How much does a rooster cost?

A rooster is used for various purposes. It is used for cock fighting, fertilization of eggs, etc. If you purchase a rooster, you will get many benefits.Before buying it, you should have the information about the cost of the rooster. A rooster is sold in pairs. The price for a rooster starts from $300 to $1,300. You should have all the information before purchasing a rooster. This article will furnish you with every information about the cost of the rooster.

How much does a rooster cost?

What is the cost of a rooster?

The cost of a rooster depends on multiple factors. It also depends on which type of rooster you will purchase. The price can be low as well as can be high. It varies from $10 to $1,500 depending on the type of rooster.If you are looking for an exceptional rooster, your budget should be from $50 to $100. On sale, the price of the rooster is $800. 

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Three things you should think carefully about before buying a rooster?

The three things you should think carefully before buying a rooster are:

  1. Looks:

You should see the looks of the rooster before buying it. Be attentive to the four things:

  • The breed standard should be met by the color and pattern.You will get various colours of rooster.
  • The rooster should not be fat. According to the opinion of NBC News, the fatty rooster becomes ill and faces difficulty in giving birth to chicks.

Look at the behavior and various features of a rooster before buying it.

  1. State of mind:

Everyone loves to have a good state of mind rooster. You should see whether the rooster is aggressive or not. The aggressive roosters can break down a fight between them and can hurt themselves.A rooster should be humble towards the other roosters & the hens.

 Cost of a full-grown rooster:

The cost of a full-grown rooster varies from $5 to $30.  Depending on some factors, like looks, state of mind, etc the cost of a rooster varies. People who own hens only for eggs can get a free rooster from them.

 Cost of a Fighting Rooster:

The cost of a fighting rooster starts from $50 to $100. The multiple fighting roosters are as follows:

  • Pure Lemon Hatch.
  • Claret.
  • Silver or Regular Grays.
  • Dark Red Hatch.
  • Roundhead.
  • Pure Lemon.
  • Pure Butcher. 

The price of the above roosters varies from $250 to $300. If you purchase a trio of it, you will get it from $500 to $600.

 Cost of owning a rooster:

You should divide the cost of raising the rooster. The extremely important things that are needed for their growth and the cost of those items are as follows:


The food expenses for a rooster vary from $10 to $15 in a month. You have to keep an extra budget for the supplements of a rooster. In a week, they consume 1.5 or two pounds of food. 

Building a Cage:

The cost of building a cage mainly depends on the number of roosters you own. The cost is low if you have some roosters. If you want to build a fancy cage, the cost will be $2,000. The price of a simple cage is $500. You should have an extra budget for:

  • Food.
  • Water.
  • Bed sheets. 
  • Boxes.
  • Resting place for the roosters.

Three factors that increase the cost of a rooster:

The three factors that increase the cost of a rooster are as follows:

  • First, age is an important factor that increases the cost. The lifespan of a rooster is from seven to eight years. The cost of a young rooster is high. But the cost of an old rooster is less and affordable to you.
  • Second, buying a rooster online affects the cost of it. It is cheap to purchase a rooster from the farmers or the breeders.
  • Third, the cost also increases because of the breed. The cost of a purebred is high because of its awesome colors and looks. If you purchase a rooster that is not registered, its cost is around $100.


The cost varies from $10 to $1,500. The gap between the price range is very big. It is big because of some factors like their breed, & age if you purchase them online. You have to spend money on their food, medical expenses, shelter, water, boxes, etc. The above pieces of information will help you to get all the information about the cost.

  1. Is purchasing a rooster worth it?

Ans: Yes, purchasing a rooster is worth it.

  1. What is the price of a full-grown rooster?

Ans: The price of a full-grown rooster varies from $20 to $100.

  1. Which is cheaper to own chicken or purchase eggs?

Ans: Purchasing eggs is cheaper than owning a chicken.

  1. Do hens are protected by roosters?

Ans: Yes, hens are protected by roosters.

How much does a rooster cost?

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