refund or store credit instead. 

If Your Order Has Been Lost And/Or Misplaced 

If your order has been lost, you should not wait too long after the scheduled delivery time to confirm that your DoorDasher is not showing up. It is then necessary to ask for a refund or store credit. By following the methods mentioned, you can file a report on the DoorDash app or their website. You can also contact customer service about it. 

step 1: Look for the missing order under the “Orders” category 

step 2: Look for the option “Help” in the top right corner. 

step 3: Look for “Delivery Issues” and the option “Order never arrived”.

step 4: You will have to continue by selecting the on-screen prompts to either resolve your issue or look for a chat with the customer service agent. 

How To Contact DoorDash Customer Service? 

You can contact DoorDash Customer service at their given number which is 855-431-0459 to inform them if you have received the wrong order or if your order has not reached you. 

Additionally, DoorDash offers a live chat feature on their app which you can use to file a report. Information such as your name, surname, email address and phone number will be asked and then you will be required to choose what issue you have from the given options. 

Things You Can Get A Refund For: 

  • If your DoorDasher brought you the wrong order. You can use the steps mentioned above to file for a refund. 
  • If your DoorDash order is in the wrong size. 
  • If you have received unexpected ingredients in your DoorDash order. 
  • If your order differs from what you expected it to be or what the menu described. 

If you are applicable for a refund, you will be informed through the email address associated with the account. It usually takes three to seven business days to process the refund. 

DoorDash Rating

The DoorDasher likely has no idea what might be wrong with your order, nor are they aware of any mishap. Their job is to only deliver. They are expected to meet the requirements of the company to be a DoorDasher and usually do so. Via the DoorDash app, you can rate your DoorDasher according to how well you liked the service you have received.

You can also rate restaurants on DoorDash as per your satisfaction with the quality of the food received and your dining experience. Usually, there is an automated pop-up that will directly allow you to rate the restaurants and the delivery service. 


Now we have learnt “Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order”, This article has encapsulated all you need to know about DoorDash delivery service. You can also check out their website for more details. If you have received the wrong order or if your order is misplaced it is hoped that you will know exactly how to deal with the issue. You can also depend on ratings to help DoorDash improve its services in all its aspects. 

Doordash Delivered Someone Elses Order -Know More

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